If you own an SBI credit card and wish to cancel it, the simplest way to do it is by calling the bank’s customer service number and asking for the card to be cancelled.

You can look up the customer service number at the back of your SBI credit card. You will need to give the requisite identification details including your credit card number and your date of birth in order to request cancellation. Alternatively, you could contact the customer service desk by sms or email and ask for help with the cancellation. The various contact details are listed on the bank’s website.

Things to keep in mind before you cancel your SBI credit card

1. Before you cancel your credit card, whether from SBI or any other bank, first make sure that you have paid for all the transactions on your credit card. You need to have a zero balance before you can request for your card to be cancelled.

2. Do not make any more purchases on this card. Once you have asked for the card to be cancelled, you should be careful not to use it under any circumstances.

3. Check your last credit card statement to make sure that all your transactions were genuine.

4. You might receive a reference number regarding your cancellation. Keep this number handy in case there is any issue with the cancellation.

What to do once your credit card is cancelled

i. You may receive confirmation regarding your card cancellation. Once you receive this formal notification, destroy your credit card by cutting it up. This will also prevent your card from being used fraudulently by identity thieves who might gain access to it.

What not to do

a. Do not report your card as lost or stolen as a way of cancelling your card. This may lead to SBI reporting it to the authorities as theft.

b. Do not ever default on your payments as a way of dispensing with your credit card. Even a single late or missed credit card payment will be reported by the bank to the credit bureau. This will have a negative effect on your credit rating even if you are up to date with your payments on your other credit cards. Missing payments on your card will adversely affect your ability to access loans and other credit cards in the future.