Buy a Mobile on EMI with RBL Debit Card

Credit cards offer convenience and flexibility, and are one of the most sought after financial products. Another great attraction of a credit card is the EMI facilities it provides.

But owning a credit card is not that easy - you might not fulfil the eligibility criteria for one. Banks have strict policies when it comes to the issuing of cards, like having a minimum income, employment stability etc. You might be a fresher, straight out of college, or have just started your career and might not be yet eligible for a credit card. But you “oh-so” want to buy your dream mobile phone in easy EMIs. You check your pockets again—no, your RBL debit card is not going to turn into a credit card!

But wait! Did you know that there are certain online lending platforms allow you to buy your favorite mobile in easy EMIs, using your debit card? You can now shop using your RBL debit card on such sites and have your purchase converted into easy EMIs!

Online Lending Platforms - Easy EMI Shopping!

With the rapid development of financial technology, there are several lending platforms that allow you to convert your RBL debit card purchase into easy EMIs. Such companies provide a loan on your debit card / savings account. The loans carry a nominal interest rate and processing charges.

ZestMoney, Finomena, Fastbanking (now Kissht) and EMI Bazaar are some online platforms that enable you to buy mobile phones, electronic gadgets, furniture, jewelry and other products in easy installments.

The purchase process

All you need to do is shop using your RBL debit card on these websites or buy your mobile phone at their online partner outlets. Your purchase will be converted into EMIs if you are considered creditworthy. You need to sign up and upload your bank statements and KYC documents for that purpose. Such platforms often have a quick approval process and various EMI options that you can choose that are suited to your financial needs. Keep in mind that you might be required to make an initial down payment. Once you are done with the formalities, your product will be shipped.

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It doesn’t get any simpler. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to buy your favorite mobile phone on EMIs, using your RBL debit card!