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Amritsar the largest city and Punjab is a major commercial, cultural, and transportation hub. Known as the Golden City of India, it houses the famous Sikh’s place of worship—the Harmandir Sahib, or The Golden Temple. Due to such cultural and industrial activities, the city is always bustling with vigour. The increasing growth of the city has led to its citizens showing an increasing interest in life and health insurance. Let us explore the health insurance sector in Amritsar to evaluate why it is considered so important.

Amritsar being the industrial hub of Punjab, people from nearby places also come here for their livelihood. This has led to people seeing increased health issues in Amritsar owing to various reasons like pollution, stress, daily strenuous commute etc. As such, the city has come up with various hospitals and clinics where patients are treated with world-class health care facilities. Having health insurance, therefore, holds important for the proper functioning of the people and financial trajectory of the city, as it helps reduce the costs relating to medical expenses for the people boosting their workplace productivity, increasing the economic structure of the city. By going in for a health insurance cover, individuals in Amritsar get to opt for cashless treatment, which is of great help during an emergency medical crisis, when you may not cash handy.

People are at times sceptical of the various benefits of health insurance policy as they feel that such a policy is not required for a healthy individual or for a young person. However, this is not true. The ongoing 2nd wave of the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted how having sufficient health insurance helps people across India, including in Amritsar, to deal with the financial and health aspect comfortably under trying times. So, it is considered prudent to start taking out a health insurance plan as getting the benefits of paying a lower premium when you are still young, as the premium is decided based on the age and medical history of the policyholder.

Why is health insurance considered necessary in Amritsar?

Due to the increase in industrial and visitor influx in the city causing traffic congestion and air pollution, the overall quality of air in Amritsar has shown a severe decline. This has led to people of the city being affected by various medical issues like hypertension, increased stress, breathing difficulties and so on.

Amritsar boasts of one of the best healthcare facilities in the country, however, the majority of the people living in the city do not get access to it owing to the huge medical treatment costs involved. This has led to a huge demand for affordable health care plans in the city as having health insurance gives protection to the policyholder and their family in case of a medical emergency, thus reducing their financial burden.

Getting health insurance is therefore very important for people who have been living in Amritsar to be financially secure, especially to deal with medical emergencies.

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Key Considerations for Buying Health Insurance in Amritsar

Various health insurance agents have sprung up across Amritsar, owing to the increasing demand for health insurance, especially due to the uncertainty brought about by the ongoing pandemic.  One should be very careful while choosing from such various options and choose a plan based only on their need requirements and not based on the hype created around the plan.  An individual will have to carry out extensive research by comparing the pros and cons of such health insurance plans and choose one which gives them the best medical coverage plus premiums suiting their budget.

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Key Points to Keep in Mind while Buying Health Insurance

  • Adequate sum insured for giving the best medical coverage to suit your medical needs
  • Read all the terms in the policy document carefully
  • Go for a plan which gives you a network of hospitals that is near your place of residence

Cashless Treatment Facility in Amritsar

During emergency medical situations, you may have to deal with getting yourself or your family members admitted to a hospital immediately. At such times, you may not have sufficient cash to manage the hospital bills, which can lead to more stress amid the medical emergency. So, it is considered a prudent decision to go for a health insurance plan which provides cashless treatment cover. In Amritsar, there are various insurance providers like Star Health Network hospitals and others who provide cashless treatment facility.

Under such a cashless facility, the health insurance provider bears the cost of medical expenses incurred by the insured as per the pre-determined policy terms and conditions. Such facility is available for both planned hospitalization and emergency hospitalization.

To avail cashless treatment in Amritsar, follow the below steps

  • Get hold of a network hospital within your locality which provides cashless treatment
  • Fill and submit the duly signed pre-authorization form
  • Inform your health insurance provider about opting for a cashless facility
  • Submit relevant documents with the health care provider
  • The claim management team does necessary verifications
  • Once approved, the health insurance provider settles your incurred medical bills based on the terms and conditions of your health policy

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Health insurance is now an important concept for the people of Amritsar owing to the increasing need to protect their health on account of pollution and ongoing pandemic related health complications. Various insurance providers are available in the city to offer the best insurance plan benefits.


1. Is it compulsory to go for health insurance in Amritsar?

Currently, there is no such law in India, wherein it is compulsory to go for health insurance. However, in the wake of increasing health issues faced by people in Amritsar, it is considered wise to invest in a health insurance plan at the earliest.

2. Can I apply for more than one health insurance plan?

Yes, you can apply for more than one health insurance plan.

3. What if my policy lapses while I am hospitalized?

In case you are hospitalized and your policy lapses during your stay at the hospital, always inform your insurance provider of the same, as most insurance providers consider such situations and continue to provide you coverage.

4. What determines the health insurance premium?

Various factors like age, your medical history, type of insurance plan required, add-on covers, sum assured are some of the key factors which determine your health insurance premium.

5. Will my health insurance plan taken in Amritsar be valid all over India?

Most health insurance plans are valid all over India due to the insurance provider operating pan India. However, it is always better to check with your insurance provider about such a facility.

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