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Mysore is a very prominent and the second largest city in the state of Karnataka. It has a great historical cultural imprint on the state of Karnataka. It is also home to the royal family of Mysore that has its roots in the early 13th century. It is a very important tourist destination in the state with many tourist attractions that attracts the tourists round the year.

The city is home to many big private hospitals as well as Government hospitals that provide good medical attention to the residents of the city. However, there are many constraints to get a timely medical attention. Some of these hurdles are the financial stress of medical expenses, lack of hospital beds, medical infrastructure, etc. A health insurance is an effective way to safeguard against these hurdles.

Given below are a few details related to the health insurance in Mysore.

What is health insurance?

Insurance is one of the many investments needed for every individual. This allows the applicants to have a safety net against any medical emergencies or for any planned procedures that require medical attention and are approved to be part of the health insurance plan.

There are multiple health insurance providers in the city of Mysore. These insurers offer many types of health insurance plans that can be related to their specific needs or a general coverage for hospitalization.

Some of the types of health insurance plans available for the residents of Mysore are mentioned below.

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  • Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan
  • Disease-Specific Health Insurance Plan
  • Group Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

Why is health insurance needed?

Health insurance is an investment but is essential for every individual. There is a general lack of awareness regarding the health insurance plans in India and their importance for every person. Health insurance protects the individuals from any kind of unforeseen medical emergencies or any major diseases or illnesses that require extensive medical attention. Some factors that warrant the need for health insurance are mentioned below.

  • Cushion against the ever-increasing medical expenses 
  • Access to better health care facilities with the top hospitals in the city
  • Tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Provides cashless treatment in the approved network of hospitals
  • Coverage for pre and post hospitalization
  • Get coverage for maternity and newborns
  • Coverage for Covid treatment

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What are the basic exclusions from any health insurance policy?

Every health insurance provider has a specific set of medical conditions and situations that are excluded from the extent of cover.  Some examples of these exclusions are mentioned below.

  • No coverage is provided in the waiting period
  • Critical illness coverage cannot be included in the waiting period which is usually 2 to 4 years from taking cover.
  • Dental surgery or eye surgery 
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Sex change or hormone replacement
  • Injuries caused due to suicide, terrorism, nuclear activity
  • Abroad treatment or treatment from an underqualified doctor

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What are the factors that influence the premium on health insurance plans?

The premium on health insurance plans is to be paid regularly to keep the policy in effect. This premium is based on many factors and the frequency of paying the premium is also as per the agreement between the insurer and the insured person. Some of the basic factors that affect the premium to be paid for the health insurance are mentioned below.

Age of the applicant

The age of the applicant is one of the many factors affecting the premium to be paid. A younger person is considered to be of relatively lower risk and hence may have to pay a lower premium.

Gender of the applicant

It is usually seen that women applicants have to pay more premium on health insurance than their male counterparts.

Pre-existing medical conditions of the applicant

If the applicant has any serious medical conditions the risk of inuring them is higher and hence the premium to be paid will be higher

Location of the applicant

The location of the applicant and the climatic factors also affect the health insurance premium to be paid.

Income of the applicant

The ability of the applicant to pay the premium is an important factor that can influence the coverage. Applicants can decide the frequency of the premium to be paid.

Coverage to be provided under the policy

The coverage to be provided under the policy directly affects the premium to be paid.

The tenure of the policy

The tenure of the policy along with the coverage is another contributing factor in determining the premium to be paid. The tenure should be adequate to cover for the later stage of life when health insurance is of utmost necessity.

Profession or the occupation of the applicant

If the profession or the occupation of the applicant is risky, the premium to be paid will be higher.

Any additional riders on the health insurance plan

When the applicant has bought any additional riders on the existing health insurance plans, the premium to be paid will be higher. 
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FAQs – Health Insurance in Mysore

1. What is the minimum age to qualify for a health insurance plan?

A. The minimum age to qualify for a health insurance plan is 18 years.

2. Can health insurance be topped up at any time?

A. Yes applicants can opt for health insurance top up at any point during the tenure of the policy.

3. What is the usual waiting period?

A. The usual waiting period for any health insurance policy to take effect in 30 days.

4. Is the reputation of the insurer necessary to be checked?

A. Yes. The reputation of the insurer is an important factor to be considered while selecting a health insurance plan as it safeguards them against any evasion of claim settlement dine by the insurer in the past or any similar situations.

5. Can a person buy another health insurance if he/she already has one?

A. Yes. A person can have multiple health insurance policies to their name as long as they pay the premium on all such policies to keep them active.

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