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Nashik is known for being one of the famous Hindu pilgrimage sites on the Kumbh Mela circuit. The city is also known as the "Wine Capital of India" with more than half of India's vineyards and wineries being located here. With such cultural diversity, the city of Nashik is home to diverse people from across India. It is also an industrial hub so many migrants have made Nashik their home. This has given rise to medical ailments inflicting the people of Nashik, making health insurance a top priority for its people.

Let us explore the various health insurance providers in Nashik to help one find the best health insurance plan as per their health need requirements.

Nashik is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra. It is popular for being a pilgrimage hub and famous for its various wineries and vineyards. With tourists thronging the city throughout the year, the city is bustling with activity. There are also many industries located in Nashik. This has led to increased air and water pollution in the city, giving rise to many health problems for its residents. This has made health care a priority in the city as going in for health insurance would benefit its people tremendously.

Nowadays, there is the option of cashless treatment, whereby you don’t have to pay for your medical bills in cash. This comes in handy during an emergency when you may be short on cash. To meet the booming healthcare demand of its people, there are various health care providers, including government based hospitals, private hospitals, specialized clinics and so on.

Famous private-sector hospitals in Nashik include Jantara Hospital, Suyash Hospital, Ashwini Hospital. Important government based hospitals include Soham Hospital and Medical Foundation, Shree Balaji Research Centre and Hospital, and the like.

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Why is Health Insurance an important factor for the Residents of Nashik?

The rising pollution levels and increasing stress owing to lifestyle issues have increased the health issues in the city of Nashik. This necessitates the need to have a health insurance plan in place to cover your medical expenses.

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on public health, so going for a health insurance plan is even more important now. If one hasn’t yet brought a health insurance policy, then it is considered best to go for one at the earliest as this will help meet any emergency medical issue.

A health insurance plan provides adequate coverage to include hospitalization charges, consultation fees, ambulance charges, and related healthcare charges. It is always prudent to compare various insurance policies by undertaking research, compare the pros and cons of each insurance plan, before zeroing in on the best health insurance plan.

What are the key aspects to check in a health insurance plan?

Always ensure that 

  • The health insurance plan gives adequate coverage and sum insured to meet your various medical needs.
  • You read all the terms and conditions of the health insurance plan carefully so as to understand what ailments are excluded from the policy and what is covered.
  • The plan chosen gives you the benefit of various networks of hospitals that are close to your place of residence.

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Cashless Treatment Facility at Nashik

Going in for a cashless treatment facility is beneficial, especially during emergency hospitalization and you are in short of cash. It is better to go for health insurance plans which offer cashless facilities. Nashik has various insurance providers like IFFCO-Tokio and Bajaj Allianz who offer cashless treatment facilities. Under such a scheme, the health insurance company covers the medical expenses incurred by the insured for both planned hospitalization and emergency hospitalization.

Best Health Insurance Providers in Nashik

  • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance: The company has branches across India and offers cashless treatments at more than 6,000 hospitals in the country. Nashik has one branch and has tied up with major hospitals like  Apex Kidney Care Centre, Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Nashik, and so on.
  • Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Limited: The company offers cashless treatments at its partnered hospitals in Nashik. Key tie-ups include Curie Manavata Cancer Centre, Life Care Hospital, etc. They have one branch in Nashik.
  • ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd.:  ICICI Lombard is a top insurance provider in the country with one branch office in Nashik. It provides three health insurance plans to its customers. It offers cashless facilities with hospitals like Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., Birla Eye Hospital, and many more.
  • Liberty General Insurance Ltd.: The key insurance provider has one branch in Nashik and tie-ups with over 4,000 partner hospitals across India. Some of its network hospitals in Nashik include Birla Eye Hospital, Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd., Deolali Super Speciality Hospital, and other prominent ones.
  • Magma HDI General Insurance Co. Ltd.: Magma HDI General Insurance cashless medical treatment in Nashik through its tie-ups with Tirupati Hospital, Susheel Eye Institute, Six Sigma Medicare & Research Ltd., and so on.
  • Reliance General Insurance: The company has one branch office in Nashik and has tie-up with about 43 hospitals in the city. Few of such hospitals like Shatabdi Super Speciality Hospital, Vasan Eye Care Hospital, Om Hospital, etc. offer cashless facility


Only some of the key insurance providers have been shown above for Nashik. Make sure to compare all the available options before zeroing in on your preferred policy. One has to be very careful while selecting the best health insurance plan to suit their varying medical requirements. Now, there are both online and offline modes available for choosing a health insurance plan in Nashik. Always read the terms and conditions pertaining to a health insurance plan to avoid any confusion and issues later on.
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1. Is health insurance compulsory in India?

No. There is no such law in India as of now. Still, due to increasing health issues owing to various reasons like pollution, stress, ongoing pandemic crisis and so on, it is considered wise to have a health insurance plan in place.

2. Can I take more than one health insurance policy at the same time?

Yes, you can go in for more than one health insurance policy and from different health insurance providers at the same time.

3. What are the insurance requirements to be followed when hospitalized?

If you have insured with a healthcare provider and they have a tie-up with the concerned hospital where you get hospitalized, then you just have to provide the health insurance plan details. The necessary formalities will be carried out by the insurance provider with respect to your hospitalization charges.

4. What constitutes the premium on my health insurance policy?

The health insurance premium is based on your various factors like age, medical history, type of health insurance policy required, add-ons, sum assured and related matters.

5. Will my health insurance policy taken in Nashik be valid pan India?

Most of the health insurance providers in Nashik have a pan India presence. However, check with your insurance provider whether the healthcare policy would be valid pan India before signing on the dotted insurance policy paper.

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