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Navi Mumbai (New Bombay), a satellite city of Mumbai, is the largest planned city worldwide. Situated on the west coast in Maharashtra, Navi Mumbai is a much more planned city as compared to its counterpart Mumbai, as it has been developed as an independent, complete metro city.

Navi Mumbai is well-known for its various business and employment initiatives, educational institutions, magnificent shopping malls, and a super-efficient transport system. This has led to many Mumbaikars travelling to Navi Mumbai for work and study opportunities on a daily basis.

As such, traffic snarls are a common problem in the city, leading to air and vehicle pollution; and an increase in the number of road accidents. This has led to its residents suffering from acute respiratory conditions on account of the high levels of pollutants in the city air. So, quality health insurance in Navi Mumbai becomes a top priority for its many residents. Many good healthcare insurance companies like Star Health Insurance Company, Max Bupa Health Insurance, Future Generali India Insurance, to name a few have cropped up in Navi Mumbai to provide its residents with the best healthcare services.

Why Is Health Insurance so relevant in Navi Mumbai?

Due to the vast study and employment opportunities available in Navi Mumbai, many people from nearby Mumbai and across India have made Navi Mumbai their home. This has led to increased traffic, vehicle and air pollution in the city, resulting in its residents facing severe health issues including respiratory problems. There has also been an increasing number of road accidents necessitating the need for good hospitalization facilities in Navi Mumbai. Also, the health challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has further increased the need for people of Navi Mumbai to have quality healthcare insurance policies in place.

Navi Mumbai has some very good healthcare facilities, but one needs to know which one is the best suitable to meet a policy holder’s medical requirements. That is why it is so important to have a good health insurance plan for the people of Navi Mumbai, so as help them to meet any kind of medical eventuality, both chronic and urgent medical emergencies, in a proper way. The policyholder has to pay the premium as stated in the health insurance plan to avail of the benefits of their health insurance plan.

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Benefits of Taking a Health Insurance Policy in Navi Mumbai

A health insurance policy would give you key benefits as stated below.

  • Health insurance plan would entail coverage of most hospitalization charges for its residents in Navi Mumbai which extend over 24 hours, nursing charges, surgeries, specialist/consultation fees, diagnostic tests, and such related hospitalization charges.
  • Cumulative bonus can be received for every claim-free year, thereby, upgrading your policy, by increasing the sum insured in the policy.
  • Critical Illness Cover would be part of the policy aiding patients who suffer r from critical illnesses and need regular hospital treatment.
  • Tax exemptions can be claimed by the policyholder for the health insurance premium paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 196.
  • Annual Check-Ups can be undergone by policyholders every year on successful renewal of their health insurance policy.
  • Covid-19 pandemic related health coverage provided by insurance providers helping policy owners deal with the issues in the ongoing pandemic.
  • Going in for a health insurance plan helps the policyholder avail medical treatment during an emergency in a stress-free way.

Benefits of Cashless Facility in Navi Mumbai

Cashless hospitalization helps a policyholder to avail the best hospitalization treatment without having to worry about arranging cash during a medical emergency. Also, it has less documentation required. There is the speedier settlement of bills enabling the policyholder to fully concentrate on their medical treatment and health. One should check with their healthcare provider regarding the availability of a cashless facility so as to avoid confusion and hassle free medical treatment. The key benefits of cashless health insurance facilities are:

  • Immediate medical treatment during emergencies can be availed by the policy holder or his family members in case of any medical emergency. This helps save their time and cost, and also lets them have a stress free treatment.
  • Health insurance companies have tie-ups with a wide network of hospitals in Navi Mumbai. This enables the policyholder to go to any of these hospitals for treatment. Their medical expenses would be taken care of by their insurance company.
  • A cashless facility ensures that you get instant financial aid and does not have to worry about now having enough cash with you at the time of hospitalization.
  • The cashless facility ensures quicker settlement of your medical bills, as the insurance  provider has a tie-up with the hospital and settles the bill with them directly.
  • The whole insurance paperwork is conducted in a hassle-free manner as generally there is no need for submission of any reports, or discharge cards, streamlining the whole hospitalization process.

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Health insurance is considered integral to maintaining the health of the residents of Navi Mumbai. Quality healthcare facilities have been made available with key insurance providers having tie-ups with major hospitals in the city. The policy holder should go through all the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line. They should also compare various health insurance plans from different insurance players and choose the plan best suited to meet their medical needs.


1. Is healthcare expensive in Navi Mumbai?

Healthcare in Navi Mumbai is very expensive, though there is easy access to ultra-modern facilities. So, health insurance providers have classified Navi Mumbai as a Zone A city. This could make health insurance in the city also expensive. But still, it is comparatively cheaper to buy a healthcare policy, rather than bearing medical treatment costs directly and manage to keep your savings intact through a health insurance policy.

2. What are the criteria for the determination of health insurance premium?

The health insurance premium of a policy is based on various criteria pertaining to the policy holder like age, income, repayment capability, sum insured, and so on.

3. If I forget my policy details at the time of emergency hospitalization, will insurance coverage be denied?

No, even if you may forget your insurance policy particulars at the time of any emergency hospitalization, then then the TPA will assist you in providing your policy particulars by verifying your personal details like Name, address, date of birth, insurance provider and such other personal details.

4. Can I cancel my health insurance plan after signing it?

Yes, you can cancel your health insurance plan after signing it, provided the insurance policy has the option of a free look-in period. Then the policyholder can cancel their health insurance policy only within this free look-in period

5. Will all hospitals in Navi Mumbai provide me cashless facility?

Most health insurance companies have partnered with major hospitals of Navi Mumbai to provide cashless facility to their policy holders at the time of hospitalization. Still, it is better to get it verified with your insurance provider whether the hospital where you intend to get hospitalized for treatment offers cashless facility, to ensure stress-free and hassle free medical treatment.

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