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The city of Vadodara in Gujarat has a booming economy due to the presence of many large-scale industries. On the other side, it is also known for its rising levels of air pollution that has led to health issues in the city. Since the city dwellers mostly have a busy lifestyle, they are prone to many ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. Treatment of such ailments can be expensive and may sometimes even run into lakhs of rupees. Therefore, a financial cushion is a must in the city else medical costs can easily drain out a family’s life savings.

By getting medical insurance cover, people in Vadodara can easily access the best medical facilities in the city without going through financial stress. Today, health policies offer several benefits such as annual health check-ups which can help in diagnosing any existing health issues at an early stage.

Why is Health Cover Needed in Vadodara?

City life is often hectic for most people and makes them susceptible to various lifestyle diseases. Without proper care, any medical condition can alleviate further and lead to emergencies. In today’s age, as medical costs are constantly rising, it has become difficult for many individuals to pay their medical bills. Thus, there is an increasing need for more people to opt for health insurance in Vadodara. A health insurance cover comes with various benefits, including cashless treatment, pre-and post-hospitalization costs, ambulance fees, etc.

The medical infrastructure of Vadodara has advanced rapidly in the past few years thereby enabling the city’s population to easily access quality health care. The Gujarat state government has also been instrumental in establishing the city as a destination for various healthcare services.

The healthcare establishments in Vadodara mainly comprise government hospitals and medical colleges. The city also has numerous private hospitals, diagnostic, and wellness centres. Most of these establishments use the latest facilities and employ qualified medical professionals such as doctors, surgeons, and paramedics to provide appropriate care to patients.

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance in Vadodara?

If an individual has health insurance cover in Vadodara, he/she does not have to worry about paying for medical care costs that are often unaffordable. This can be especially beneficial if availing treatment in a private hospital since the medical care costs are high in such cases.

An individual residing in Vadodara must go for a health cover especially if he/she has dependents or family members. Health cover can be availed with a small annual premium but can significantly reduce one’s stress levels concerning expenses. A lot of medical costs related to medical emergencies, such as doctor’s consultation charges, medical check-up expenses, ambulance fees, pre-and post-hospitalization, can be covered under a health insurance plan.

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How does Cashless Treatment work in Vadodara?

There are numerous benefits of availing of cashless treatment in a health insurance policy in Vadodara. During a medical emergency, a family could face inconvenience with regards to paying hefty medical bills. However, with a cashless treatment facility, this burden can be eased since the insurer directly settles the medical expenses, depending on the policy terms and conditions.

Under cashless treatment, a policyholder does not have to spend money from his/her pocket. While availing of this benefit under a medical insurance cover in Vadodara, the policyholder must ensure to get treatment at a network hospital. In case he/she is treated at a non-network hospital, a policyholder can later file a claim for reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred.

How to Avail Cashless Treatment in Vadodara?

Here are some easy steps to get cashless treatment in Vadodara under a health insurance cover:

  • Choose a network hospital for medical treatment
  • Inform the insurance provider about hospitalisation as per the timelines stated in policy terms
  • Furnish the pre-authorisation letter at the insurance helpdesk of the hospital
  • Make sure to submit all the supporting documents along with the health card
  • Once successful verification of documents is done by the insurer, the claim management team sends across an approval intimation
  • The claim management team may also raise a query in some cases
  • Post-approval, the medical bills are settled based on the policy terms and conditions

The insurance company then processes the claim as per its terms and conditions. 

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Tips to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance in Vadodara

Nowadays, people prefer to buy health insurance covers online rather than approaching professional health insurance agents. It is easy to buy medical insurance in Vadodara. However, it requires some planning. Here are some of the factors to be considered while buying a health cover in the city:

  • Estimate personal healthcare needs while taking into account aspects like the number of family members or dependents, age and medical condition of self and family.
  • Choose a high coverage amount so that it can be sufficient in covering your medical expenses
  • Look up the list of nearest network hospitals of the insurer
  • Check features like lifetime renewability and no claim bonus within the insurance policy
  • Check the claim settlement ratio of the insurer and the claims process

What are the Tax Benefits in Health Insurance Cover?

Premiums paid in health insurance cover can be claimed as tax deductions under Section 80D.

  • One can claim a maximum of Rs. 25,000 per financial year for the premium paid in a health insurance policy for self.
  • Premiums for a health insurance cover of parents or dependents can be claimed up to a maximum of Rs. 30,000.

Do I Need a Separate Health Cover for Covid-19 in Vadodara?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over and no one can predict its severity in the coming days, people in Vadodara must go for health insurance covers to protect themselves against potential financial losses related to medical treatments. A health cover can help in avoiding financial troubles especially if the virus happens to affect one’s health.

A comprehensive health cover that is specifically meant for Covid-19 can offer stability to one’s financial situation and allow an individual to achieve personal financial goals.

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Health insurance cover is crucial in today’s times, especially when residing in a city like Vadodara that is home to various industries and resulting air as well as water pollution.


1. Is health insurance needed in Vadodara?

A health insurance cover is a must in a populated and industrial city like Vadodara. With increasing pollution levels and a high population, there are higher chances of suffering from an ailment. The health insurance cover protects one from financial losses due to high medical costs in the city.

2. Is healthcare in Vadodara good?

Healthcare facilities in Vadodara are known to attract health tourism from across the globe. The healthcare services are of global standards and also affordable due to the presence of insurance covers.

3. Is Vadodara healthcare free?

Vadodara does not have free health care set up for its residents. Except for government hospitals where healthcare services may not be up to the mark, an individual has to pay for the services availed.

4. How much is the Covid-19 treatment cost in Vadodara?

Depending on the area, hospital (private or government), and level of treatment sought, the Covid-19 treatment may cost anywhere between Rs. 5-10 lakhs in the city.

5. Is healthcare cheap in Vadodara?

Healthcare is increasingly becoming expensive in Vadodara as medical costs continue to rise. It is advisable to have a health cover for people residing in the city.

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