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Kochi which was previously known as Cochin is an ancient port city in the southern part of the country. It is one of the prominent cities in Kerala. It is one of the most populous cities in Kerala and is classified as a Tier II city. Being a port city, Kochi has traditionally been a very important spice trade route since the 14th century. This has provided Kochi with the benefit of having a huge influx of different cultures along with being a great tourist attraction.

With the multiple attractions the city has to offer, health care facilities are also among the top-class facilities found in the state. However, the cost of these facilities is quite high and often cannot be afforded by the average citizens of the city. Hence, a good health insurance plan is of utmost importance to safeguard them from the huge costs and hassles of hospitalization.

Why is health insurance needed in Kochi?

Health care facilities are one of the most essential services to be provided to the citizens of any state. When the health care infrastructure of any state is weak, the citizens of that place suffer the most. They have to struggle to get health care facilities and may also have to venture out to neighbouring cities or states for their needs.

Kochi, being one of the most populous and prominent cities of the state of Kerala, there are many good hospitals that provide round the clock medical attention. These hospitals have tie-up with the majority of the health insurance providers. The medical expenses of the citizens can often be too high especially in case of severe diseases or ailments. Health insurance provides a buffer for the citizens against such huge health care expenses and helps them in getting good medical attention without any worry of the same.

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Factors to Consider While Applying for a Health Insurance Policy in Kochi

Kochi has some of the best hospitals in India with a tie-up with the major health insurance providers. However, there are several factors to be considered while selecting a health insurance plan that will provide the insured person with an adequate cover flexible premium payment option. Some of the major factors to be considered while getting health insurance are mentioned below.

Cashless treatment

Cashless treatment is one of the major benefits of health insurance. This facility lets the insured person get immediate hospitalization without any minimum upfront payment at the time of admission as well as during the entire treatment process. Insured persons, therefore, do not have to worry about arranging any cash payment to the hospitals as it is entirely covered under the health insurance plan.

The reputation of the insurer

The reputation of the insurer is one of the main considerations for selecting a health insurance plan. The reputation of the insurer is based on the percentage of the claim settlements and the time taken to settle them. Applicant should choose insurers that are known to provide immediate settlement of claims without any unnecessary hassles.

Adequate amount of coverage 

The amount of coverage provided by the insurers is a point to consider while selecting a health insurance plan. The amount of coverage should be adequate to meet the hospitalization needs of the individual as well as their family members. The period of cover is also important to ensure that the benefit is cover lasts for a long duration especially in old age.

Premium to be paid

The above factors of amount of coverage and the period of cover are the factors that determine the premium to be paid by the individuals. Many insurers provide the benefits of flexible premium payments. Insured persons can choose to make monthly half-yearly or annual premium payments depending on the agreement with the insurer.

Number of persons included in the cover

A usual health insurance policy provides cover for the insurers and their family members. Individuals have to understand the meaning of the term ‘family members’ while selecting an insurance policy to avoid any confusion at the time of settlement of claims.

Waiting periods

The waiting period is the time period that is mentioned by the insurers in the policy agreement. It is from the time the policy is taken till the time it comes into effect. This time period ensures that the insurer is not liable to pay any claim within this time period. The minimum waiting period is different for different insurers and can be from 30 days up to years based on the guidelines of the insurers.

Network of hospitals covered under the plan

As mentioned above, Chennai has a huge network of reputed hospitals that provide excellent medical treatments to its citizens. The majority of these hospitals have a tie-up with leading insurers which helps the insured persons get timely treatment and cashless treatment as well if part of the agreement with the insurer. Hospitalization and claim of cover are quite simple under these hospitals.

Eligibility criteria of the insurer

The eligibility criteria of the insurers are specifically based on their multiple guidelines. These eligibility criteria include many factors like the age of the applicants, their pre-existing medical conditions, employment status, location of the applicant, etc.

Exclusions under the plan 

There are multiple exclusions that are part of every health insurance plan. These exclusions safeguard the insurer from being liable to settle the claim raised by the insurer in the event of any situation from the list of exclusions. Some examples of such exclusions can be regarding any particular situations or diseases, treatment process or medical procedures. Getting accurate information about such exclusions is essential for selecting a good health insurance plan.

How to purchase health insurance in Cochin?

Citizens of Chennai can choose a good health insurance plan from multiple insurers. These plans can be bought easily through online or offline modes as per the insurer’s guidelines. The steps to get health insurance are mentioned below.

  • The first step in this process is to get the information about the various insurers and the plans provided by them by comparing them on various important aspects of the policy like the amount of coverage, period of cover, premium payment, exclusions, etc.
  • The next step is to get the plan through either the online portal of the insurer or by visiting their nearest office as per the insurer’s guidelines.
  • After selecting the required plan, the next step is to submit the necessary documents and make the payment for the plan purchased.
  • The plan will be in effect after the completion of the waiting period.


Cochin has multiple hospitals that are under tie-up with leading insurers. These hospitals are qualified to provide excellent health care facilities to the citizens. However, these facilities are beyond the reach of many people. Hence, the need for health insurance in place is essential for residents of Cochin.


1. Is health insurance mandatory?

A. Health insurance is not mandatory in India. However, it is essential for all individuals to have effective health insurance in place. Also, group health insurance plans are applicable to every employee of the organization.

2. What is the meaning of health insurance?

A. Health insurance is a type of insurance cover which is provided to cover the medical expenses or the hospitalization cost of the insured person as well as their eligible family members.

3. Who are the health insurance providers in India?

A. Health Insurance in India is provided by public as well as private health insurers.

4. Is it cheaper to have health insurance?

A. Yes health insurance is cheaper in the long run as the cost of hospitalization will not become a burden to the insured persons.

5. Can group insurance converted to an individual health insurance plan?

A. Yes. When the employee leaves the organization, their group health insurance plan can be converted to the individual health insurance plan at the discretion of the employee.

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