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Ghaziabad is an ancient city on the western part of the largest state in India, Uttar Pradesh. This city was named after the wazir of the Mughal court, Ghazi-ud-Din. This city is near the national capital of the country and is considered to be part of the Delhi NCR region. Having close proximity to the national capital has benefitted this city. There has been a rapid growth in the infrastructure and other associated facilities and amenities in the city with many major developers eyeing it and dubbing it to become the second fastest-growing city in the world.

While there are many facilities available in the city, one of the most essential is optimum health care services. This is one of the many areas that the city has yet to be developed in. The health care facilities of the city are not up to par with many other leading cities in the country.

This leads the citizens to rush to the neighbouring Capital city, Delhi to get good medical attention. The cost of getting medical attention and from premium hospitals in the city is quite huge in Ghaziabad. This makes it important for every citizen in Ghaziabad to have a good health insurance plan in place to avoid any burden of hospitalization costs or treatment costs.

What is the need for health insurance in Ghaziabad?

When the health care services of any city or state are not up to the mark or affordable, it directly impacts their lives adversely. The responsibility to provide efficient health care services is of the State Government and the Central Government.

Apart from the public players, health care facilities are also provided by many private players but the cost of such facilities becomes too high for the average citizen of Ghaziabad. The dilemma of the average citizen of Ghaziabad is to choose between the poor or below par services in government hospitals or the cost-effective services of the private hospitals.

Hence, a proper health insurance plan is the need of the hour for the citizens of Ghaziabad. A good health insurance plan will ensure that the citizens get timely and quality medical attention for themselves and their family members.

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10 Points to Consider while Selecting a Health Insurance Plan in Ghaziabad

As mentioned above, health insurance plans in the city of Ghaziabad is quite essential like any other part of our country. Health insurance has not only become an additional investment option, it has one of the necessary investment instruments to safeguard a person and their family members from the burden of excessive hospitalization costs.

Some of the major pointers that can impact the selection process of health insurance plans are mentioned below.

  • The amount of health insurance cover should be enough to cover the insured person and their family members.
  • The majority of health insurance providers provide many additional riders on the original health insurance plan. These riders provide additional cover at a relatively lower cost. Hence, it becomes an important consideration to evaluate the riders offered and select the best ones, while choosing a health insurance plan.
  • The city of Ghaziabad has a good network of hospitals that have a tie-up with leading insurers. The admission process and the settlement of the claim are easier in these hospitals which makes them an important consideration.
  • Every insurer has an explicit list of exclusions under which they are not liable to pay any claim. Applicants must review this list carefully before selecting the plan to avoid any hassles at the time of settlement of the claim.
  • An excessive cooling period or waiting period doesn’t work for the benefit of the policyholder, especially when they are looking to get treated soon. So, make sure to check the waiting period while comparing health insurance plans.
  • The number of persons to be included in the plan also impacts the decision of a person in selecting a health insurance plan.
  • Every insurer has its own set of guidelines for the eligibility of applicants. If the applicant does not meet these criteria, they may not be given the benefit of health insurance by such insurer. Hence it becomes an important factor while selecting a health insurance plan.
  • Many hospitals have a tie-up with the majority of the leading health insurance provides for cashless treatment to the insured person. This is a very important benefit especially in the time of emergencies so the treatment of individuals is not stopped on account of timely or upfront cash payment.
  • Applicants should also consider the reputation of the insurer with respect to claim settlements. If the past reposts suggest the reputation of the insurer is not too good, such insurer has to be avoided
  • Most insurers offer flexible premium payment options. Premiums can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. This is an important consideration while selecting an insurance plan.

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Is health insurance available online in Ghaziabad?

The majority of the insurers provide excellent health care plans to the citizens of Ghaziabad. Applicants have to consider the various pointers mentioned above while taking such insurance. Gone are the days when health insurance or any other form of insurance was available only through agents. Health insurance policies can now be easily availed by online application. The applicants have to simply select a plan, provide necessary KYC documents, select a premium payment scheme and make the initial payment to purchase a health insurance plan online.


Ghaziabad having close proximity to New Delhi has recently seen a lot of influx of medical infrastructure on account of Covid 19 and also has faced many hardships due to the pandemic. While the health infrastructure in Ghaziabad still needs improvement, health insurance act as a safety net against unforeseen medical situations and the huge cost of critical illnesses and ailments. Hence, the need for health insurance is crucial for residents of Ghaziabad.

FAQs - Health Insurance in Ghaziabad

1. What is the maximum standard cover offered under a group health insurance plans?

A. A standard cover offered under a group health insurance plan is up to Rs. 5,00,000.

2. Can a person have multiple health insurance policies?

A. Yes. Health insurance coverage can be taken from multiple insurers provided the premium on each cover is paid on time. Failure of making timely premium payment will result in the policy being ineffective or lapsed.

3. Is it necessary to compare the health insurance plans from different insurers?

A. Yes, comparing the various health insurance plans of different insurers ensures that the applicants get the best health insurance for themselves and their family members.

4. What is the basic difference between medical insurance and health insurance?

A. The basic difference between medical insurance and health insurance is the extent of coverage provided to the individuals. Medical insurance provides cover only for the medical expenses or the treatment costs whereas health insurance provides pre and post-hospitalization as well.

5. What are the most common riders for health insurance?

A. Some of the most common riders for health insurance are room rent rider, maternity benefits, personal accident rider, surgical benefits, hospital cash, etc.

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