If your credit report has negative items, then most can go off after the completion of seven years from the date of the first reported issue. Your credit report is a document that provides information on all your credit and loan accounts, repayment history, credit behaviour, etc.

While the actual debt may not be erased after seven years, especially if it's unpaid. This is because you still need to pay back your creditor even if the debt is too old. Since the debt still exists, creditors and other lenders may still use the appropriate legal channels to make a collection of the debt from you. 

Does Pending Debt Impact Credit Score?

If your debts continue to exist after seven years and you wish for them to be cleared, your credit score will still be impacted by this data. However, once negative items are taken off your credit report, there are better chances of getting back to a good credit score. For this, you must pay all your bills on time, efficiently manage any new debt, and have overall good credit behaviour.

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How to Remove Negative Items from my Credit Report?

First, you have to wait for several years for any major debt issue to be cleared from your credit report. Once this timeline is over, you can recheck your report and in case the data remains, you must raise it with your credit agency. This may require some documentation backing, especially if you have cleared all open debt items.

After the completion of 7 years, you can expect a clear credit report, provided you play your part in ensuring good credit behaviour.