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Fibe Card

Fibe Card


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Fibe (Formerly Known as EarlySalary) Credit Card

Fibe (Previously known as EarlySalary) credit card is a salary card especially introduced for salaried professionals. The card comes with various perks like zero annual or renewal fees, more credit limits, flexible tenures, easy conversion of all transactions into EMIs, and hassle-free processing. It provides salaried professionals with the flexibility to set up dynamic credit limits for shopping, medical, travel, entertainment, and other needs.

Key Highlights of The Fibe Credit Card

Nil joining fees, annual fees, subscription fees, renewal fees, and EMI conversion fees

Auto-renewal of credit limit after the tenure ends, till 3 years

Individuals can set up dynamic credit limits across various categories like shopping, travel, medical, etc.

All transactions above INR 500 can be converted to EMIs

Does not impact CUR and enhances credit score

Zero processing fees

Zero touch digital card

You can prepay anytime at zero cost

No charges on prepayments and part payments

More Features and Benefits of The Fibe Credit Card

  • Enables salaried professionals across India to make online and offline transactions
  • You can prepay your transaction amount on or before 1st EMI at zero interest.
  • Individuals can set up dynamic credit limits across various categories.
  • The card allows you to choose the repayment duration for EMIs with zero processing fee
  • This card does not have an impact on your credit utilization rate and helps you enhance your credit score
  • Buys on Amazon can be converted to no cost EMIs.
  • Using the Fibe credit card is secure as it is backed by advanced machine learning (ML) technologies and risk-oriented decision making mechanisms.
  • There is nothing like a minimum educational qualification to apply for the card

How Does The Fibe Credit Card Work?

Everything right from application to approval of the Fibe credit card takes place on the mobile app. The process is hassle-free. You can obtain both the digital and physical versions of the card. The digital version of the card will be generated on the app itself post-approval. The physical card will be given on the cardholder’s request. The credit limit varies across categories of transactions like shopping, travel, medical etc. and the total credit limit on the card differs according to the income-to-expense ratio.

Documents Required To Apply For The Fibe Credit Card

Bank statements

Bank statements for recent 3 months

ID Proof

PAN Card

Address Proof

Aadhaar Card



Fees For The Fibe Credit Card

Joining Fees


Renewal Fees (From the second year onwards)



24% per annum

How to Apply For The Fibe Credit Card?

To apply for the Fibe credit card, you have to download the Fibe mobile app. The complete application and approval process of the Fibe Credit Card is through the mobile app.

Here are the simple steps to apply for the Fibe credit card:

  • Open the mobile app and click on the card tab
  • Fill the details - personal, professional, and residential.
  • Complete KYC-related procedures and upload the documents.
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be dispatched to your registered mobile number.
  • Proceed with the rest of the application.
  • Finally, set up a passcode to activate your Fibe Credit Card
  • The team will review your application and provide you with the credit limit

How To Block The Fibe Credit Card?

You can block your Fibe credit card using the following ways:

  • Using the Fibe mobile app or website
  • Call Fibe customer care on the number: 020-67639797
  • Send a mail to the email ID - requesting your card to be blocked
  • You can also request to block the card via mail to the address given below:


Office no. 404, The Chambers, (Samrat Chowk)

Clover Park, Near Ganpati Chowk,

Viman Nagar, Pune,

Maharashtra 411014.

Note: Blocking the Fibe Credit Card is permanent. Once you block the card, you cannot transact with it or unblock it. So, it is suggested that you block it only when the physical card is lost, stolen or damaged.

How To Repay The Amount Used On The Fibe Credit Card?

  • You will get the monthly Fibe Credit statement
  • The statement has information about the total outstanding amount, due date, transactions, and other details.
  • The payment options are also listed.
  • Choose an option. Use it, and the amount will be credited to your account.

Here are the steps to repay the amount used on the Fibe credit card

  • Open the Fibe App
  • Login using your passcode
  • Click on repay option
  • Select loan -> repayment

Fibe Credit Card versus Credit Card

Criteria of Difference

Fibe Credit Card

Credit Card

Conversion of Spends into EMIs

No processing fee for converting your spends into EMIs. You can choose your tenure.

You will be charged for converting your spends into EMIs.

How Does It Affect Your Credit Score?

Using 100% of your limit and making timely repayments enhances your credit score

Using more than 30% of your credit card limit has a negative impact on your credit score.

Rate of Interest

You have the option to pay off your entire transaction amount on or

Before the 1st EMI. The interest charged is zero.

Significantly higher interest rates

Time taken to get your card

You can get this card instantly within minutes

It will take up till 14 days to get your card

GST charged

No GST on the EMIs of Fibe Credit CArd

GST levied on the interest of EMI transactions

Conversion of transactions into EMIs

You can convert any transactions over Rs. 500 into EMIs

You can convert transactions over Rs. 3000 into EMIs.


Fibe credit card is a very useful card. It provides the cardholder with so many privileges while coming at Nil joining and renewal fees. So, apply for this card and enjoy the perks.

FAQs of Fibe Credit Card

1. What are the disadvantages of using the Fibe credit card?

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • The card can be used for domestic transactions only
  • The minimum transaction amount is Rs. 3,000
  • All ATM transactions will be blocked
  • Excluding a few zero-interest offers, You have to pay interest from the date of the transaction.

2. Is Fibe (formerly known as EarlySalary) approved by the RBI?

Fibe is one of the leading fintech startups in India approved by the RBI. It is best known for lending personal loans and instant loans.

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