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About Entertainment Credit Card in India

Today, the Indian market is flooded by an array of credit cards suited to every different need of the customer. Want to live the life of luxury? Want to fly high? Want to indulge in the choicest discounted fare at exclusive restaurants? Play golf and want concierge services? There is a credit card that caters to every need!

With the entertainment in great demand, credit card companies have now come up with credit cards especially suited for entertainment purposes. Entertainment Credit Cards provide the user with convenience when making entertainment plans in addition to many other benefits. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you will like these credit cards that give you exclusive rewards on concerts, shows, music, movies, video games and tickets to major sporting events. Many banks offer Entertainment Credit Cards offers with attractive discounts like one plus one offer on movie tickets and also free tickets for premier movie shows. You can enjoy exclusive access and privileges at premier golf courses across the world.

Why should I opt for an Entertainment Credit Card?

If you are a movie buff, this kind of credit card can offer you many advantages and savings on your entertainment expenses. These cards are designed to give accelerated rewards points for entertainment spends.

Entertainment Credit Cards provide attractive rebates like:

  • One plus one offers on movie tickets at select merchants.
  • Free movie tickets to premier shows if you are a Privilege customer
  • Prime access to tickets to music concerts.
  • Access to top quality golf courses worldwide and enjoy privileges
  • Cash back on travelling and shopping expenses

Entertainment Credit Card Features

Almost all credit cards offer some entertainment benefits or the other. You need to carefully look into the features and benefits offered by the card to make an informed decision. Some of the features to look for include:

  • Entertainment offers like free or discounted movie tickets etc.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver
  • Shopping and online transaction benefits
  • Dining and travel offers
  • Cash back feature, reward points and loyal program
  • Accident cover

For example, ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card offers a ‘Buy One Get One’ offer on movie tickets booked through the BookMyShow website. It offers golfing privileges, with complementary round of golf every month at the golf course of your choice based.

HDFC Diners Club Credit Card allows you to earn 10X Reward Points and save 10% when you book any ticket on the BookMyShow website. It is valid for the Rewardz, Premium & Black range of credit cards. With SBI Platinum Credit Card, you get 2 free movie tickets per month, or Rs.500 off--whichever is less.

Entertainment Credit Card Benefits

An entertainment credit card is packed with benefits in the form of reward points which can be later redeemed, shopping discounts, accelerated rewards points on certain spends, cashback features and specialized insurance cover. In order to avail some benefits, you need to transact using your card within 30 days of credit card activation and spend a pre-fixed amount. This will be communicated to you at the time of application.

How to Choose the Best Entertainment Credit Card

When you look for a credit card for entertainment purpose, you must look at the following criteria:

  • Your Spending pattern: Carefully examine your spending habits and decide what you would like to use your credit card for. If you spend more on travelling, it makes sense to go for a credit card that offers travelling benefits.
  • Your income: Do you really need a credit card? Answer this questing before choosing any kind of card. Carefully consider your monthly net income and decide whether you can really afford to have a credit card as this could considerably increase your expense and might possibly put you in debt.
  • Your credit card payment pattern: Easily the most important criteria in this list, one which cannot be ignored at all. With credit comes great responsibility. You should carefully plan your expenses and pay your credit bills on time, every time. At all costs, avoid penalty charges and accumulating interest on outstanding balance by paying off your dues. Ideally, look for a credit card that offers perks of entertainment but which also offers the best interest rate.
  • Fees and charges: Before applying for an entertainment credit card, absolutely make sure about all kinds of fees and charges. Sometimes, a card may offer extremely attractive rebates, but the fees associated with it might be very high. This may potentially strip you off the rewards that you earn on your spending.
  • Use a comparison website: Make sure to compare and contrast your chosen credit card against other credit cards and their offers. You might find one which suits you the best. Don’t use just one site for comparison. Do your research thoroughly before applying for a card.

Entertainment Credit Card Review

The features and benefits of an Entertainment Credit Card are designed to give the user special benefits on all their entertainment spending. So while you enjoy watching the latest Bollywood or Hollywood blockbuster, you get rewarded for buying the tickets as well! Those looking to enhance their experience can opt for an Entertainment Credit Card.

The offers along with the attractive rebates that an Entertainment Credit Card offers makes it a desirable option, provided that all credit card dues are paid consistently every month.

How do I apply for an Entertainment Credit Card?

To apply for an Entertainment Credit Card, you can either walk into your chosen lender’s nearest branch and submit the application along with the required documentation, or you can apply online. You can also call their customer care for help with the application process. Typically, it takes up to 21 days for your credit card application to be processed.

Need Help?

There are a wide range of cards available in the market today and it can be very difficult to choose one would suit your needs the best. It is vital to compare and contrast the features, benefits, fees and offers of the credit card to find card suited for your credit profile.

If you think you need help with your credit card application and advice on eligibility, CreditMantri can guide you through the entire process and match you with the credit card that suits your needs the best.

Note: The cards mentioned in the article are merely indicative of the kinds of rewards and benefits on offer, and you will need to choose your card based on your specific requirements.