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Mastercard Credit Cards

Mastercard, a leading global financial services organization with its headquarters in the USA, plays a pivotal role in processing financial transactions carried out with debit and credit cards issued by various banks and financial institutions worldwide. Acting as a payment settlement and clearing house for digital transactions, Mastercard ensures smooth and secure money transfers across borders.

Understanding the Mastercard Network

In simple terms, Mastercard acts as an intermediary that facilitates payments between the banks of merchants and the issuing banks of credit and debit cards. As a settlement network, Mastercard charges a small portion of the transacted amount as a payment processing fee, making it an essential part of the global financial ecosystem. Additionally, Mastercard ensures enhanced security for transactions conducted through its network, offering customers peace of mind.

Types of Mastercard Cards

Mastercard offers a diverse range of card variants designed to cater to varying consumer needs and preferences. Some of the popular types of Mastercard cards available in India are:

  • Standard Mastercard: The Standard variant is best suited for everyday purchases, including transactions at stores, online shopping platforms, and hotels.
  • Platinum Mastercard: The Platinum Mastercard cards provide cardholders with worldwide acceptance and access to premium lifestyle services and choices.
  • World Mastercard: A Global Card offering worldwide acceptance and a variety of attractive travel-specific and other benefits such as travel insurance, airport lounge access, purchase protection, etc.

Acceptance of Mastercard Credit Cards

Mastercard's widespread acceptability across multiple payment categories sets it apart as one of the leading payment networks globally. It connects consumers, financial institutions, businesses, merchants, and governments in over 200 countries, making it a convenient and reliable payment option for people around the world.

How can you Apply for a Mastercard Credit Card

Applying for a Mastercard credit card in India is a hassle-free process that can be done through various channels. You can visit the official Mastercard website to explore the credit card options it offers and select the bank whose credit card aligns with your preferences.

Alternatively, you can apply for a Mastercard credit card on third-party platforms like Creditmantri. The application process on Creditmantri is user-friendly and efficient, allowing you to upload the necessary documents required by the bank while applying for the card. To apply for a Mastercard card through Creditmantri:

  • Browse through the list of Mastercard credit cards available on the Creditmantri website.
  • Click on the 'Check Eligibility' option next to your desired card to verify your eligibility.
  • Enter the required details on the online application page and click 'Submit.'
  • Upload the requested documents to complete the application process.
  • Use the provided application ID to track the status of your application.

Variety of Mastercards Available in the Market

Mastercard's extensive network has enabled it to form partnerships with numerous card-issuing banks and financial organizations. As a result, the market offers a wide array of Mastercard credit cards across various categories, including travel, dining, lifestyle, rewards, and more. Each card is tailored to meet specific consumer preferences, making it easier for customers to find a card that aligns with their lifestyle and spending habits.

Mastercard Credit Card Offers

Different Mastercard credit cards come with a range of offers and benefits spanning diverse categories. For instance, travel Mastercard credit cards offer attractive travel benefits, such as special discounts and cashback on hotel bookings and travel ticket purchases.

Dining credit cards provide alluring offers at participating restaurants and online food ordering platforms. Shopping cards offer multiple shopping benefits, including discounts and reward points on purchases. It is essential to explore the comprehensive list of credit card offers to make the most of Mastercard's offerings.

Mastercard Vs. Visa

Mastercard and Visa are both prominent players in the global online payment processing industry. While they share several similarities, there are subtle differences that set them apart. Both networks offer extensive acceptance worldwide, but certain categories of offers may vary between the two. For example, some Visa credit cards may provide better benefits for hotels and travel ticket bookings, while Mastercard cards excel in cost protection services. Under Mastercard's cost protection service, if the price of a purchased item drops within 60 days, the difference is refunded to the cardholder.

Mastercard Vs. Rupay

Rupay is India's homegrown digital payment processing network and serves as a competitor to global giants like Visa and Mastercard. While Rupay performs the same role of facilitating payments between the customer's bank and the merchant's bank, it retains payment data within the country on domestic servers. One of the advantages of Rupay is its comparatively lower transaction charges, making it an attractive option for consumers. Additionally, being an Indian product, Rupay offers several enticing offers in categories like fuel, hotel bookings, and train ticket bookings.

Distinguishing Mastercard Credit Card from Mastercard Debit Card

Understanding the differences between a Mastercard Credit Card and a Mastercard Debit Card is essential for choosing the right payment option for one's needs:

  • Line of Credit: A Mastercard Credit Card provides a line of credit that can be availed for purchases, while a debit card is directly linked to the cardholder's current or savings account, with transactions debited from the account balance.
  • Interest-free Period: Mastercard credit cards typically offer an interest-free period of 45-55 days, depending on the transaction date and the issuing bank's billing cycle. This grace period allows cardholders to avoid interest charges on their outstanding balance if the full payment is made within this period. However, a Mastercard Debit Card does not provide any interest-free period, as there is no credit involved.
  • Credit History: Using a Mastercard Credit Card responsibly allows individuals to build a positive credit history, which is essential for obtaining loans and other financial services. On the other hand, a Mastercard Debit Card does not contribute to building credit history, as it only involves the use of available funds in the linked bank account.


Mastercard's global presence and extensive network make it a trusted and convenient payment option for consumers, businesses, and financial institutions worldwide. In India, Mastercard has gained widespread acceptance and popularity, offering a diverse range of credit cards to cater to various consumer needs. Understanding the differences between Mastercard and its competitors, as well as between credit and debit cards, empowers individuals to make informed decisions when choosing the right payment method that best suits their lifestyle and financial goals. As technology and financial services continue to evolve, Mastercard remains at the forefront of the digital payment revolution, providing innovative solutions and secure transactions for a seamless payment experience.

FAQs Of Mastercard Credit Card

1. Can I apply for a Mastercard credit card on the official website of Mastercard?

No, the official Mastercard website does not offer direct credit card applications. However, you can access the list of financial institutions providing Mastercard credit cards on the website and visit the respective bank's website to apply for a card that aligns with your preferences.

2. What should I do if I lose my Mastercard credit card?

In case of a lost or stolen Mastercard credit card, immediately contact the bank that issued the card to report the incident. The bank will take necessary action to block the credit card to prevent unauthorized use. You can then choose to apply for a duplicate card or close the existing card account and apply for a new one.

3. What are the benefits offered by a Mastercard credit card?

The benefits offered by a Mastercard credit card vary based on the specific type of card issued by the bank. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits associated with a particular Mastercard credit card, it is recommended to contact the issuing bank directly.

4. How do I know if my Mastercard chip card has a contactless payment feature?

If your Mastercard credit card supports contactless payments, it will be clearly indicated on the card with the word 'Contactless' or a contactless symbol. You can simply use your contactless credit card to make payments at merchants that accept contactless payment methods.

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