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As the personal loan does not require any collateral from the borrower, banks and NBFCs want the applicant to be completely eligible for the loan in terms of repaying ability till the end. They want to be assured that you are a worthy and reliable customer.

Personal loan is an unsecured loan. Hence, the interest rate on the loan is invariably higher than the other loans. Coming to your question, the cheapest personal loan cannot be determined by the lender rather a lot depends on the individual’s credit profile.

Every self-employed individuals, including a CA, is eligible for a personal loan provided the individual meets the eligibility criteria put forth by the bank. Hence, it is important to know what the lenders look at in a personal loan applicant.

Some banks provide the EMI shift date forms for the customers in which you may have to enter details of the loan and your personal details and submit it to the bank.

Your credit card outstanding amount in no way affect your loan application with another bank. It has no co-relation directly, however, if you have defaulted on your credit card bill payment, it would affect your credit score in which affect your personal loan approval.

Which app/bank offers instant personal loans at the lowest interest rates?

Living in the age of technology, getting an instant personal loan is not a difficult thing. There are various lending-based apps that provide personal loans within minutes. Apps such as EarlySalary, CASHe and Paysense are few of them that provide app-based loans.

Yes, you can! Though bad credit is not a favourable status for getting a personal loan, it is completely not impossible. There are NBFCs and website lenders who are ready to offer a personal loan based on other eligibility criteria such as income, employment and social media profiles.

Having a good credit score is a bonus in availing a personal loan with better interest rate.

Yes, it is possible. You can take loan from any number of banks but this is generally not advisable as this will add to your monthly EMI burden. Your chances of securing a loan decrease if banks think you have too many existing debt obligations for your income level. There is a good chance that you will be rejected for a loan as lenders are nervous that you will not have the capacity to fulfill your obligations.  Instead of 2 loans, it is better to apply for a much higher loan a

Various traditional banks and non-banking financial institutions offer personal loans for every need and budget. Once you have decided on your lender, you can either walk-in to the lender’s nearest branch along with a copy of all the requisite documents and complete the application process. You can also call their customer care number for guidance. You can also apply online on their website, thought this option varies from lender

It depends. Securing a personal loan without any history is difficult but not impossible.If you have your savings account with a lender for a certain period of time, then you might be eligible for a loan even though you have no formal borrowing history. Also if you go to a lender who focuses on income and employment status rather than credit history, you might be able to secure a loan. However, keep in mind that the loan you a

Yes, it is possible to get a personal loan with bad credit. But having a bad credit score means availing of the loan (if you are approved) at highly unattractive terms like a high interest rate. You might be also asked to pledge collateral as form of security. Its best to wait to improve your credit score before applying for a personal loan, so you get better terms.

You can go to any private sector or government bank and other Non- Credit card Financial Company (NBFC) for a personal loan. You can either apply online or go in person to the nearest branch in order to submit your loan application form. You can also calculate your eligibility online and decide what loan amount you qualify for.

Your personal loan application could be rejected for various reasons. Following is listed some of them:• Having a bad credit score and history• Defaulting on loans• Late payment behavior• Insufficient income• Previously credit card and loan application rejection• 

It is very difficult to secure a personal loan with bad credit, mainly because it is an unsecured loan – i.e. the bank does not hold any security in case you default on your payment. Lenders primarily look at your credit score and history and income before making a lending decision, hence it becomes very important to have a good credit score.However, if you have a good monthly income and not many loan obligations, lender

You can apply in either of the following ways:• Online, by filling the application form and uploading the required documents• By visiting any Axis Bank Loan Center. You can find a list of centers listed online on the Axis bank websiteBy contacting the Call Center at any of the toll free numbers mentioned on their website.

If you are in need of a loan, it is advisable to get your Credit Information Report (CIR) and check your credit score. If your credit score is 750 or above and you have a healthy credit history, that is the best way to ensure a smooth approval process.If you have a poor credit score, start work on improving it immediately before you apply for a loan. If you find any errors in your report, file a dispute with the credit b

You can check the eligibility for a personal loan from HDFC online on their website. Once you have checked your eligibility, you can apply in either of the following ways:• Online, on their website, by filling the application form.• You can also contact them via SMS, or call their customer care for help with your loan application.• You can also walk in to HDFC with your documents

You can apply for a loan in SBI in three ways: Online, by checking eligibility and filling the application form You can walk into the nearest branch and submit your application You can also request a call back and a bank representative will contact you with details on how to apply.The bank would consider your credit worthiness, your repayment capacity and your net annual income amongst other things in order to process and sa

You can apply online on their website from the convenience of your home and upload the required documents. You can also get instant eligibility online. You can also call or e mail the customer care center. Or you can visit the Help Desk at your nearest ICICI Bank Branch.If you think you need help with the process, CreditMantri can help you with the application and match you with the right loan offer for you.

CreditMantri’s Personal Loan EMI Calculator is probably the easiest way to calculate your monthly EMIs and choose the loan best suited to your requirements. It gives you an accurate picture of your monthly outflow and helps you determine which loan offer would be most compatible with your credit requirements.Using the EMI calculator is easy; all you have to do is to input the loan amount, the interest rate

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