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  • Pay 1/3 of all transactions - Split your spending into 3 equal installments for 3 months with no additional fees. A Rs. 15,000 bill is broken up into 3 Rs. 5,000 payments over the course of the following three months.
  • Get 1% back when you pay in full - You can also decide to pay in full as normal after the 30-day grace period to get 1% back.
  • Change your transactions to 6-, 9-, 12-, and 18-month EMIs (expected to be introduced soon)
  • In the event that a fee or charge is applied without your knowledge, you are guaranteed a 100% refund.
  • Get a card right away to use for online purchases until your physical card arrives.
  • Simple Card controls: Set your own limits for each transaction and easily manage and track your online, offline, and contactless payments.
  • Flexible options for repayment: Pay a small Carry Forward Fee to carry over a portion of your payment to the following bill.
  • Receive several bill reminders prior to your due date to avoid being assessed a late fee.
  • One-click Card lock: Immediately lock your card in an emergency. Easily unlock using an app when necessary.
  • 24x7 Customer Service - Contact the team by phone, email, or WhatsApp.


  • Joining fee: Nil
  • Annual fee: Nil
  • Carry Forward Fee: Up to 5.5%.
  • Late payment fee: As per the slabs of bill payment amount.

Uni Card

What Is The Uni Card?

There are a variety of credit cards in the market and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. However, if you are looking for a credit card that offers great benefits, the Uni Card may be the right option for you. For starters, the card offers interest-free payments for 3 months or 2 months, and 1% cashback on all full payments. Additionally, the card has a range of features that make it great for consumers.

Uni Card is a BNPL card, offered by Uniorbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd, in partnership with RBL Bank & SBM Bank. The card is issued and managed through the Uni Card App, that works on both Apple and Android devices.

Uni Card – Snapshot

Uni Card VariantsPay 1/3rd Card & Pay 1/2 Card
Joining Fees & Annual FeesNIL
Credit LimitFrom Rs.20,000 – Rs.6 lakhs
Interest RateNIL if you repay in 3 installments
Rewards1% cashback if you pay in full
Minimum amount due7.5% of bill amount
Carry Forward FeeUp to 5.5%
Best ForShopping Rewards

Uni Card Variants

  • Pay 1/3rd Card – This card allows you to split your bill amount into 3 interest-free installments
  • Pay 1/2 Card – This card allows you to split your bill amount into 2 interest-free installments

The Uni card differs from a traditional credit card in that interest does not begin to accrue until the payment due date of the first billing cycle. With this card, you are able to make purchases anywhere and only pay a third of the total cost for party expenses, fashion sales, emergency expenses, and bills. Pay your monthly expenses in three equal installments over 3 months or 2 months, free of additional fees.

What Are The Features Of Uni Pay Cards?

  • There is no joining fee or annual fee to get a UNI Pay card.
  • Pay your monthly expenses in 3 installments over 3 months or 2 installments over 2 months without incurring any additional fees.
  • After the 30-day grace period, you can choose to pay in full and receive 1% rewards in the form of cashback.
  • For first-time customers, the UNI Card, which has a credit limit of between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 6 lakhs, might be the best option.
  • Soon, you'll be able to divide your spending into more affordable, longer EMI plans with terms of 6, 9, 12, and 18 months.
  • Over 99.9% of Indian businesses that accept credit or debit cards also accept Uni Pay cards.
  • Coming soon: the ability to quickly scan and pay at your preferred stores using your credit line.
  • If UNI charges any fee without your knowledge, you will receive a full refund.
  • You can contact the UNI customer service team on WhatsApp at 080 68216821 or by email at
  • The UNI systems guarantee total data safety, security, and encryption to prevent unauthorized access.
  • The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For The UNI Pay Card?

  • You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old
  • Legally Able To Enter Into Contracts Under The Indian Contract Act Of 1872
  • An Indian Citizen In Order To Use The Portal And Uni Services.
  • An Indian Tax Resident

How To Apply For A Uni Pay Card?

1. UNI card offers one of the simplest application processes.

2. Download and install the UNI card app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

3. Enter your mobile number. It is verified with an OTP.

4. Next, you enter your PAN number, name as in PAN, and your Date of Birth.

5. The app will now pull out your latest credit report. It uses CRIF to do that.

6.Once your credit report is analyzed, your eligible credit limit is displayed

7. Once you agree to the terms & conditions, your card is generated.

8. You can start using the virtual card right away. The physical card will be printed and sent to you in a few days.

9. You get the physical card in a beautiful packaging that includes the UNI Pay card, a Toblerone chocolate, a personalized luggage tag, and a face mask.

What Makes UNI Cards Unique?

The Uni Card is unique because of its intuitive app, convenient management of your card through the app, and more importantly, the 3-month interest-free repayment method. The card also offers a great rewards program that gives you 1% cashback on all full payments.

It can be a good option for starters to build their credit score. This way, you'll have a solid foundation for future borrowing needs. By taking some steps to improve your credit score, you'll be in a better position to get approved for a new credit card, or even get a lower interest rate on an existing card.


If you are a student or a fresher at your job, a UNI card can offer you with some decent credit limit so that you can establish a healthy financial background for your future. You can also avail of the benefits that this card offers, such as interest-free payments for a period of three months and 1% cashback on your full payments. Furthermore, the Uni card has an intuitive app that makes managing your account easy. So, if you are looking for a credit card that offers good benefits and is easy to manage, the Uni Card may be a good option for you.

UNI Card FAQs:

1. How is a UNI Card different from a traditional credit card?

UNI Card is backed by a fintech company and supported by a lending partner. Instead of a credit limit, you get a BNPL loan in your name. You can use this loan to make purchases online or offline and repay it in 3 or 2 interest-free installments.

2. How much credit limit can I get with my Uni card?

At present, applicants can get credit limits of up to Rs.6 lakhs with Uni Pay cards.

3. Do they check my credit score to process my Uni Card application?

Yes, they check your credit score to process your Uni card.

4. Can I use the Uni card to withdraw cash from an ATM?

No, cash withdrawal from an ATM is currently unavailable with Uni cards.

5. Can I use my Uni card for international transactions?

No, international transactions are not available on Uni cards at this moment.

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