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Aadhaar Card Enrolment Centres have been set up across the country to help residents get their unique identification number. The enrolment centres can be run independently by the Government, through an agency, from a bank’s premises or from the post office. At Aadhaar Card Enrolment Centres, one can apply for a new Aadhaar card and make changes to the existing one. An Aadhaar card serves the purpose of identification and is a Government verified document that helps in many legal requirements. One can easily locate the closest Aadhar Enrolment Centre through the following steps:

  • Go to UIDAI website
  • Click on “Locate Enrolment & Update Centres in Other Cities”
  • Selection options from State, Pin Code or Search Box
  • Enter the name of your District, Town, Village or Sub District
  • Select the check box option if you only want to search for Permanent Centres
  • Enter verification code and click on “Search” button
  • Details of different Aadhaar Enrolment Centres pop up

An Aadhaar Card is applied through the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. Apart from this, one can make changes or corrections to the existing Aadhaar card from these centres. They act as a facilitator for issuing and maintaining the unique identification numbers of the residents of our country. One can mainly carry out the following activities at the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre:

  • Apply for an Aadhaar Card
  • Update an existing Aadhaar Card
  • Make changes or corrections to an existing Aadhaar Card
  • Biometric updates
  • Demographic updates
  • Change photograph

An Aadhaar Card issue a twelve-digit unique number to the holder of the card. This serves as an ID proof for all legal transactions. One can apply for an Aadhaar Card with the following simple steps:

  • Log into UIDAI website
  • Select the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre to you
  • Complete the Aadhaar Enrolment form which can be downloaded from this website
  • Take an appointment
  • Submit the form with the required supporting documents at the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. (Identity proof, Address proof etc.)
  • Completion of biometric scan
  • Photograph is also taken
  • Aadhaar Enrolment Centre issues a 14-digit enrolment number which can be used to track the status of your application

Registrar NameAddress of The RegistrarLast Update DateCentre Type
IndiapostFateganj Ho, Fateganj, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000213-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39132001, Jawaharnagar Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39132013-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000200, Fateganj Circle Fateganj Ho, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000213-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000102, Khanderaomarket Road, Near Vmc Office Behind Police Choki, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000113-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000102, Rajmahel Road, Khanderao Market Char Rasta, Vadodara – Gujarat – 39000113-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39151001, Jarod Post Office, Vadodara, Vaghodia, Jarod, Gujarat – 39151013-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39002101, T B Sanatorium Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002113-04-2021Permanent
IndiapostVadodara, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002113-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39134501, Petrochemical Township Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39134513-04-2021Permanent
City Union Bank LimitedCiub0000108, Citi Union Bank, Trident Complex, Race Course, Padra, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000713-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39144001, Padra Post Office, Vadodara, Padra, Gujarat – 39144013-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000104, Ladvada,Under H V Shroff Memoreal High School, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001713-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000703, Race Course Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000713-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost14805, Jarod Post Office, Vadodara, Vaghodia, Jarod, Gujarat – 39151013-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost14800, Eme Post Office, Vadodara, Vemali, Gujarat – 39000813-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Bank Of Baroda, Dashrath Branch,Vadodara, Dasharath, Gujarat – 39174012-04-2021Permanent
Bank of India_New_649Bkid0002518, Bank Of India Gotri Road Branch, Near Esic Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002112-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Barb0Padrax, Yash Complex Tower Road Bank Of Baroda Padra, Vadodara, Padra, Gujarat – 39144012-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Barb0Karjan, Bank Of Baroda Navabazar Station Road Karjan, Vadodara, Karjan, Gujarat – 39124012-04-2021Permanent
YES Bank LimitedYesb0001076, Vasna Road Vadodara, Padra, Bhayli, Gujarat – 39141012-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000102, Near Khanderao Market Char Rasta ,Vmc, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000112-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39144500, Ranu Post Office, Vadodara, Padra, Ranun, Gujarat – 39144512-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Barb0Nizamp, 23 A Sahyog Complex Nizampura, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000212-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39001401, Amin Khadki, Makarpura Village, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001412-04-2021Permanent
STATE BANK OF INDIA_New_654Sbin0009927, 403 Gidc State Bank Of India,Waghodia, Vadodara, Vaghodia, Gujarat – 39176012-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39001101, Himja Nivas, Jain Derasar Road, Manjalapur, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001112-04-2021Permanent
Dena Bank_New_664Bkdn0210559, Dena Bank, Horaizon Complex, Opp. R.S.S.M, Makarpura Road, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000912-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Bankofbaroda, Chamunda Complex Near Jamnotri Hospital At Savli Ta Savli, Vadodara, Savli, Gujarat – 39177012-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000705, V N Colony Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000712-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Bank Of Baroda, Opp Aaradhna Cinema, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000112-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39002002, Sayajiganj Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002012-04-2021Permanent
Central Bank of India_New_650Cbi, Jay Urmi Complex Near Manapor Chakla, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Gujarat – 39111012-04-2021Permanent
Axis Bank Ltd1144-Ais Bank Ltd, Akota, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002012-04-2021Permanent
STATE BANK OF INDIA_New_654Sbi0009927, 403 Gidc Ie Waghodia,Vadodara, Vaghodia, Gujarat – 39176012-04-2021Permanent
Central Bank of India_New_650Central Bank Of India, Kevadabaug, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000112-04-2021Permanent
Central Bank of India_New_650Central Bank Of India, Central Bank Of India Circle 101 Dhyay Complex, Mujmahuda Akota, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002012-04-2021Permanent
ICICI Bank LimitedICIC0000003, Jay Hiuse, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000712-04-2021Permanent
ICICI Bank LimitedICICi0000003, Icici Bank Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000712-04-2021Permanent
STATE BANK OF INDIA_New_654Sbi Bank Savli, Main Road At-Post-Ta-Savli Dist-Vadodara, Branch Code Sbni0001036, Vadodara, Savli, Gujarat – 39177012-04-2021Permanent
HDFC Bank LimitedHdfc000322, Hdfc Bank Ground Floor, Productivity House Productivity Road Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000712-04-2021Permanent
Bandhan Bank LtdBdbl0001480, Bandhan Bank Vadodara, 7-8 Pancham Street Op Road Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000712-04-2021Permanent
Union Bank Of India_New_656Union Bank Of India, Navdurga Socity Nizampura, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000212-04-2021Permanent
Syndicate Bank_New_658Syndicate Bank Alkapuri Branch, Opp Express Hotel R C Dutt Road Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000712-04-2021Permanent
Dena Bank_New_664Bkdn0210026, Raopura Main Road, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000112-04-2021Permanent
Dena Bank_New_664Bkdn0210749, Dena Bank Alkapuri Branch, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000712-04-2021Permanent
IndusInd BankIndusind Bank, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002411-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Bank Of Baorda Dabhoi, Muncipality Building Lal Bazaar, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Gujarat – 39111011-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000702, Geb Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000711-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39111001, Dabhoi R.S Post Office, g14765, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Gujarat – 39111011-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39134001, Nandesari Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39134011-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000104, Ladwada Mandvi Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001711-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Barb0Khobar, Khodiyar Nagar Nr Sardar Estate Ajwa Road Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001911-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39001601, Industrial Estate Po, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001611-04-2021Permanent
HDFC Bank LimitedHdfc0000033, Arun Complex 36, Alkapuri Society Rc – Dutt Road, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000711-04-2021Permanent
STATE BANK OF INDIA_New_654Sbi Padra, Sbi Padra Branch, Vadodara, Padra, Gujarat – 39144011-04-2021Permanent
HDFC Bank LimitedHdfc Bank Ltd, Arun Complex 36, Alkapuri Society Rc – Dutt Road Vadodara Gujarat, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000711-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000301, Chemical Ind Post Office, Vadodara, Gorva, Gujarat – 39000311-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39111001, Dabhoi R.S Dabhoi, Weg14765, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Gujarat – 39111011-04-2021Permanent
Catholic Syrian BankCsb, Ground Floor, Parth Avenue, Near Kabir Plaza, Manjalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000911-04-2021Camp-Mode
Bank of Baroda_New_6482765 Baroda Gujrat Gramin Bank, Ratnam Heights,Opp Motibhai Park, Sayajipura, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002211-04-2021Permanent
HDFC Bank LimitedHdfc0001241, Ground Floor Productivity House Productivity Road Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000710-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost14803, Geb Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000710-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39002001, Akota Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002010-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Barb0Vasnab, Bank Of Baroda,Gf 2 Shivalay 2 Vasna Road, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000710-04-2021Permanent
Axis Bank LtdVardhaman Complex Race Course Road, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000710-04-2021Permanent
INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK_NEW_659Makarpura, Iob Erda Complex Makarpura, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001010-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39000100, Vadodara Head Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000109-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39001701, Swaminaryan Temple Basement, Panigate, Wadi, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001709-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39122001, Kayavarohan Post Office, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Kayavarohan, Gujarat – 39122009-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Bob Gramin Bank, Subhanpura Gramin Bank, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002309-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39111501, Sinor So, Vadodara, Sinor, Gujarat – 39111508-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39175001, Fertilizer Nagar Post Office, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39175008-04-2021Permanent
Punjab National Bank_NEW_653Pnb Dabhoi, Dabhoi, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39111008-04-2021Permanent
Bank of Baroda_New_648Bggb Bank Sayajipura Vadodara, Gujarat – 39002206-04-2021Permanent
Canara Bank_New_657Canara Bank Alkapuri Branch, R C Dutt Road, Opp Express Hotel, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000705-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39001001, Corporation Building, Ward No 12 Makarpura Gidc, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39001005-04-2021Permanent
Indiapost39110501, Chandod Nr Sbi Chandod Ta Dabhoi Dist Vadodara, Dabhoi, Chandod, Gujarat – 39110505-04-2021Permanent
INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK_NEW_659Baroda Main, Iob 156-2/3 Mehtapole Mandvi, Vadodara, Gujarat – 39000605-04-2021Permanent
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