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Protect the Data Stored on your Aadhaar Card with a Virtual ID (VID)

Are you worried that your 12-digit Aadhaar number may be misused, and your data might get stolen? Today, several services – be it registering for a mobile connection, investing in mutual funds, or opening a bank account – require customers to provide their Aadhaar number for verification.

While having a single identification number works great, there have been plenty of data security concerns. If you are worried about the privacy of your Aadhaar number and don’t want to share it with service providers, you now have an alternative.

Here’s a solution that works for you - the Aadhaar Virtual ID (or VID). It acts as a replacement to your Aadhaar number, and can be used anywhere you have to provide your 12-digit Aadhaar code. Here, in this guide, we give you all that you need to know about the VID – what it is, its benefits, FAQs, and how to generate it.

It’s a unique 16-digit code that users can use in place of their 12-digit Aadhaar number. The VID is assigned randomly to each Aadhaar number, meaning hackers can't track your Aadhaar biometric details from the VID.

As of 1st June 2018, the UIDAI has made it compulsory for all agencies to accept the VID in place of the Aadhaar number. When customers give the VID to service providers, it gives the agencies access only to limited KYC information and not all the biometric details and user data associated with the Aadhaar number.

Simply put, it helps to prevent data misuse. Today, it’s become mandatory for users to share their Aadhaar details with several service providers. It leads to privacy concerns. Users are wary that service providers will misuse their personal information. The VID helps to avoid this problem, by masking the 12-digit unique Aadhaar number.

Instead of getting access to your Aadhaar number directly, the service provider receives an alternative code with limited KYC. It is impossible to trace your original Aadhaar number from your VID, thereby eliminating the chances of security breaches.

To phrase it in a nutshell, the VID can be used in place of your Aadhaar number. It provides the necessary KYC information to the service provider – name, age, address, and other basic details without revealing more.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Aadhaar

The official website of Aadhaar. Make sure that you type the exact address in your browser to avoid landing on copycat sites.

Step 2: Click on Virtual ID (VID) Generator

From the homepage, navigate to My Aadhaar 🡪 Aadhaar Services 🡪 Virtual ID (VID) Generator.

Step 3: Provide your Aadhaar Number

Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number, the captcha verification code, and click on send OTP. An OTP (one-time-password) will be sent to your linked mobile number. Enter the OTP in the box, and click on generate VID. The VID is sent as a text message to your mobile number.

That’s it. You have successfully generated the VID in three simple steps.

Now that you’ve generated the VID, you’re bound to have a few queries. Let’s address them.

1. Do Aadhaar VIDs expire?

No. Currently, there is no expiry date for the VID. You can use the generated VID until you create a new one.

2. What is the minimum time I have to wait before creating a new VID?

You have to wait at least one day before you can generate a new VID. So, if you create a VID today, you can create another one only after 00.00 hours (midnight) tonight.

3. Is there a limit on the number of VIDs that can be generated by a person?

No. You can create any number of VIDs as you wish.

4. Can I provide the same VID to different service providers?

Yes, you may. You can use the same VID or generate a new one for each service provider. The choice is yours.

5. I have lost my VID. What do I do?

You can retrieve your VID, using the same steps listed above. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number; provide the captcha and OTP, to retrieve the last used VID, or to generate a new one.

6. Is it possible to trace my Aadhaar number using my VID

No. VIDs are assigned using a random number generator algorithm. It’s impossible to find your Aadhaar number using the VID.

7. I have not linked my mobile number with my Aadhaar card. Can I generate a VID?

No. As per the UIDAI norms, all Aadhaar card holders must link their mobile numbers to the Aadhaar card.

8. Where can I use the VID?

You can use the VID anywhere in place of the Aadhaar number for providing KYC details and verification.

9. Can someone else generate the VID on my behalf?

No. For VID generation, you have to provide your 12-digit Aadhaar number as well the OTP sent to your mobile.

10. When I generate a new VID, will I get a new 16-digit code or the same one?

When you generate a new VID, you are assigned a new code. On the other hand, if you click on retrieve VID instead of generate, you will be provided with the same one.

End Note

Put an end to your Aadhaar Security Concerns with VID

If you are apprehensive about providing your 12-digit unique Aadhaar code to service providers, the VID is an excellent alternative. You can use it in place of your Aadhaar number, without any fear of data breaches. When you use the VID, service providers do not have access to the data stored on your Aadhaar card, thereby preventing data misuse.

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