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Aadhaar number is a 12-digit unique identification number and is issued by the UIDAI on behalf of the Government of India to every Indian citizen. It records an individual’s personal information in the government database and functions as a single identification document. However, it is not meant as a replacement for other documents such as PAN, passport, driving license etc.

Aadhaar Form
Aadhaar Form

Aadhaar has become an important document today for all Indian citizens. It is one of the most credible and effective identity proofs. It is estimated that more than 90% of the people residing in India have been provided with their Aadhaar cards. Those who want to apply for an Aadhaar card can visit an Aadhaar centre, fill the Aadhaar card Enrolment Form, and submit required documents. The form is free of cost and can be downloaded online from the UIDAI website.

Aadhaar Enrolment Form helps you to apply for an Aadhaar card. If you do not have an Aadhaar card, you can visit the nearest Aadhaar centre and fill this form or have it downloaded free of cost from the UIDAI’s (Unique Identification Authority of India) official website. Following are the details present in an Aadhaar form:

  • Pre-Enrolment ID
  • NPR Receipt/TIN Number
  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Address
  • Details of Father/Mother/Guardian (only for children below 5 years of age)
  • Details of submitted documents
  • Introducer details / HoF details
  • Applicant’s Signature/Thumb imprint
  • Date and time of enrolment

To fill the Aadhaar enrolment form, here are some of the most important points that you need to take note of:

Full Name: Enter your full name i.e. first name, middle name, and last name. The name you enter here must match the name on your proof of identity.

Gender: You need to specify your gender in the form – male, female, or transgender.

Age/Date of Birth: Fill in your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY (date-month-year). If you are unsure of the exact date of birth, you can specify an approximate age in this field. If there is no proof of date of birth, tick the box with the label ‘Declared’. If you have supporting documents, tick the box with the label ‘Verified’.

Address: Enter the postal address on the form as specified in the address proof. You must keep in mind that the card will be delivered to the same address you provide in this field. Also, provide your email address and mobile number within the same field.

Details of Family Members: You can provide the name and Aadhaar number of your family members in this field. The family member, here, can be your father, mother, husband, or wife. It is mandatory for children below the age of 5 years to provide the details of parents/guardian.

Consent: Ensure to tick the box that says you agree to allow UIDAI the right to share your information including biometrics for the generation of Aadhaar and authentication. provided in the form with certain agencies that deliver public/welfare services.

Documents Attached: The information in the form can be verified based on the documents provided by you, your introducer, or HoF. Tick the box according to your specific application. Also, you must mention the documents you are providing with the form – proof of identity and proof of address. Proof of relationship and proof of date of birth can be listed if they are applicable to you. If you have provided details of introducer/HoF, the documents can be taken from their file for verification.

Signature: Sign the document at the designated area on the form to show your consent. Alternatively, you can also choose to place your thumb impression instead of a signature.

Aadhaar Correction Form
Aadhaar Correction Form

If you wish to make any changes to your Aadhaar, you need to submit a completed Aadhaar card correction form. To begin, you must fill up the following details in the Aadhaar Card correction form while applying for rectification in information:

  • Pre-enrolment ID
  • NPR number
  • Name of the applicant
  • Gender – Male, Female, Transgender
  • Age and Date of Birth (DoB)
  • Complete residential address, Email ID provided previously and registered contact number
  • Data about father/mother/guardian/husband/wife. Information about father, mother, guardian is mandatory when the applicant is a child below the age of 5 years
  • Details of supporting document proofs - proof of identity, residential address, DoB
  • Data about Introducer or HUF (Hindu United family), if required
  • Signature or thumbprint of the applicant

Mentioned below are the areas where rectifications can be made in Aadhaar:

  • Name of the resident
  • Gender - Male, Female or Transgender
  • Details mentioned under C/O, D/O, S/O, W/O or HO
  • Residential address
  • Landmark details
  • Name of the locality or area or sector
  • Name of the state, city or district or town or village
  • Details of Post Office
  • Pin Code
  • Contact number
  • Email ID

Here are some of the guidelines that you should remember while filling the Aadhaar Correction Form:

  • Use capital letters throughout the form
  • Ensure that you mention your contact number as it is a mandatory field
  • If you have opted for filling the form offline, send the correction form through post
  • Select the same language option, either or local language or English, as you had done at the time of enrolment
  • Update the form only with the most recent details and not with invalid or old information
  • Mention complete names, including salutations, that is, Mr, Ms., Dr., Col etc.
  • Always mention the complete address
  • Mention your complete name below the signatures or thumbprints
  • Carefully attach documents as proof for every rectification made

1. What are the steps involved in enrolling for Aadhaar?

UIDAI application can be made through any of the Aadhaar facilitation centres. On visiting the Aadhaar enrolment centre, you need to fill the enrolment form. The enrolment form is also available online on. You can also take a printout and fill it in at the centre. Submit the enrolment form along with supporting documents and collect your acknowledgement slip to complete the process.

2. Is it possible to update or change my details in Aadhaar card?

Yes. Once you have received your Aadhaar, you can update it if there is any such necessity. You must use the Aadhaar card correction form to apply for changes.

3. What are the details that I can change in my Aadhaar card?

Generally, the address, name, date of birth, gender, mobile no. and email id details in your Aadhaar card can be updated or corrected.

End Note

Aadhaar form can be filled in after following the detailed steps available online or by seeking help from a representative at the Aadhaar enrolment centre. It is important to ensure that the Aadhaar form is appropriately filled in to avoid any rejections. It is available online as well as offline version but must be physically submitted at the time of enrolment.

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