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To protect the insurer from fraudulent claims, health insurance policies have a list of time-bound exclusions. As the name implies, first-year exclusions are a list of medical treatments that cannot be claimed during the first-year of policy activation. Second-year exclusions include a list of medical treatments that can be claimed only after two years of policy activation.

Some of the standard medical treatments that come under first-year exclusions are pre-existing medical conditions, gastric or duodenal ulcers, tonsillitis, anal fissures, piles, hernia, tympanoplasty surgery for internal and external cysts, tumours, polyps, etc. Standard medical treatments that fall under second-year exclusions are cataract surgeries, gout, rheumatism, non-infective arthritis, hypertension, heart diseases and related complications, diabetes, etc.

The list of the first year and second year exclusions vary from one health policy to another. So, make sure to check the policy prospectus carefully before purchasing the policy.

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