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Owing to the increasing number of vehicles plying on the road in India, road accidents, especially two-wheelers related accidents are quite common in India. This could be due to various reasons like the bad condition of roads, rash driving, etc. leading to monetary losses in most of the cases for the parties involved.

Insurance thus forms an important aspect for the owner of a two-wheeler with third-party two-wheeler insurance being made mandatory in India under the Motor Vehicles Act. While purchasing and renewing bike insurance is important, the bike owner should also be aware of the steps involved while claiming reimbursement of bike insurance claim settlement. Let us understand what is bike insurance claim and what is the relevant procedure to make a claim.

What is a bike insurance claim?

  • When opting for two-wheeler insurance, the insured gets into a contract with the insurance provider.
  • The policyholder/insured pays regular premiums on the bike insurance undertaken.
  • A valid bike insurance contract indicates that on any damage caused due to an accident for the bike, the onus is on the insurance provider to pay for the damages.
  • In case of any accident, the insured has to file a claim with the insurance company for claiming reimbursement of expenses incurred to repair the bike.

What are the types of bike insurance claims?

  • Cashless Claims – Allows vehicle repair free of cost in case of an accident for an insurer, provided the repair services are undertaken at a network garage.
  • Reimbursement Claims – The policyholder needs to bear the bike repair expenses during an accident and later file a claim with the insurance provider for getting the claim expenses reimbursed.

What are the steps to file a reimbursement bike insurance claim settlement?

While the claim filing process may vary across insurance providers, common steps for making reimbursement bike insurance claim settlement are

  • Note the registration number of the vehicle/s which are involved in an accident.
  • If needed, file an FIR at the nearest police station. The FIR copy may be necessary for filing the claim.
  • Note down particulars of the accident like time and location. Note down the name and contact details of any witnesses.
  • File your claim with the insurance provider through phone, branch visit or online mode.
  • Submit the requisite documents for filing a claim for getting it successfully approved.

What are the documents required for filing reimbursement bike insurance claims?

Basic documents required for filing bike insurance claims are 

  • Copy of FIR or police complaint registered
  • Copy of bike registration certificate 
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Copy of License 
  • Original bills of repair expenses
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