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Two-wheeler insurance features vary under different policies. If it is a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy that comes with added benefits, then this would increase the value of the two-wheeler policy ensuring the insurer is totally covered. In such a case, the insurance provider will accept the claim for reimbursement or cashless claims.

However, not all two-wheeler policies come with such benefits. So, it is important that the owner of a two-wheeler goes through the fine print of the policy document to understand the overall terms and conditions.

This is necessary to understand what kind of costs are covered under the policy and will be accepted by the insurance providers while filing claims and vice versa. If you raise a claim which is not covered under the policy, then there are high chances of such claims getting rejected by the insurance provider. So, you should file a claim only when you are certain that your claim will be accepted by the insurance provider.

When should you not claim Two-wheeler Insurance?

Common instances when you should not claim a two-wheeler insurance claim due to it leading to rejection are

Incorrect/Inaccurate Details 

When purchasing two-wheeler insurance, if you have not disclosed correct particulars, or missed out on some particulars or they have become outdated, then under such circumstance, it is better to avoid filing a claim. There is a high chance of your claim getting rejected by the insurance provider on grounds of misrepresentation of facts and may also involve legal implications. Always ensure your insurance records are up to date with the insurance company before filing for any claim.

Driving under Alcohol/ Drug Influence

If during the time of the accident, you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then do not file the claim. The insurance company would not accept the claim in such a case and also it is against the law.

Unlicensed Driving

If your two-wheeler was being used by somebody else and they did not have a license at the time of the accident, then you would be held liable for such a transgression. Under such a situation, your insurance provider would not cover the expenses incurred and reject the claim, as the third person did not have a valid license.

Nominee not covered

If the person riding your two-wheeler has not been covered as a nominee in your two-wheeler insurance policy, your insurance provider will not accept a claim for damages caused by the accident. So, avoid filing such a claim.

Irregular Servicing

If you have not serviced your two-wheeler regularly as per the manufacturer specifications, then the insurance provider will not consider the claims in case of an accident.

Irregular Additions 

Any irregular/ fraudulent additions to your repair costs can stand rejected by the insurance provider if they become aware that you are trying to claim more insurance than actually required.

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