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Today Gold Rate In Chhattisgarh

01 Dec 2023

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22-carat gold Rate


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24-carat gold Rate


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22 Carat & 24 Carat Compare Gold Rates In Chhattisgarh (Today & Yesterday)

Gold Rate TodayGold Rate YesterdayGold Rate Change(%)
22 Carat583058050.43%
24 Carat583058050.43%

Today 24 Carat Compare Gold Rate In Chhattisgarh (Today & Yesterday)

Gram24 Carat Gold Price Yesterday24 Carat Gold Price TodayDaily Price
1 GRAM580558300.43%
8 GRAM46443466390.42%
10 GRAM58054582980.42%
100 GRAM580538858298200.42%

Today 916 KDM Gold Rate In Chhattisgarh (Today & Yesterday)

Gram916 KDM Gold Rate Yesterday916 KDM Gold Rate TodayDaily Price
1 GRAM580558300.43%
8 GRAM46443466390.42%
10 GRAM58054582980.42%
100 GRAM580538858298200.42%

Today 22 Carat Compare Gold Price In Chhattisgarh (Today & Yesterday)

Gram22 Carat Gold Price Yesterday22 Carat Gold Price TodayDaily Price
1 GRAM580558300.43%
8 GRAM46443466390.42%
10 GRAM58054582980.42%
100 GRAM580538858298200.42%

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Chhattisgarh for Last 30 Days

DateStandard Gold - 22 KPure Gold - 24 K
1 gram8 grams1 gram8 grams
2023-11-27₹ 5,830₹ 46,639₹ 5,830₹ 46,639
2023-11-26₹ 5,805₹ 46,443₹ 5,805₹ 46,443
2023-11-25₹ 5,805₹ 46,443₹ 5,805₹ 46,443
2023-11-24₹ 5,771₹ 46,171₹ 5,771₹ 46,171
2023-11-23₹ 5,769₹ 46,152₹ 5,769₹ 46,152
2023-11-22₹ 5,782₹ 46,259₹ 5,782₹ 46,259
2023-11-21₹ 5,759₹ 46,074₹ 5,759₹ 46,074
2023-11-20₹ 5,733₹ 45,863₹ 5,733₹ 45,863
2023-11-19₹ 5,735₹ 45,879₹ 5,735₹ 45,879
2023-11-18₹ 5,735₹ 45,879₹ 5,735₹ 45,879
2023-11-17₹ 5,743₹ 45,944₹ 5,743₹ 45,944
2023-11-16₹ 5,662₹ 45,294₹ 5,662₹ 45,294
2023-11-15₹ 5,660₹ 45,282₹ 5,660₹ 45,282
2023-11-14₹ 5,632₹ 45,055₹ 5,632₹ 45,055
2023-11-13₹ 5,625₹ 45,002₹ 5,625₹ 45,002
2023-11-12₹ 5,613₹ 44,905₹ 5,613₹ 44,905
2023-11-11₹ 5,613₹ 44,905₹ 5,613₹ 44,905
2023-11-10₹ 5,679₹ 45,435₹ 5,679₹ 45,435
2023-11-09₹ 5,653₹ 45,227₹ 5,653₹ 45,227
2023-11-08₹ 5,697₹ 45,577₹ 5,697₹ 45,577
2023-11-07₹ 5,719₹ 45,752₹ 5,719₹ 45,752
2023-11-06₹ 5,757₹ 46,058₹ 5,757₹ 46,058
2023-11-05₹ 5,760₹ 46,079₹ 5,760₹ 46,079
2023-11-04₹ 5,760₹ 46,079₹ 5,760₹ 46,079
2023-11-03₹ 5,742₹ 45,940₹ 5,742₹ 45,940
2023-11-02₹ 5,754₹ 46,030₹ 5,754₹ 46,030
2023-11-01₹ 5,733₹ 45,861₹ 5,733₹ 45,861
2023-10-31₹ 5,779₹ 46,230₹ 5,779₹ 46,230
2023-10-30₹ 5,802₹ 46,416₹ 5,802₹ 46,416
2023-10-29₹ 5,824₹ 46,592₹ 5,824₹ 46,592
2023-10-28₹ 5,824₹ 46,592₹ 5,824₹ 46,592

Historical Price of Gold Rates In Chhattisgarh

The trend of Gold Rate in Chhattisgarh for November 2023 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
November 1st RateRs. 5,830 /- per gramRs. 5,830 /- per gram
November 27th RateRs. 5,733 /- per gramRs. 5,733 /- per gram
Highest November RateRs. 5,830 /- per gramRs. 5,830 /- per gram
Lowest November RateRs. 5,613 /- per gramRs. 5,613 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Chhattisgarh for October 2023 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
October 1st RateRs. 5,779 /- per gramRs. 5,779 /- per gram
October 31th RateRs. 5,337 /- per gramRs. 5,337 /- per gram
Highest October RateRs. 5,824 /- per gramRs. 5,824 /- per gram
Lowest October RateRs. 5,273 /- per gramRs. 5,273 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Chhattisgarh for September 2023 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
September 1st RateRs. 5,346 /- per gramRs. 5,346 /- per gram
September 30th RateRs. 5,578 /- per gramRs. 5,578 /- per gram
Highest September RateRs. 5,600 /- per gramRs. 5,600 /- per gram
Lowest September RateRs. 5,346 /- per gramRs. 5,346 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Chhattisgarh for August 2023 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
August 1st RateRs. 5,590 /- per gramRs. 5,590 /- per gram
August 31th RateRs. 5,610 /- per gramRs. 5,610 /- per gram
Highest August RateRs. 5,610 /- per gramRs. 5,610 /- per gram
Lowest August RateRs. 5,466 /- per gramRs. 5,466 /- per gram

India is a country where gold is considered as one of the best investments. Even if there is inflation in the gold market, the gold business will see profits as there will be buyers irrespective of inflation. This yellow metal, even though small has great values and people in Chhattisgarh have investments in the form of gold. During auspicious festivals, weddings, or puja, the demand for gold goes high in Chhattisgarh. People opt to buy gold as it is considered as a status symbol. Since this yellow metal is used in making jewellery and art, people prefer to keep gold as their primary investment.

Chhattisgarh also imports gold from other states and countries. Because of this, the rate of gold in Chhattisgarh changes when there is a change in the international market. Investing in gold is said to be the smartest way because the metal is resistant towards rust and corrosion. Below is today’s gold rate in Chhattisgarh.

Measurement of gold

The unit measure of gold is called Karat. However, the gold weight is always measured in troy ounces. One troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams. 24-karat gold is considered as the highest and purest form of gold.

What is Karat?

When it comes to gold, the most important thing that needs attention is the purity. This purity of gold is calculated by its unit measure known as Karat. Gold, in its purest form, is quite soft and supple. So the jewellers often add other metals such as copper and silver while making 24 karat gold ornaments. One karat is 1/24th part of the whole 24-karat. When you see that a gold ornament, bar, or coin is 18 karat, it means that the ornament has only 18 parts of pure gold and the balance is copper or silver.

24 karat gold which is considered as the most expensive gold is made of 99.9 % pure gold while 22 karat gold has only 91.6 % pure gold. When compared to 22-karat gold, the price of 24-karat gold will always be on the higher side.

Given below is the fineness scale which is used while measuring the purity of gold

24 K = 99.9% Pure

22 K = 91.6% Pure

18 K = 75% Pure

14 K = 58.5% Pure

10 K = 41.7% Pure

This fineness scale is approved by the Indian Government and this measure is otherwise known as Hallmark. These marks can help buyers from falling prey to fake gold coins, gold bars, and ornaments.

Factors That Determine Gold Prices in Chhattisgarh

Below are some of the key factors that affect the price of gold in Chhattisgarh

The Impact of Other Commodities

Gold is often connected to other commodity prices such as copper, and crude oil. When there is an imbalance in the trade of these commodities, it affects the economic conditions and as a result, the price of gold goes high.

Demand and Supply

The largest consumers of gold are India and China. In business, the supply of materials should be according to demand. However, when demand increases and there is a deficiency in supplying the material, the rate of the material goes up. The same happens with gold as well. During auspicious festivals and marriages, the demand for gold is higher. Once the demand for gold decreases, the rate will automatically decline.


Gold is often used to hedge inflation and that is why gold can be compared to currency and investors prefer to invest in gold. When the rate of currency falls, people tend to invest in gold more so that they can suffer less or no loss.

Value of the US Dollars

The US Dollar has a vital part in determining the rate of gold. When the US Dollars rate falls, it increases the gold rate because people invest in gold more rather than currency. However, when the US Dollar gains strength it will bring down the gold price.

Import Costs

Chhattisgarh does not have any gold mines and because of this jewellers need to import gold from other places. This results in additional expense and the jewellers are forced to include the expense in the gold price.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

When banks offer attractive interest rates for fixed deposits, which is the strongest investment idea when compared to gold, the rate of gold decreases automatically. Gold cannot guarantee a fixed return. Therefore, people prefer to get a fixed return every year rather than keeping gold for a long time.

Buy gold in Chhattisgarh

Gold investments are said to be one of the smartest ways to keep your money safe. When you plan to buy gold, you may have to look into every possible detail so that you can be sure that your money is safe. Like any other industry, the gold industry has a lot of speculations involved.  So check the below points when you plan to buy gold.

Keep an eye on the Gold rates: Keeping a check on the gold market regularly is a good practice. This will help you understand the recent trends in the market and will help you to decide whether it is a good time.

Different Types of Gold:  It is important to decide what you want to buy. It could be gold jewellery, gold bars, gold coins, and even gold bars. Each one will have a different rate according to karats.

Ensure purity: Gold is measured in Karats.  24 Karat is 99.9% of pure gold while 22 Karat is 91.6% pure. Below is the fineness scale which is used to determine the purity of gold-

            24 K = 99.9% Pure

            22 K = 91.6% Pure

            18 K = 75% Pure

            14 K = 58.5% Pure

            10 K = 41.7% Pure

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Hallmark: The easiest way to check for purity is to look for Hallmark.

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