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Today Gold Rate In Delhi

Updated on : 21 Jun 2024

gold rate today

22-carat gold Rate

₹ 6,655

(Per Gram)

gold price today

24-carat gold Rate

₹ 7,259

(Per Gram)

22 Carat & 24 Carat Compare Gold Rates In Delhi (Today & Yesterday)

CaratGold Rate YesterdayGold Rate TodayPrice Change
22 Carat₹ 6,635₹ 6,655₹ 20
24 Carat₹ 7,237₹ 7,259₹ 22

Today 24 Carat Compare Gold Rate In Delhi (Today & Yesterday)

Gram24 Carat Gold Price Yesterday24 Carat Gold Price TodayPrice Change
1 GRAM₹ 7,237₹ 7,259₹ 22
8 GRAM₹ 57,896₹ 58,072₹ 176
10 GRAM₹ 72,370₹ 72,590₹ 220
100 GRAM₹ 7,23,700₹ 7,25,900₹ 2,200

Today 916 KDM Gold Rate In Delhi (Today & Yesterday)

Gram916 KDM Gold Rate Yesterday916 KDM Gold Rate TodayPrice Change
1 GRAM₹ 6,635₹ 6,655₹ 20
8 GRAM₹ 53,080₹ 53,240₹ 160
10 GRAM₹ 66,350₹ 66,550₹ 66,550
100 GRAM₹ 6,63,500₹ 6,65,500₹ 2,000

Today 22 Carat Compare Gold Price In Delhi (Today & Yesterday)

Gram22 Carat Gold Price Yesterday22 Carat Gold Price TodayPrice Change
1 GRAM₹ 6,635₹ 6,655₹ 20
8 GRAM₹ 53,080₹ 53,240₹ 160
10 GRAM₹ 66,350₹ 66,550₹ 66,550
100 GRAM₹ 6,63,500₹ 6,65,500₹ 2,000

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Delhi for Last 10 Days (1 Gram)

DatePure Gold - 24 KStandard Gold - 22 K
Jun 19, 2024Rs. 6,635 (0) Rs. 7,237 (0 )
Jun 18, 2024Rs. 6,635 (-10) Rs. 7,237 (-11 )
Jun 17, 2024Rs. 6,645 (-20) Rs. 7,248 (-22 )
Jun 16, 2024Rs. 6,665 (0) Rs. 7,270 (0 )
Jun 15, 2024Rs. 6,665 (60) Rs. 7,270 (66 )
Jun 14, 2024Rs. 6,605 (-20) Rs. 7,204 (-27 )
Jun 13, 2024Rs. 6,625 (-5) Rs. 7,231 (0 )
Jun 12, 2024Rs. 6,630 (30) Rs. 7,231 (32 )
Jun 11, 2024Rs. 6,600 (15)Rs. 6,600 (15)

Historical Price of Gold Rates In Delhi

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1 st June rateRs. 6,665 Rs. 7,270
20th June rateRs. 6,655Rs. 7,259
Highest rate in JuneRs. 6,775 on June 7 Rs. 7,390 on June 7
Lowest rate in JuneRs. 6,585 on June 8Rs. 7,182 on June 8
Over all performanceFallingFalling
% Change-0.15%-0.15%
Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1 st May rate Rs. 6,570 Rs. 7,166
31st May rateRs. 6,685 Rs. 7,291
Highest rate in MayRs. 6,905 on May 20Rs. 7,531 on May 20
Lowest rate in MayRs. 6,570 on May 1Rs. 7,166 on May 1
Over all performanceRisingRising
% Change+1.75%+1.74%
Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1 st April rateRs. 6,375 Rs.6,953
30th April rateRs. 6,670 Rs.7,275
Highest rate in AprilRs. 6,830 on April 19Rs. 7,449 on April 19
Lowest rate in AprilRs. 6,350 on April 2Rs. 6,926 on April 2
Over all performanceRisingRising
% Change+4.63%+4.63%

India is the world’s second-largest consumer of gold. Its capital, Delhi is listed among the top consumers of yellow metal in the country. Gold prices in Delhi are mostly influenced by various global trends and other factors. Delhi has a large gold market due to consistently high demand for the same. Apart from physical gold, Delhi residents also prefer to trade in gold as a commodity and gold derivatives on stock exchanges.

Delhi imports gold in several ways. The price of gold in Delhi is based on the gold rate expected by gold importers, various bullion associations, MCX futures prices, and also banks. Gold rates in Delhi may differ as compared to other parts of the country due to different taxes, transportation costs, making charges and other associated costs.

Delhi's gold prices have witnessed an upward trend in 2021. Most industry experts believe this to be a result of the constant and sharp movements in the global stock markets combined with the rising price of oil. Due to the Covid-19 impact and the global economic uncertainties, the gold prices in Delhi are expected to rise further.

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How to determine gold purity?

The purity of gold in Delhi is determined by the Indian Bullion Association. Most retail buyers determine gold purity by checking the hallmark symbol of purity on gold that is incorporated by most dealers. The price of gold in Delhi is mostly influenced by global stock market fluctuations combined with its demand and supply in the city. The rise and fall of gold prices are usually not a determining factor for the demand and supply of gold in India. This is because the country does not mine its own gold.

Is gold a good investment in Delhi?

There was once a belief among most people in Delhi that gold investments are profitable. However, this perception has changed now. Investors now consider the return on investment from gold. Since gold buying and selling requires one to pay various taxes, like service tax, sales tax, capital gains tax, etc. investments in gold often result in losses especially for a short period. Considering there are many other profitable investments available in the market, people avoid parking all of their funds in gold.

If you’re planning to buy gold, it makes sense to buy it only when the prices are at the lowest. Selling gold, on the other hand, should be timed as per high demand in the market.

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How to make gold investments in Delhi

People in Delhi can invest in gold in various forms, such as buying physical gold, gold derivative investments, gold ETFs, etc. Physical gold is mostly purchased in the form of ornaments and jewellery. People also prefer to buy gold coins and bullions in the city.

The city has a large number of gold jewellery and ornaments shops spread across the city. Apart from buying gold from gold dealers, people can also buy gold coins from banks and private institutions.

It is also easy to purchase gold contracts from any of the commodity exchanges in the city or across the country. Gold contracts generally range from quantities of 8 grams to kilograms. People can buy gold contracts of different purity levels such as 995 purity and 999 purity.

Here are some of the commonly used units for buying and selling gold:

  • Grams
  • Sovereign
  • Kilograms
  • Tonnes
  • Troy ounces
  • Metric tonnes


In Delhi, people consider the gold investment as a status symbol more than an investment. Investment in gold is often culturally influenced in the city and therefore, there is a constantly rising demand for the precious metal. With the gold rates in Delhi climbing up, only time will tell if it impacts its demand and supply.

FAQ's of Gold Rate today in Delhi

1. Will gold prices decrease in Delhi?

The price of gold in Delhi keeps fluctuating due to various factors affecting the demand and supply of yellow metal. Some of the factors that regularly affect gold prices in Delhi are the international bullion market, global equity market movements, crude oil prices, U.S. dollar value, etc.

2. Is it a good time to buy gold?

It is advisable to buy gold and remain invested in it for the medium to long term for good returns.

3. What is the best time to buy gold in 2021?

Most people prefer to buy gold on auspicious occasions such as Hindu festivals including Diwali, Dusshera, etc.

4. How can I buy gold online today?

There are many jewellers who have online portals for buying gold. However, it is important for buyers to verify the retailer’s authenticity before buying gold online.

5. Where is the cheapest place to buy gold?

Gold can be bought at various retailers. Buying gold coins can often be cheaper due to lower making charges as compared to jewellery.

6. In which city is the gold rate cheap in India?

Most cities in Kerala have lower gold prices as compared to other states in India.

7. How much is 1 Tola in grams?

1 tola gold is equivalent to 10 grams of gold. This metric was mostly used by Ancient Indian and South Asian people for weighing gold.

8. Today what is gold price ?

₹  6,655

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