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Today Gold Rate In Tripura

Updated on : 29 May 2024

gold rate today

22-carat gold Rate

₹ 6,685

(Per Gram)

gold price today

24-carat gold Rate

₹ 7,293

(Per Gram)

22 Carat & 24 Carat Compare Gold Rates In Tripura (Today & Yesterday)

CaratGold Rate YesterdayGold Rate TodayPrice Change
22 Carat₹ 6,665₹ 6,685₹ 20
24 Carat₹ 7,271₹ 7,293₹ 22

Today 24 Carat Compare Gold Rate In Tripura (Today & Yesterday)

Gram24 Carat Gold Price Yesterday24 Carat Gold Price TodayPrice Change
1 GRAM₹ 7,271₹ 7,293₹ 22
8 GRAM₹ 58,168₹ 58,344₹ 176
10 GRAM₹ 72,710₹ 72,930₹ 220
100 GRAM₹ 7,27,100₹ 7,29,300₹ 2,200

Today 916 KDM Gold Rate In Tripura (Today & Yesterday)

Gram916 KDM Gold Rate Yesterday916 KDM Gold Rate TodayPrice Change
1 GRAM₹ 6,665₹ 6,685₹ 20
8 GRAM₹ 53,320₹ 53,480₹ 160
10 GRAM₹ 66,650₹ 66,850₹ 66,850
100 GRAM₹ 6,66,500₹ 6,68,500₹ 2,000

Today 22 Carat Compare Gold Price In Tripura (Today & Yesterday)

Gram22 Carat Gold Price Yesterday22 Carat Gold Price TodayPrice Change
1 GRAM₹ 6,665₹ 6,685₹ 20
8 GRAM₹ 53,320₹ 53,480₹ 160
10 GRAM₹ 66,650₹ 66,850₹ 66,850
100 GRAM₹ 6,66,500₹ 6,68,500₹ 2,000

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Tripura for Last 10 Days (1 Gram)

DatePure Gold - 24 KStandard Gold - 22 K
May 27, 2024Rs. 6,665 (25) Rs. 7,271 (27 )
May 26, 2024Rs. 6,640 (0) Rs. 7,244 (0 )
May 25, 2024Rs. 6,640 (0) Rs. 7,244 (0 )
May 24, 2024Rs. 6,640 (-90) Rs. 7,244 (-98 )
May 23, 2024Rs. 6,730 (-100) Rs. 7,342 (-109 )
May 22, 2024Rs. 6,830 (0) Rs. 7,451 (0 )
May 21, 2024Rs. 6,830 (-60) Rs. 7,451 (-65 )
May 20, 2024Rs. 6,890 (50) Rs. 7,516 (54 )
May 19, 2024Rs. 6,840 (0)Rs. 6,840 (0)

Historical Price of Gold Rates In Tripura

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1 st May rateRs. 6,555 Rs. 7,151
28th May rateRs. 6,685Rs. 7,293
Highest rate in MayRs. 6,890 on May 20 Rs. 7,516 on May 20
Lowest rate in MayRs. 6,555 on May 1Rs. 7,151 on May 1
Over all performanceRisingRising
% Change+1.98%+1.99%
Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1 st April rate Rs. 6,360 Rs. 6,938
30th April rateRs. 6,655 Rs. 7,260
Highest rate in AprilRs. 6,815 on April 19Rs. 7,434 on April 19
Lowest rate in AprilRs. 6,335 on April 2Rs. 6,911 on April 2
Over all performanceRisingRising
% Change+4.64%+4.64%
Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1 st March rateRs. 5,790 Rs.6,316
31st March rateRs. 6,275 Rs.6,845
Highest rate in MarchRs. 6,300 on March 29Rs. 6,873 on March 29
Lowest rate in MarchRs. 5,790 on March 1Rs. 6,316 on March 1
Over all performanceRisingRising
% Change+8.38%+8.38%

Gold is one of the most evergreen investment options available to every person. The prices of gold rarely go drastically down thereby ensuring the security of the capital investment. In recent years, the prices of gold have increased exponentially which has made it a very attractive investment option for the investors.

In Tripura, gold has always held a very important place on account of being used for religious as well as ornamental purposes. Every household of the country is incomplete without any gold investment which makes the overall demand for gold in India quite high. This affects the prices of rates gold on daily basis making it necessary to keep a track of the same.

What are the risks of investing in physical gold?

Investment in gold has traditionally been part of our society. Gold is used in religious customs as well as for auspicious occasions like weddings, other traditional rituals. It is also an excellent source of investment as the prices of gold always increase in the long term. In the recent pandemic, the gold prices had seen a record rise and have been trading at such high levels since then.

However, there are many risks associated with the investment in physical gold. Some of such risks are mentioned below.

Risk of theft

The risk of theft is the biggest risk of investing in physical gold. People invest their life savings in the purchase of gold and theft leads to the loss of their life savings in an instant.

Storage costs

Gold needs to be stored carefully to avoid any loss on account of theft or the risk of misplacing it. The storage costs for the gold are in the form of bank locker rents. The locker rent cost depends on the size of the locker and the bank’s guidelines.

Heavy capital investment 

One of the major drawbacks of investing in gold is the heavy capital investment. Gold is one of the costliest metals on earth and investing even in 10grams of gold will require the investor to shell out huge sums of money depending on the prevailing costs of the investment.

No steady income

Most people invest with the aim to earn more or less a steady source of income. however, investment in gold does not provide any benefits until the investors sell their asset or liquidate it. This somewhat defeats the purpose of investing especially in the case of investors who look for an alternate source of income that can be easily available through dynamic investment options like mutual funds.

Risks of purity

Another risk associated with investing in physical gold is the risk of getting a lower purity of gold than what the investor has actually paid for. This is the risk of purity. This risk can be reduced by checking for the BIS mark and buying only hallmarked gold with the BIS certificate as well as the jeweller’s mark.

What are the certifications to look for while buying physical gold in Tripura?

Buying physical gold requires the investor to be well aware of the risks mentioned above. To ensure that the investors get the required purity that they are paying for, it is essential to buy only hallmarked gold. Hallmarked gold assures the investor of the purity of the gold being purchased. Hallmarking of the gold jewellery is done as per the Bureau of Indian Standards which is a National standards body in India. The four major certifications to look out for while buying physical gold are,

  • BIS Hallmark
  • Assaying and Hallmarking Centre’s mark
  • Jeweller’s identification mark
  • Purity level in Karat

These certifications safeguard the investment of the investor and also assure the true value of gold to be returned at the time of resale.

FAQs of Today Gold Rate In Tripura

1. Why is jewellery available in 22 Karat gold?

A. 24K gold is quite difficult to mould and make intricate jewellery designs. Hence, jewellers take 916 gold or 22K gold to make jewellery.

2. What is the impact of GST on gold prices?

A. GST has increased the prices of gold as the levy of tax post-GST is higher than the previous regime. Also making charges have been included in the ambit of GST which were not taxable in the previous tax structure. Hence, this has adversely affected the prices of gold.

3. What are the new age forms of investment in gold?

A. The new age forms of investment in gold is in gold mutual funds, Gold ETFs, Digital gold, Sovereign Gold Bonds, etc.

4. What are the benefits of investing in gold ETFs?

A. The benefits of investing in gold ETFs are mentioned below.

  • Investment in gold ETFs is quite flexible and easy to invest in as it does not require huge capital investment and needs just a Demat account and a trading account.
  • Gold ETFs are quite liquid investments and can be easily traded at the prevailing prices denoted on the stock exchanges.
  • Gold ETFs are tax-efficient and are subject to capital gains tax of 20% in case of long-term capital gains and as per applicable tax rates in case of short-term capital gains.

5. Can a person use gold as collateral?

A. Yes. Most banks allow the investor to use their gold as collateral against any loan.

6. Can a person buy gold online?

A. Yes. There are many e-commerce websites that allow the sale of gold online. Investors have to ensure that the gold has all the proper certifications to ensure the authenticity of purchase.

7. Is gold traded as a commodity on stock exchanges?

A. Yes, gold is one of the many commodities traded on stock exchanges in India and worldwide.

8. Why is there a difference in the prices of gold in different cities?

The difference in prices of gold in different cities is on account of transportation costs or state taxes as well as different Bullion Associations that decide different prices.

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