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Central Bank Of India Credit Card Customer Care

Central Bank Of India Credit Card Helpline Number: 1800 222 368 (Toll Free)

Central Bank of India has around the clock customer care service that is available 24x7 for its customers to register their complaints and grievances and give their feedback. Customers can contact the customer care for any kind of emergencies or routine queries like payment issues, online banking, etc.

Central Bank of India has a separate credit card customer care where the customers can raise any kind of issues regarding credit card or they can also contact the general customer care number for any routine queries or any queries other than those on credit card. The details of customer care are given here.

Central Bank of India Credit Card Customer Care Number
Central Bank of India 24X7 Credit Card Customer Care Number

Central Bank of India Customer Care (General Enquiry)

Central Bank Of India Credit Card Customer Care

The Bank has a call center service for general queries where the customers can address their queries relating to any information needed about any loans or any account information or any payments. The toll-free number for the same is 1800 22 1911. There are separate toll-free numbers for customers of PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana). The national toll-free numbers for the same are:

The customers of the Central Bank of India can also call the toll free number of the bank to address their issues.

Central Bank of India Internet Banking

The customers can contact the Bank to get any information or guidance or assistance regarding any issues pertaining to internet banking by contacting the Bank’s Support Team at their Central Office. The channels for the same are:

Following are some of the examples wherein the customers can seek the help of the Support Team,

  • Starting or terminating internet banking services.
  • Help regarding login details
  • Changing the password of the account or in case the user has forgotten the password.
  • Issues in logging in the account

Customer care support for loss/theft of Credit/Debit Card

Credit Card:-

The customers can contact the toll-free number for any assistance or reporting any issues with respect to credit cards. The bank has the facility to hotlist the customer’s card in case of theft or loss or misuse of the card. The channels for the same are,

  • Toll-free number – 1800 222 368
  • Landline numbers - 022-66387743/66387737
  • Central Bank Of India Credit Card Customer Care Email Id – cbicards[at]mtnl[dot]net[dot]in
  • Through SMS
  • In the case where the customer does not remember the card  number

The customer has to send the SMS by typing BLOCK or STOLEN to +918080856856 from his/her registered mobile number. By doing so, the customer can block all the cards that have been registered with his/her mobile number.

  • In the case where the customer remembers the credit card number

The customer has to send the SMS by typing BLOCK or STOLEN  SPACE  1st 6 digits of the card than the last 4 digits of the card to +918080856856.

This will enable the customer to block the specific card that has been lost or stolen.

The customer has to follow the specific format of the SMS to be sent and also through the registered mobile number only. Any other SMS format or use of an unregistered number to send the same will not be a valid means of communication and the request will not be accepted.

Debit Card:

The central bank also provides for hotlisting of debit cards as well as helps in any assistance required by the customers or resolves any queries of the customers in relation to ATM/Debit Cards.

The customers can report on any issues or ask for any help regarding their ATM/Debit Card by contacting

  • In the case where the card is not working for any online transaction/registration – 022 49197323
  • In case of failure of ATM transaction, a reversal of account debit or POS – 022 49197314/15

For hotlisting or blocking the debit card, the customers can avail the following channels,

  • For blocking all cards linked to the registered mobile number – SMS LOST to +919967533228
  • For blocking a specific card – SMS LOST SPACE Card Number to +919967533228
  • For blocking a card pertaining to a specific account  - SMS LOST SPACE Account Number to +919967533228

Central Bank Of India Credit Card Customer Care Grievance Redressal

The customers can register their complaints by calling the toll free number as well as by visiting the branch. The customers have to duly fill the complaint form and register the complaint. They will receive an acknowledgment for the same and a reference number that has to be quoted in future interactions.

There are five levels of escalation of the complaint within the bank.

  • The complaint is first addressed to the Branch Manager for immediate redressal.
  • In case no reply is received in 5 days or a satisfactory reply is received, the customer can contact the Regional Office.
  • In case no reply is received in 10 working days or the reply is unsatisfactory, the customer can contact the Zonal Office for redressal.
  • The customer can further contact the Central office if he/she does not receive a reply in 15 working days or if the reply from the Zonal Office is unsatisfactory.
  • The next stage of escalation is a communication to the CCSO at the following address,

Chief Customer Service Officer

Central Bank of India

2nd Floor,

Mumbai Main Office,

Fort, Mumbai – 400023

In the event that the customer has still not received a satisfactory response within 30 working days from the CCSO or the issue is still unresolved the customer can contact the Banking Ombudsman.

About Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India is one of the oldest and largest public sector banks in India. It is over a hundred year bank with a huge network of 4681 branches and 3477 ATMs across the country.

Central Bank Of India Credit Card Customer Care FAQS

1. How to check the outstanding balance on the credit card?

A. The customer can contact the customer care toll-free number 1800221911 for any queries or credit card customer care number 1800 222 368 for any credit card related specific queries.

2. How many times can a customer change the PIN on Credit/Debit Card?

A. There is no restriction on the number of times a cardholder can change the PIN of the card.

3. How to get a new debit card from Central Bank of India?

A. A customer can apply for a new debit card by submitting a duly filled application form along with the required documents in the bank’s branch.

4. How many free ATM transactions with other bank’s ATMs are allowed by Central Bank of India?

A. As per the rules of RBI, the limit of allowing the use of ATMs of other banks is reduced to 3 per month in the six metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

5. Is the customer care of Central Bank of India available 24x7?

A. Central Bank of India has a dedicated toll free customer care service available 24x7 at the number 1800 22 1911.

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