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BOB Credit Card Customer Care Number

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 1800 102 44 55

Bank of Baroda is one of the leading banks of our nation with a widespread presence and a number of products and services provided for the benefit of its customers. These products range from various types of loans like car loan, home loan, gold loan, personal loan, MUDRA loans, etc., personal finance, insurance, equity management, net banking, credit card and debit card services and so on.

The bank also has a dedicated channel of customer care service to cater to any kind of assistance, query or grievance of its customers. This customer care is equipped to deal with a variety of queries be it routine like daily banking, account information, etc., as well as unique banking issues like loss or theft of credit or debit card, misuse of account by unauthorised personnel, etc.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Customer Care Number
Bank of Baroda 24X7 Credit Card Customer Care Number

What is the toll free customer care number?: 1800 102 44 55

Bank Of Baroda Credit Card Customer Care

The bank has a 24 x 7 customer care number wherein the customers can contact for help regarding any issues that they face or complain about. Toll free customer care numbers are,

The customers having credit card related queries can call on these numbers and seek the help of the customer care representatives for resolution of such queries.

The customers seeking to report loss or theft or misuse of credit card or blocking their credit card should call immediately to the customer care number 1800 258 4455/1800 102 4455 and select option number 1 to get the card blocked or hot listed. Alternate numbers for the same are 1800 103 1006/1800 225 100(these numbers are toll free for MTNL/BSNL users). The customers can also send an SMS to block their card by sending the message BLOCK through the registered contact number of the customer to +91 9323803935. In case of reporting a loss of Gift card, Prepaid card or Reloadable card, customers can contact the toll free number 1800 102 5627.Customers can also email their request to block or unblock their cards, as the case may be, by emailing the same at bobsupport[at]cardbranch[dot]com.

The customers can get response to their routine queries pertaining to credit card issuance or billing by emailing the same at ccb[at]bobfinancial[dot]com or crm[at]bobfinancial[dot]com respectively, using specific abbreviations (which have to be used as the subject line of the mail), as prescribed. A few examples of the same are provided hereunder:-

Card QueryCQ-(Credit card number *)
PIN QueryPQ-(Credit card Number *)
Credit Card Application StatusAS-(Application Reference Number)
BillingBR (Credit Card Number *)
PaymentPR (Credit Card Number *)
Bonus PointsBP (Credit Card Number *)
BlockingBL (Credit Card Number *)
Unblocking UBL (Credit Card Number *)
Cancellation or ClosureCC (Credit Card Number *)
Auto DebitAD (Credit Card Number *)

What is the customer care number for NRI customers?

Bank of Baroda has a dedicated customer care service available 24 x 7 for its NRI customers. Such customers can contact customer care using the following numbers,

NRIs contacting from an overseas location

NRIs contacting from India

The bank has also set up an NRI Help desk to focus exclusively on the NRI Customers and address their queries and grievances. The address for Bank of Baroda’s NRI Business Department is,

Bank of Baroda

NRI Business Department

4th Floor, Baroda Corporate Centre

BKC, Mumbai – 400051

BOB Credit Card Customer Care Email ID address for regarding card queries :- nri[dot]bcc[at]bankofbaroda[dot]com


The bank has a detailed grievance redressal process which is provided on the official website of the bank. There are 4 levels of escalation of customer’s grievances with the bank.

Level 1 :- This is the first level of customer grievance wherein the customer lodges the bank of baroda credit card complaint number with the bank through either of the bank channels i.e.,

  • Online Complaint Management System – SPGRS
  • Through a Contact Center
  • Directly in the bank branch

The said complaint is initiated and the customer is provided with a Unique Tracker ID that has to be mentioned in all future communications.

Level 2 :- This is the next stage of escalation of the customer’s grievance in case it has not been resolved at Level 1. The complaint in this case is taken to the Regional Level of the bank. The channels for the same are,

  • Online Complaint Management System – SPGRS
  • Through a contact center

Level 3 :- In this stage of further escalation the said unresolved grievance is taken to the Zonal Level of the bank by the customer communicating the Unique Tracker Id provided to him in the first stage of the grievance redressal. The channels of such escalation are,

  • Online Complaint Management System – SPGRS
  • Through a Contact Center

Level 4  :- This is the final level of escalation available with the bank wherein the grievance is raised at the Principal Nodal Officer. The channels for this escalation are,

  • Online Complaint Management System – SPGRS
  • Through a Contact Center
  • Contacting the Principal Nodal Officer by quoting the Unique Tracker ID at the following address,

General Manager (Operations & Services)

Bank of Baroda, Head Office,

Baroda Bhavan, R C Dutt Road,

Alkapuri, Baroda – 390007

Gujarat, India

If despite all the means available with the bank, the customer still has not received a satisfactory redressal of his grievance within a month, he/she can contact the Banking Ombudsman. Such a person is appointed by the Reserve Bank of India.


The customers can provide the bank with their valuable feedback by connecting to the 24 x 7 available customer care numbers.

Also, the bank has dedicated a day for the customers to give their feedback and to raise their concerns or issues to be resolved. This day is called the Customer’s Day and is observed and practiced nationwide across all the branches of the Bank. It is observed on the fifteenth (15th) day of the month, however, if there is a holiday or a half day on the fifteenth of any month, the Customer’s Day is observed the following day.


The customer wishing to personally contact a branch of the Bank can easily do so by simply logging on to the official website and click on the ‘Branch Locator’ link provided.

The customer can also use the website to locate the IFSC code of a particular branch or a nearby ATM. If a customer wishes to get in touch with the Bank’s corporate center or the Bank’s Head office, he/she can do so at the following address,





BARODA – 390007







BANDRA (E), MUMBAI - 400051


The Bank of Baroda was merged with Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank as on 1st April 2019. Post this merger the Bank boasts of an extensive network of over 13400 ATMs and 9898 Branches. It has also become the third largest lending bank in the nation post merger.

Bank Of Baroda Credit Card Customer Care FAQS

1. Who can apply for a credit card of Bank of Baroda?

Any person who is over 18 years of age and has earnings of a minimum of Rs. 3.00 Lakhs per annum can apply for a credit card of the bank.

2. Is the Customer care service available 24 x 7?

The customer care service is available everyday 24x7 for the regular customers (except on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays). For PMJDY customers the service is available between 6AM to 10PM on all days (except Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays).

3. What is hot listing of the card?

Hot listing of the card is blocking of the card in case of theft or loss or misuse of such card.

4. How to unblock a card?

customers can unblock their cards using any of the means available namely, contacting the customer care, sending a request via SMS, mobile banking, internet banking, contacting directly at the branch.

5. How to check the limit on credit card?

A customer can check the limit on their credit card by a number of ways i.e., via net banking, via SMS alerts, by contacting the customer care service, by visiting a nearby branch, mobile banking, visiting the nearest ATM, getting monthly statements.

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