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Bank of Baroda is a leading name in the Indian banking sector and is among the top five banks in the country. It is a public sector bank in India that has customers worldwide and one of the densest networks of branches domestically as well as representative offices overseas.

The various products and services of the bank include digital banking which has become the need of the hour. Digital banking started with funds transfer and allowed customers to transfer huge sums of money across the country or the world instantly and changed the face of banking. Today digital banking is not just transfer of funds but offers a lot more banking facilities like starting new deposits, paying utility bills, and much more.

The latest advancement in digital banking is the UPI feature offered by banks. UPI is a payments portal that acts as a central payment gateway for accounts from any bank and can be used to make payments, funds transfer and more. Given below are the details of the UPI feature of Bank of Baroda.

Understanding UPI: What is it and How does it work?

Bank Of Baroda Upi

UPI is the acronym for Unified Payments Interface which is unique to the Indian market. Using the platform, customers can create a single UPI user id or a Virtual Payments Address (VPA) that can be linked to multiple bank accounts. It helps the customers to access multiple bank accounts under a single roof.

Customers can easily register through the Bank of Baroda UPI Application and use it to make payments to any bank account within India and or pay bills at any merchant point of sale transactions. This facility is available 24x7 to all the registered customers and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

UPI is the initiative of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and is available to all Indian Banks. Customers do not have to submit any extra documentation to register for an UPI account. It can be done easily through the mobile number registered with the bank account. UPI functions on the IMPS technology and provides the facility of instant funds transfer on a real time basis.

Bank of Baroda UPI is available in multiple languages for the benefit of customers from various states.

Prerequisites for Registering for Bank of Baroda UPI

Customers have to meet certain prerequisites to register with the Bank of Baroda UPI application and use it effectively. Following are the details of the same.

  • The foremost requirement to get a UPI account is to have a valid savings or current bank account with Bank of Baroda.
  • Another important requirement is a valid and active mobile number.
  • Customers also need to provide an ATM Card or a Debit Card which is necessary at the time of registration of the UPI application.
  • Bank of Baroda UPI application requires the customer to also have a smartphone to access the UPI application.

Registration Process of Bank of Baroda UPI

Bank of Baroda UPI is accessible to all the customers by downloading the same through the Google Playstore and Apple Store. The process of registering with the Bank of Baroda UPI application is detailed hereunder.

  • The first step as mentioned above is to download the UPI application from the mobile app store.
  • After downloading the same, customers have to then select their preferred language and the registered mobile number associated with the bank account to be liked with the UPI.
  • Next step is to select a user name for the UPI account and set a password.
  • The password for the UPI account is of 4 digits which have to be re-entered to confirm it along with the email id and a security question.
  • Customers have to provide the last 6 digits of their debit card and the expiry date to link the bank account to the UPI account.
  • Once the UPI account is set up, customers will receive a notification for the same and after that the application can be used to send and receive funds.
  • After registration customers will enter the username in the format ‘username@barodampay’.

Features of Bank of Baroda UPI

The features of Bank of Baroda UPI are multifold and make it a very lucrative option for anywhere anytime banking. Following are the salient features of Bank of Baroda UPI application.

  • UPI is the latest banking technology and a payment gateway that can be accessed by customers of any bank across the country under a single VPA.
  • UPI does not require the customers to register the beneficiary or payee prior to transfer of funds or making payment to merchants or persons.
  • Customers do not need to provide any other banking details like account numbers of transferee and recipient, thereby avoiding the risk of theft or misuse of account information.
  • UPI can be used to transfer funds on a real-time basis as compared to other traditional funds transfer modes.
  • Customers can access the facilities available through UPI anytime and from anywhere.
  • UPI transactions are very secure as it requires authentication through the UPI PIN set at the time of registration.
  • Customers can change the UPI PIN multiple times or even in case the customer has forgotten the PIN.
  • UPI application is used to transfer funds to any bank account or merchant through any of the payments modes given below
    • VPA (Virtual Payment Address)
    • Providing the Bank Account Number along with IFSC Code
    • Providing the Registered Mobile Number along with MMID (applicable only for BHIM Baroda Pay UPI application).

Benefits of Bank of Baroda UPI Account

Bank of Baroda UPI account gives its customers the benefit of real time banking after due registration. Given below are the benefits of Bank of Baroda UPI Account.

  • Bank of Baroda UPI Account can be accessed at zero cost.
  • Customers can access the UPI application of the bank through any smartphones but not through laptops or desktops.
  • As transactions are always processed post verification through the UPI PIN, the application is one of the most secure portals for funds transfer.
  • This application enables the customers to access multiple bank accounts under one VPA.
  • UPI application of the bank can be used for multiple purposes like, online shopping, payment to merchants at point of sale, payment of utilities, payment or receipt of funds by scanning the QR code or even to subscribe for an IPO.
  • It has led to a reduction in the use of traditional funds transfer modes and has also given a huge boost to the digital economy or the cashless economy vision of the Government of India.
  • Customers can get a detailed history of the transactions performed through the application at any time by simply selecting the required period.
  • It also enables the customers to set up payment reminders for regular or timely payments.
  • Customers can also save the beneficiaries for future payments.
  • It also provides added security of single-click 2  factor authentication
  • Customers can transfer funds up to Rs. 20,000 per transaction and Rs. 40,000 per day up to a maximum of 10 transactions per account through the BHIM UPI application.
  • Bank of Baroda UPI application also provides the facility to block this application by sending the SMS ‘BOBUPIBLK’ to 8422009988.

Bank of Baroda UPI Transaction Limits

The UPI application of the Bank has many limits on the quantum and volume of transactions that can be undertaken by any customer. Every UPI application has transactional limits but the quantum of limits can differ for each bank.

The various limits relevant for Bank of Baroda UPI application are tabled below.



Maximum amount per transaction

Rs. 25,000

Minimum amount per transaction

Re. 1

Maximum transaction amount per day

Rs. 1,00,000

Maximum number of transaction per day, per account


Maximum amount per transaction post resetting the PIN or for a first time user

Rs. 5,000

Transactions that can be performed through Bank of Baroda UPI

UPI application of Bank of Baroda can be used to perform multiple transactions through a single user id or a single platform.

Following are the transactions that can be performed through Bank of Baroda UPI application.

  • Transfer of funds to any account within the country instantly
  • Maximum amount that can be transferred is Rs. 1,00,000 per day
  • Starting Fixed Deposits
  • Payment of utility bills like water bill, electricity bill and gas bill
  • Making payments of premiums for mediclaim or insurance
  • Checking the balance of the bank account linked with UPI
  • Making donations to charities or NGOs
  • Recharging the prepaid account of the mobile or a post paid account
  • Recharge of DTH services
  • Paying Credit card bills

FAQs – Bank of Baroda UPI

1. Does Bank of Baroda UPI require the customer to have a bank account with either Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank or Dena Bank?

No. Customers do not need to mandatorily have a bank account with Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank or Dena Bank to register with the Bank of Baroda UPI application.

2. What are the security measures in case of entering the wrong UPI PIN?

Bank of Baroda UPI application is a very secure platform where customers can transfer funds on a real time basis. Customers can set or reset the UPI PIN multiple times even in case of forgetting it. When a customer enters the wrong UPI PIN three times consecutively, the account gets locked and the customer will have to re-generate a new UPI PIN by entering the last 6 digits of the debit card and the expiry date on such card.

3. What is the initial cooling period in case of a new user or after resetting the UPI PIN?

Bank of Baroda UPI application imposes a cooling period on new UPI accounts as well as on accounts that have reset the UPI PIN. This cooling period is the transaction limit of Rs. 5,000 for a period of 24 hours.

4. Can funds be reversed to the payer’s account in the event of not completing the transfer request initiated?

Yes. If the transfer request initiated by the payer is not completed or executed completely, the funds will be reversed back to the payer’s account within a maximum period of 3 days from the date of initiating such funds transfer request.

5. Can the UPI ID of a customer be deregistered? If yes, can it be re-registered again?

UPI application of any bank provides the customers the facility to de-register the said UPI Id if they wish to do so. The request for the same can be found in the application settings and can be authenticated by answering the security answer correctly. Once such UPI id is de-registered, it cannot be re-registered again before the completion of 2 years from such event. Customers will have to register a new UPI id and use the same in the meantime after deregistering the original id.

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