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HDFC All Miles Credit Card

HDFC All Miles Credit Card


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Overview HDFC All Miles Credit Card

A Credit Card that rewards you for your travel, dining and shopping spends; the HDFC All Miles Credit Card comes with premium benefits in the form of enhanced reward points that can be redeemed for various discounts when you shop next.

How To Apply For HDFC Credit Card?

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A credit card is a payment card using which individuals can make purchases in advance and pay for them later. It is a safe and secure way to make purchases and offers one of the easiest ways to build and establish a credit history. It is a powerful financial tool as long as you don’t overspend on your card and pay your bills in full and on time. HDFC Bank is one of the largest banks in India and provides a wide range of credit cards designed exclusively for varying needs of the customers. They understand the requirements of the customer and transfer that knowledge in the credit cards they offer. With great rewards, cashback, travel, shopping and elite credit cards, they cater to every aspect of a customer’s needs. Thinking of applying for an HDFC credit card? But before you apply, we recommend you to check your credit score. Knowing your credit health helps you make informed credit decisions. Check your credit score for free at CreditMantri. You can apply for the credit card through CreditMantri. CreditMantri pre-screens your application to make sure you are likely to qualify as per the lender’s credit criteria. Hence, the chance of your credit card application getting approved is higher. It is quick, simple and above all, free. Get started. Download App: Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Pinterest: "For reviews about CreditMantri and write your reviews, click here If you have any queries related to our services, you can log in to CreditMantri and write under the 'Need Help' section and we will get back to you immediately. Check your FREE credit score at CreditMantri. Check your FREE credit score at CreditMantri.

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HDFC All Miles Credit Card Snapshot

Card Name

HDFC All Miles Credit Card

Joining Fees & Annual Renewal Fees


Interest Charges on Revolving Credit

3.49% per month  or 41.88% annually 

Cash Advance Charges

2.5% of amount withdrawn or Rs.500, whichever is higher

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

1% Fuel Surcharge waiver capped at a maximum of Rs.500 per month

Annual Fee Waiver

Get full waiver on next year’s annual fee upon spending Rs.1 lakh in the current year

Rewards Redemption Fee

Rs.99 per redemption request. No redemption fee on converting rewards to cashback

Late Payment Charges

Statement Balance

Late Payment Charges

Less than Rs.100


Rs.100 to Rs.500


Rs.501 to Rs.5,000


Rs.5,001 to Rs.10,000


Rs.10,001 to Rs.25,000


Rs.25,001 to Rs.50,000


More than Rs.50,000


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Welcome Gifts & Joining Bonus

Higher Reward Points – Get 3 Reward Points for every Rs.150 spent on the card.

You also get twice the reward points for transactions made towards hotel reservations, mobile recharges and shopping spends.

Fuel Rewards - 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver on fuel purchases over Rs.400. The surcharge is capped at a maximum of Rs.500 per month.

Secure Card – EMV Chip Technology secures your card from fraud. Also get protection from lost card liability.

Annual Fee Waiver – Get your next year’s annual fee waived off upon spending more than Rs.1 lakh in the current year.

First Year Joining Fee Reversal – If you spend more than Rs.15,000 within the first 90 days of card activation, the Rs.1000 joining fees shall be reversed.

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Where And How To Apply For HDFC All Miles Credit Card?

HDFC allows for online application of all their credit cards. You can apply online through the HDFC Bank website. You will be asked to fill in your basic details like name, phone number, age, employment type and income.

Based on these information, your eligibility is determined. A bank’s representative will contact you to complete the application process.

You can also walk in to your nearest HDFC Bank branch and apply for the HDFC All Miles credit card.

Or, you can call HDFC Bank Credit Card Customer Care and talk to a customer service representative. They will connect you with a credit card manager to help you with the application process.

How To Know If I Am Eligible To Apply For HDFC All Miles Credit Card?

You are eligible to apply for the HDFC All Miles Credit Card if you fulfill the following conditions:


Minimum 21 years
Maximum 65 years


Resident Indian Citizen

Employment Type

Salaried or Self-employed 

Employment status

Employed for at least 1 year and at least 6 months with the current employer

If self-employed, business age should be at least 1 year

Minimum Income

At least Rs.3 lakhs per annum

Credit Score

750 & Above

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Documents Required To Apply For HDFC All Miles Credit Card

  • 2 passport size color photos
  • ID Proof (any one) - passport, driver’s license, voter’s ID, PAN, Aadhaar card
  • Address Proof (any one)- Passport, driver’s license, voter’s ID, Aadhaar card, Electricity bill, Telephone bill, Postpaid mobile phone bill, Bank account/Post Office savings bank account statement
  • Salaried - Latest 3 Months salary slip (or) Last 3 months' bank statements and Form 16
  • Self-employed - Previous year ITR along with Bank Statement for last 3 months

Apply For HDFC All Miles Credit Card Through Creditmantri

CreditMantri now makes it simple to determine whether you are eligible for an HDFC Bank credit card. CreditMantri pre-screens your application and recommends a lender who satisfies your requirements and has the best credit cards for you. This improves your chances of acceptance and makes it much easier to secure the right loan or credit card. You can check your credit card eligibility by following the procedures outlined below.

1. Go to CreditMantri's website.

2. Select the 'Credit Cards' option, which will take you to a page with a list of credit cards from various banks.

3. The cards can be sorted by bank or by category, such as entertainment, cashback, shopping, fuel, rewards, lifestyle, and travel.

4. Click on 'Check Eligibility,' which appears next to the credit card you select from the website.

5. You will now be sent to a page where you must enter personal and contact information such as your name, email address, mobile number, gender, and so on. To proceed to the next step, click 'Next.'

6. You will now be asked to enter your financial info, and you will be shown credit cards that you are eligible for. You can apply for any one of them from the list.

How To Use Your Credit Card Wisely?

If you are new to credit cards, it is critical that you maintain a healthy credit history and use your card responsibly to avoid damaging your credit rating. Here are some pointers to keep your credit in good shape:

  • Always pay your payments on time and in full. Your credit card company reports every late, missed, or incomplete payment to the credit bureaus. This will have a huge impact on your credit score.
  • Avoid paying just the minimal due amount on a regular basis. The amount will be carried forward to the following month, which will include paying interest, which may become burdensome later.
  • Even if you have easy access to credit, don't buy goods you can't afford.
  • Spend no more than 30% of your credit card's available credit. The less you spend, the better your credit score will be.
  • Avoid using your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM.
  • Keep your credit card information and the phone number of your card issuer in a safe place so that you can quickly report any theft or misuse of your card.
  • Keep your credit card sales slips so you can compare them to your monthly credit card statement. Any discrepancies or errors should be reported immediately so that they can be corrected.
  • When you initially receive your credit card, read all of the terms and conditions carefully so that you are aware of all of the interest rates, fees, and other terms of agreement on the card.


1. What is the first thing to do when I get my HDFC All Miles credit card?

The first step is to generate a PIN number. It ensures that your card is not misused. Then check over the letter that came with your credit card, which includes your credit limit, cash advance limit, interest rate, monthly billing cycle, other charges and fees, and any information on the rewards program.

2. What is a good credit limit on HDFC All Miles credit card?

There is no such thing as a perfect credit limit for credit cards. This is normally determined by your net monthly income and any current liabilities.

3. What should I do if there is an unauthorized transaction on my HDFC All Miles credit card?

You should immediately report it to HDFC Bank Credit Card Customer Care. You won’t be liable for the transaction and the payment will be revised as per your complaint. It should be reported within 3 days of the fraudulent transaction.

4. Can I increase the credit limit on HDFC All Miles Credit Card?

You can request for a credit limit increase after a few years of regular use of the credit card and a healthy bill payment record.

5. Where can I check my HDFC All Miles reward points?

You can check the accumulated reward points on your HDFC customer portal.

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