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HDFC Bank Home Loan 24X7 Customer Care

One amongst the most sought-after products of HDFC Bank is the housing loan. It is probably everybody’s lifetime aspiration to own a house in their name. HDFC Bank Home Loan offers numerous features. Attractive interest rates and quick processing time is a hallmark of this product. They make the process of taking a home loan hassle-free and customer-friendly. If you are a new customer or an existing customer, you can access any information regarding home loan by giving a missed call to the HDFC Bank Home Loan Customer Care team at +91 9289200017.

HDFC Bank has created customer care numbers specific to all major cities in the country for faster turnaround times. You can contact HDFC Bank for all your banking needs through these numbers listed on the bank website.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Customer Care Number
HDFC Bank 24X7 Home Loan Customer Care Number

HDFC Bank 24x7 Customer Care

For any queries, feedback or complaints, HDFC Bank has created many avenues to contact them. Firstly, you can go through the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) and check for immediate clarification. If the FAQ section is not helpful, you can email or call or write to the bank with your query. HDFC Bank is a customer friendly organization and has a good record of responses to customer queries. Alternatively, you can drop into the nearest bank branch and resolve your enquiries or carry out bank transactions with a representative.

What is a home loan?

Home Loan is taken by individuals who need to borrow finance for purchasing house or building one. The property is generally kept as a mortgage will the complete repayment of the loan is done. A home loan can have adjustable or fixed interest rate and payment terms. The repayment capacity of the individual is based on the monthly disposable income. If the monthly disposable income is high, then your loan amount will also be high. The tenure of a home loan can vary from 5 to 30 years. Taking a home loan can make you eligible for tax benefits.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Customer Care Helpline

HDFC Bank has a dedicated website for their Home Loan products. There are many ways to reach out to them for any query regarding a new home loan or an existing one or even just for simple information.

Write to HDFC: You can directly write to HDFC Bank with the query and the bank will respond soon. This is quite easy as you can leave the query with your contact details on the website.

Helpline Numbers: HDFC Bank has created dedicated helpline numbers for major cities in the country. This helps in smooth functioning of calls coming in and faster response times.

Locating the nearest branch: You can locate the nearest bank branch through their website and visit a bank representative to resolve your clarifications. In case there is no presence of a branch in your city, the Bank recommends leaving your contact details on the website and they would get back to you.

Give a missed call: HDFC Bank has a facility of call back wherein you can give a missed call on their number and a representative would return your call back. This number is +91 9289200017.

Send SMS: You can also send a SMS containing HDFCHOME to 56767 for the bank to contact you back.

How to apply for Home Loan with HDFC Bank

The process to apply for a home loan with the HDFC Bank is quite simple and quick. You need to visit their website and click on the home loan section. Once the webpage opens up, you need to click on the “Apply Online” option, fill in the required details and submit your application. The Bank will evaluate your details and respond back for further course of action.

It is important to note here that you must check your eligibility to apply for a home loan before submitting an application. This will help in avoiding a rejection and many other processes related to this. Your creditworthiness is of primary importance will applying for a loan. Hence, it is prudent on your part to check the credit score before making a submission.

HDFC Bank Grievance Redressal Mechanism

HDFC Bank has laid out an elaborate Grievance Redressal system for their customers as well as non-customers. This helps in better interaction and resolve issues quickly.

Level 1

You can post or write your complaint or issue by directly writing to the bank in the Reach Us section. You can also write to the Business Head of the respective city. There is an option to do this by choosing the correct option in the dropdown option list.

Level 2

In case you are not satisfied with the response shared by the Business Head, you can send the complaint to the Managing Director on the Write to Us section of the website.

The Managing Director



HDFC House, H T Parekh Marg, 165-166,

Backbay Reclamation, Churchgate,

Mumbai- 400020

Please mention "Grievance Redressal" on the top of the envelope.

Level 3

In case there is a non-addressal of your complaint within a reasonable time frame at Level 2, you can contact the National Housing Bank at the following address:

National Housing Bank, Department of Regulation and Supervision, (Complaint Redressal Cell)


4th Floor, Core-5A,

India Habitat Centre,

Lodhi Road,

New Delhi – 110003

If you have already registered your grievance on the website, it is possible to track it by clicking on the ‘Already made a complaint at grievance redressal? Click here’ tab. You will be able to track the details.

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