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HDFC Millenia Credit Card

HDFC Millenia Credit Card


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About HDFC Millenia Credit Card

The HDFC Millennia credit card is aimed at young millennials who wish to explore a premium lifestyle and avail multiple benefits and rewards as an outcome. This card is meant for beginner credit card users, who are looking to earn loyalty points and rewards for their regular spending needs. The card allows users to spend more and also earn more while shopping online or offline. It has some amazing cashback offers and much more to explore.

The HDFC Millennia credit card is a popular card among young credit card users. It offers multiple benefits, rewards, discounts, and other perks. This HDFC card can be availed with a membership fee of Rs. 1,000 and any applicable taxes in the first year. Renewal membership charges are Rs. 1,000 and any applicable taxes. Waiver of the renewal fee for the following year can be availed by spending Rs. 1 lakh per year.

Let’s check out in detail the various features, benefits, and eligibility criteria of the HDFC Millennia credit card.

How To Apply For HDFC Credit Card?

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Quick Links To Handle Your HDFC Bank Credit Card

Key Features

  • Cashback of 2.5% can be earned on all online purchases. Minimum purchase value should be Rs. 2,000.
  • 5% cashback can be availed for purchases made on Flipkart and Amazon. Flight bookings and hotel bookings done through SmartBuy and PayZapp are also eligible.
  • 1% cashback can be availed for offline purchases. Wallet reloads of minimum Rs.100 are also eligible.
  • 1% waiver can be availed on fuel surcharge. The maximum waiver is Rs.250 per month.
  • 8 domestic lounge accesses annually are offered as complimentary gifts.

Welcome Benefits

  • Gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000 are offered for the spending of Rs. 1 lakh or above every quarter during the first year of card activation.
  • Transactions of Rs. 30,000 and above made in the first 90 days attract waiver of membership fees in the first year.
  • Renewal benefit or a welcome gift as 1,000 CashPoints can be availed for membership fee payment.
  • A waiver is also offered on renewal of membership fee by spending Rs. 1 lakh and above in the first year.
  • Cash points of maximum Rs. 2,250 per month can be earned.

Cashback Benefits

  • Cashback of up to 5% can be earned on all purchases. Alternatively, these can be accumulated and redeemed as CashPoints.
  • Cashback can be earned as follows:
    • Shopping related payments made via SmartBuy or PayZapp with a value of at least Rs. 2,000 can earn a cashback of 5% or Rs. 750 monthly. Maximum cashback is Rs. 1,000 monthly for the first 6 months from time of card issue.
    • Cashback of 2.5% or a maximum of Rs.750 can be earned per month for a transaction value of Rs. 2,000. This is mainly for online shopping.
    • For offline purchases, wallet reloading, point-of-sale purchases, etc., earn a cashback of 1% for a minimum spend of Rs. 100. Maximum cashback is Rs.750.
    • EMI transactions also earn cashback benefits.

Fuel Benefits

For transactions made using HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card and with a minimum value of Rs. 400, waiver of 1% can be availed on fuel surcharge. The maximum cashback per statement cycle is set at Rs.250.

Dining Privileges

Discounts can be availed at premium restaurants through the Good Food Trail program.

Travel Benefits

Airport lounge access is available for 8 visits each year at a nominal charge of Rs. 2 on the Millennia card. Users must swipe the credit card for availing lounge access.

Contactless Payment Technology

Transactions that are below Rs. 2,000 are eligible for contactless technology without the requirement of Personal Identification Number (PIN). It allows convenient, fast, and secure payment at purchase outlets.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be an Indian citizen
  • Salaried and non-salaried individuals are eligible to apply for this credit card.
  • Applicants must have a good credit score.
  • Applicants must have a minimum age of 21 years and maximum 60 years if salaried. 65 years is the maximum age limit for self-employed applicants.
  • Salaried applicants should have a minimum monthly earning of Rs. 30,000. 
  • Non-Salaried applicants should have a minimum yearly income of Rs. 3.6 lakhs.

Application Process

Online Process 

  • Visit the HDFC Credit Card website and click on products located in the top section of the page.
  • Click on credit cards and select the credit card that you have opted for. 
  • HDFC net banking account holders can directly sign-in in absence of HDFC net banking account. Fill the necessary details and accept the terms and conditions before clicking on submit.
  • A complete or successful message will be sent to the registered mobile number or email. This is a confirmation of the completion of the process.

Offline Process 

Users can also visit the nearest HDFC branch and ask for a representative to help in addressing all the requirements. Select a credit card as per likes and fill the form before submitting it with all the necessary documents. Here are the commonly asked documents for HDFC Credit cards:

Proof of Identity

Address Proof

Income Proof

  • Salary Slip
  • Form 16
  • IT Returns

Fees and Charges

Annual Fee

Rs. 1,000

Renewal Fee

Rs. 1,000

Finance Charges

3.6% p.m. | 43.2% p.a.

Cash Advance fees

2.5% of value withdrawn or Rs. 500, whichever is higher

Add-on Fee (annual)


Over limit Charges

2.5% of the over-limit amount, a minimum of Rs. 550

Railway Ticket Purchase Charges

1% of the total transaction amount + GST

Reissuance of Lost, Damaged or stolen Card

Rs. 100

Payment Return fees

2% of the Payment amount, a minimum of Rs. 450

Cash Processing Charges

Rs. 100

Balance Transfer Processing fees

1% of BT value or Rs. 250, whichever is higher

Late Payment Fees

For Statement Balance:

  • Less than Rs. 100 – Nil
  • Rs.100 to Rs.500 – Rs.100
  • Rs.501 to Rs.5,000 – Rs.500
  • Rs.5,001 to Rs.10,000 – Rs.600
  • Rs.10,001 to Rs. 25,000 – Rs.800
  • Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 1,100
  • Over Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 1,300

Rewards and Redemption

  • The cashback earned on the HDFC Millennia credit card can be accumulated. You can redeem it as CashPoints against your monthly statement balance.
  • Each CashPoint is equivalent to Rs. 1 and accumulated points should be at least 2,500 to be eligible to redeem.
  • CashPoints redemption can be done only in multiples of Rs. 500.
  • Redemption of CashPoints can be done against Rewards Catalogue. You can also opt for flight or hotel bookings, in which case 1 CashPoint = Rs. 0.30.
  • CashPoints have to be redeemed before completing 1 year of accumulation.

More About HDFC Millennia Credit Card

  • Primary cardholders of the Millennia card can get up to 8 free lounge accesses as part of the card membership in the first year.
  • Millennia credit card also allows access to the MasterCard, Visa Credit Card and Diners Club lounge programmes. Cardholders can also get complimentary lounge access with the same.
  • Upon a minimum spend of Rs. 400 for fuel-related transactions, users can get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver.
  • With a minimum spend of Rs. 30,000 in 90 days, users can get the first year’s card membership fee waived off.
  • The renewal membership fee is waived off for spendings of minimum Rs 1,00,000 during the card membership year.
  • Complimentary access can be availed to experience the Good Food Trail Dining Program. It allows access to premium restaurants across the country.
  • Contactless payment facilities are offered to make daily purchases convenient for users.
  • The card has a new contactless chip technology which does not need swiping and users can easily wave the card to make payments.
  • 24*7 assistant facility is available for card users to ensure that they can use or get updates on the card at any time.

About HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is one of the most premium private-sector banks in India. With a wide range of products and services, HDFC offers multiple credit cards options and other products such as mutual funds, investment programs, etc. HDFC bank caters to the different needs of a multitude of customers. Its credit cards are known to offer exciting features such as free airport lounge access, waivers on fuel-surcharge, etc. With its irresistible features, the Millennia credit card is one of its most preferred credit cards among customers.


1. How long does it take for my application to be processed for the HDFC Millennia Credit card?

You can track the current status of your credit card application by visiting the website of HDFC Bank. Enter the 16-digit reference number provided at the time of application along with your mobile number or birth date. Upon entering the correct credentials, it will show the status of your credit card application.

2. Can I get cashback benefits for making purchases and opting for EMIs?

Yes. EMI transactions on the HDFC Millennia Credit Card can earn cashback benefits.

3. What if I miss redeeming my CashPoints?

If you miss redeeming CashPoints, the same will lapse within 1 year of collection. Therefore, it is advisable to use the points.

4. Can HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card be used for withdrawing cash?

Yes, HDFC Millennia Credit Card can be used for withdrawing cash from any ATM. It is important to note that such transactions attract a fee of 2.5% on the amount withdrawn. The fees will appear on your next credit card statement.

5. What if I lose my credit card?

If you lose your credit card or if it gets stolen, you must immediately call the HDFC Credit Cards Customer care and report the same. You can also register a loss or theft on the official website.

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