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HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

One of the most common ways of saving money and earning returns is Fixed Deposit schemes with banks. It provides a higher rate of interest as compared to a regular savings account. The returns are guaranteed on a fixed deposit.

Either a small amount or a larger amount can be deposited with the HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit account for a period between 7 days up to 10 years. To open a Fixed Deposit account with HDFC Bank, one needs to deposit a minimum amount of Rs. 5000/-. This can be done online or by visiting the nearest bank branch. HDFC Bank offers one of the most competitive interest rates on Fixed Deposits in the market.

HDFC Bank offers 5-year Tax Saving Fixed Deposit and Dream Deposit schemes.

HDFC Bank 5-year Tax Saving Fixed Deposit

Hdfc Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

The minimum amount of investment in this scheme is Rs. 100 and multiples of it. The maximum amount is Rs. 1.5 Lakhs in a financial year. There is a lock-in tenure of 5 years and can be booked with monthly and quarterly pay-out. One can avail tax benefit under Sec 50. In case of joint account holders, only the first holder gets the tax benefit.

Dream Deposit

This is a unique Fixed Deposit scheme wherein you can deposit money whenever you have and use it as a small timely savings scheme. One can open this Fixed Deposit at any time through the net banking facility of HDFC Bank. Interest rate are equivalent to that of the regular Fixed Deposit with smaller investments. A ‘Top-Up’ option is available to steadily achieve your financial goal out of this scheme. The minimum investment amount is Rs. 1000 with multiples of Rs. 100, thereafter and a maximum amount of Rs. 14,99,900. The minimum top up value is Rs. 1000 and maximum is twice the monthly instalment. There is a minimum tenure of 6 months and maximum of 10 years. A special feature of this scheme is the possibility of premature closure facility without any extra charge.

Interest Rate on HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit

HDFC Bank offers competitive interest rates on its Fixed Deposit scheme. It ranges from 3.50% and goes up to 8% depending on the amount invested and the tenure. One of the most important points to be noted for a Fixed Deposit is that one cannot withdraw money before maturity else it will attract penalty. At the time of maturity, the bank credits the principal amount with the interest earned to the account specified at the time of booking the deposit. A fixed rate of interest is applicable during the entire tenure except in cases where floating interest rate is applicable.

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

HDFC Bank offers competitive rates on its Fixed Deposit schemes. It is important to note that these rates can be changed by the bank without any prior notice. An overview of the rates with HDFC Bank is given below:

Domestic/NRO/NRE Term Deposits less than Rs. 5cr

PeriodLess than Rs. 1crBetween Rs. 1 cr and Rs.5 cr
Interest Rate (per annum)Senior Citizen Rate (per annum)Interest Rate (per annum)Senior Citizen Rate (per annum)
7 - 14 days3.50%4.00%4.25%4.75%
15 - 29 days4.25%4.75%4.25%4.75%
30 - 45 days5.75%6.25%6.25%6.75%
46 - 60 days6.25%6.75%6.50%7.00%
61 - 90 days6.25%6.75%6.50%7.00%
91 days - 6 months6.25%6.75%6.75%7.25%
6 months 1 day- 6 months 3 days6.75%7.25%7.10%7.60%
6 months 4 days6.75%7.25%7.10%7.60%
6 months 5 days- 9 months6.75%7.25%7.10%7.60%
9 months 1 day- 9 months 3 days7.10%7.60%7.35%7.85%
9 months 4 days7.10%7.60%7.35%7.85%
9 months 5 days - 9 months 15 days7.10%7.60%7.35%7.85%
9 months 16 days7.10%7.60%7.35%7.85%
9 months 17 days < 1 Year7.10%7.60%7.35%7.85%
1 Year7.30%7.80%7.50%8.00%
1 year 1 day - 1 year 3 days7.30%7.80%7.50%8.00%
1 year 4 days7.30%7.80%7.50%8.00%
1 year 5 days - 1 Year 15 Days7.30%7.80%7.50%8.00%
1 Year 16 days7.30%7.80%7.50%8.00%
1 year 17 days - 2 Years7.30%7.80%7.50%8.00%
2 years 1day - 2 Years 15 days7.40%7.90%7.50%8.00%
2 Years 16 days7.40%7.90%7.50%8.00%
2 years 17 days - 3 Years7.40%7.90%7.50%8.00%
3 years 1day - 5 years7.25%7.75%7.35%7.85%
5 Years 1 Day - 8 Years6.50%7.00%7.00%7.50%
8 Years 1 Day - 10 Years6.50%7.00%7.00%7.50%

Domestic/NRE/NRO Term Deposits Interest Rates for Amounts greater than or equal to Rs. 5 crs

Period5cr <5.25cr>=5.25cr




>=24.75cr to <25cr>=25cr to < 50cr >=50cr to < 75cr >=75cr to < 100cr>=100cr to < 150cr>=150cr to < 200 cr>= 200cr
7 - 14 days4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%
15-29 days4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%4.25%
30-45 days6.25%5.50%6.25%5.50%6.25%6.25%6.25%6.25%6.25%6.25%
46-60 days6.50%5.75%6.50%5.75%6.50%6.50%6.50%6.50%6.50%6.50%
61-90 days6.50%5.75%6.50%5.75%6.50%6.50%6.50%6.50%6.50%6.50%
91 days – 120 days6.75%6.50%6.75%6.50%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%
121 days – 150 days6.75%6.50%6.75%6.50%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%
151 days <= 6 months6.75%6.50%6.75%6.50%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%6.75%
6 months 1day – 6 months 3 days7.10%6.50%7.10%6.50%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%
6 months 4 days7.10%6.50%7.10%6.50%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%
6 months 5 days <=9mnths7.10%6.50%7.10%6.50%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%7.10%
9 months 1 day – 9 months 3 days7.35%6.75%7.35%6.75%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%
9 months 4 days7.35%6.75%7.35%6.75%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%
9 months 5 day – 9 months 15 days7.35%6.75%7.35%6.75%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%
9 months 16 days to < 1 year7.35%6.75%7.35%6.75%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%7.35%
1 Year7.50%7.00%7.50%7.00%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%
1 Year 1 day to 1 year 3 days7.50%7.00%7.50%7.00%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%
1 Year 4 days7.50%7.00%7.50%7.00%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%
1 Year 5 day to 2 years7.50%7.00%7.50%7.00%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%
2-year 1 day to 3 years7.50%6.75%7.50%6.75%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%

Non-withdrawable Domestic/NRE/NRO Term Deposits Interest Rates for amounts greater than or equal to Rs. 5crs

Period5 cr<5.25cr>=5.25 cr<5.50cr>=5.50 cr<24.75cr>=24.75 cr to<25cr>=25cr to < 50cr>=50crto <75cr>=75crto<100cr>=100cr<150cr>=150crto<200cr>= 200cr
91 days - 120 days7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%
121 days - 150 days7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%
151 days <= 6 months7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%
6 months 1day - 6 Months 3days7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%
6 months 4 days7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%
6 months 5 days <=9mnths7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%
9 months 1 day - 9 months 3days7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%
9 months 4 days7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%
9 months 5 day - 9 months 15 days7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%
9 months 16 days to < 1year7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%7.45%
1 Year7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%
1 Year 1 day to 1 year 37.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%
1 Year 4 days7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%
1 Year 5 day to 2 Years7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%7.70%
2 year 1 day to 3 years7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%7.30%
3 year 1 day to 5 years7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%
5 year 1 day to 10 years7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%7.25%

Recurring Deposit Rates (Resident and NRE customers)

PeriodInterest Rate (per annum)**Senior Citizen Rates (per annum)Interest Rates p.a. for NRIsEffective From
6 Months6.25%6.75%N.A.June 06,2018
9 Months6.75%7.25%N.A.August 06,2018
12 Months7.30%7.80%7.30%November 06,2018
15 Months7.30%7.80%7.30%November 06,2018
24 Months7.30%7.80%7.30%November 06,2018
27 Months7.40%7.90%7.40%November 06,2018
36 Months7.40%7.90%7.40%November 06,2018
39 Months7.25%7.75%7.25%November 06,2018
48 Months7.25%7.75%7.25%November 06,2018
60 Months7.25%7.75%7.25%November 06,2018
90 Months6.50%7.00%6.50%November 06,2018
120 Months6.50%7.00%6.50%November 06,2018

HDFC Bank has created Fixed Deposit calculator which helps in finding out your earnings through a Fixed Deposit. The calculator shows maturity amount and the interest earned when you book a Fixed Deposit. It is a simple tool to use wherein the type of fixed deposit, deposit term and principal amount of investment needs to be filled in. The rates offered by the bank will vary from time to time. One needs to continuously update themselves of the interest rates before booking a deposit. It is important to note that the rates are automatically calculated for resident deposits of < 1cr.

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Premature Withdrawal Penalty

In case of any financial emergencies, it is possible to break your deposit and use the money. The bank will allow this on the basis of the agreed terms and conditions at the time of creating the deposit. HDFC Bank does not allow partial withdrawal for term deposits booked under preferential interest rates. For these premature withdrawals, there is a penalty charged by the bank. It is charged at 1% on the applicable rate. Penalty is not applicable on Fixed Deposits booked for a tenure of 7 to 14 days.

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Rate FAQ

1. Does HDFC Bank offer preferential rate of interest on Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens?

HDFC Bank offers preferential rate of interest on Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens. This can be availed by visiting your nearest bank branch and producing your date of birth proof. The bank registers you as a senior citizen and you can take the advantage of a higher interest rate. This can be done through Net Banking as well.

2. Is it possible to avail TDS exemption on the interest earned through Fixed Deposits?

Yes, it is possible to gain exemption from TDS on the interest earned through Fixed Deposits. A completed form of 15H (senior citizens) and Form 15G (regular customers) needs to be submitted at the nearest branch.

3. Can a joint account be opened with a non-senior citizen for a 5 year tax saving deposit?

Yes, it is possible to open a joint account Fixed Deposit with a non-senior citizen to book a 5-year tax saving deposit scheme.

4. How can I change the tenure of my fixed deposit?

It is not possible to change the tenure of the fixed deposit once it has been booked. The current deposit will need to be closed and a new deposit will need to be made with the desired tenure.

Latest & Update Hdfc Bank Fixed Deposit Rate News

HDFC Introduces Green and Sustainable Fixed Deposits 14 Sep 2021

If you’re an eco-conscious customer, then investing in the Green and Sustainable Deposits from HDFC Bank helps you build your savings while contributing to the environment. HDFC Bank has pledged that the amount from these fixed deposits will be used ...

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If you’re an eco-conscious customer, then investing in the Green and Sustainable Deposits from HDFC Bank helps you build your savings while contributing to the environment. HDFC Bank has pledged that the amount from these fixed deposits will be used for funding sustainable housing credit solutions and other services. All Indians (residents and NRIs) are eligible to invest in this FD. The tenure ranges from 36 to 120 months, with interest rates at 6.55% per annum.

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