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HDFC Credit Card Payment

HDFC Bank provides diverse options to make the credit card bill payment both online and offline. Users can choose a mode of payment according to their convenience. Let us now see all the credit card payment options in detail.

HDFC Credit Card Payment - Online

1) HDFC Credit Card Payment Through Netbanking

  • If you have an HDFC bank online account, whether savings or current, then you can pay the credit card bill through netbanking.
  • Before using the credit card, you have to link it to your netbanking account.
  • You can see the bills from previous months, see the credit card statement, check out other credit card details, and view your ongoing credit card bill using your netbanking account.
  • You can login to the netbanking account using your credentials - username and password and make the payment.

Follow these steps to pay through netbanking

Step 1: Link your HDFC credit card to your netbanking account

Step 2: Log into your netbanking account

Step 4: Click on ‘Credit Cards’

Step 5: On the left side of the screen, click on ‘Transact’ under ‘Credit Card

Step 6: Choose ‘Credit Card Payment’ and then select your credit card by clicking on ‘Select Card Payment Type’ and click ‘Continue’.

Step 7: Next, choose ‘From account and credit card number’.

Step 8: Now, select one from the last statement balance, minimum amount due, or other amount. Continue and confirm.

2) HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Through The Mobile Banking Application

  • You can use the HDFC mobile banking facility to make sure that your HDFC credit card bill payment has been made.
  • Before using this facility, you have to link your HDFC credit card to the mobile banking account.
  • After registering your credit card, you can follow the ensuing steps to make the payment
  • Download the HDFC mobile banking application and log in to your account.
  • Click “Pay’.
  • Choose the amount you want to pay
  • Click on it and complete the payment.

3) HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Using Autopay Option

Any HDFC bank customer can use the auto pay option to pay their credit card bills. In this method, the customer sets standing instructions for the outstanding amount to get debited automatically from your account. Here are the steps to pay through the Autopay option.

Step 1: Log into your netbanking account.

Step 2: Navigate to the cards section, and here you can find your registered credit cards.

Step 3: Under the credit cards section on the left hand side of the scree, click on ‘Request’ and then Choose ‘Autopay Register’.

Step 4: Provide the required details

Step 5: Choose 'Continue,' and then click 'Confirm.'

Step 6: A confirmation message appears on the screen.

4) HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Through PayTM

Step 1: Open the PayTM app or go to the website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Credit Card Payment’ under ‘Recharge and Bill Payments’

Step 3: Click on '+ Pay another card'.

Step 4: Enter your credit card number

Step 5: Then, link your credit card to your PayTM account

Step 6: Once the linking is completed, you can proceed to make the credit card bill payment.

5) HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment through MobiKwik

Step 1: Go to the Mobikwik credit card bill payment page

Step 2: Enter the credit card number and the billing amount you have to pay.

Step 3: Click on 'Go'.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to make the credit card bill payment

6) HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment through Google Pay

Step 1: On your mobile, open the Google Pay app

Step 2: Click on 'Pay bills' and then click on 'Credit card bill payment'.

Step 3: Choose HDFC Bank Credit Card from the options available.

Step 4: Enter your credit card number

Step 5: Click on 'Link Account'.

Step 6: Once your credit card is linked to your Google Pay account, you can pay your credit card bill whenever you want.

7) HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment through PhonePe

Step 1: On your mobile, open the PhonePe app

Step 2: Click on 'Credit Card Bill' under 'Recharge and Pay Bills',

Step 3: Enter your credit card number and click on 'Confirm'.

Step 4: Once your credit card is linked to your PhonePe account, you can then complete your credit card bill payment.

8) NEFT (National Electronics Funds Transfer)

  • Neft is one of the methods to make the payment from other banks’ accounts
  • Before doing so, you must add your credit card to the beneficiaries list. Implement the ensuing steps to do so.
    • Enter your card details such as your name, credit card number, IFSC code which is HDFC0000128 and a few other details.
    • After adding your HDFC credit card to the beneficiary list, choose your card, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction.


RTGS can be used to pay your credit card bill from other bank’s accounts. It is preferred to pay amounts above Rs. 2 lakhs.

Step 1: Visit your bank’s netbanking portal.

Step 2: Login using your credentials

Step 3: Select ‘RTGS’ from the ‘Funds Transfer’ tab.

Step 4: Click on ‘Add Beneficiary’ to add the HDFC Bank credit card details.

Step 5: The ‘Beneficiary Account Number’ will be your HDFC Bank credit card number. The ‘Beneficiary Name’ will be the name on the card, and the ‘IFSC Code’ will be HDFC0000128.

Step 6: Choose the ‘Beneficiary’ and enter the bill amount to be paid

Step 7: Authenticate the details, accept the terms and conditions, and click on ‘Pay’

10) HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Through UPI

An UPI ID must be created for this first.

Step 1: Login to the mobile banking app of your bank

Step 2: Click on the ‘UPI’ tab

Step 3: Create an UPI ID and link it to your account number

Step 4: Post setting up the UPI ID, log in to your bank’s mobile banking app again.

Step 5: Choose the ‘Pay’ option and click on ‘UPI Payment.’.

Step 6: Under the ‘Send Money’ tab, click on the ‘Pay Via UPI ID’ option

Step 7: Enter the amount to be paid along with the remarks and click on ‘Pay’.

11) HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Through BillDesk

This is a very simple and hassle free payment method. Follow the steps given below to implement this method

Step 1: Visit the BillDesk portal of HDFC credit card

Step 2: Enter the required details including your 16 digit credit card number, email ID, and the payment amount

Step 3: Choose a payment option

Step 4: Confirm your payment

Hdfc  Credit Card  Payment

HDFC Credit Card Payment - Offline

If you cannot pay your credit card bill payment digitally, then you can pay it through one of the following offline methods

1) HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Through Cash

For paying through cash, you have to visit an HDFC Bank Branch and deposit the amount due at the cash counter. The minimal processing fee per transaction is Rs. 100.

2) HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Through Cheque

You can also pay by dropping a cheque at the ATM or the nearest branch of the bank. The cheque should be drawn in favor of the HDFC Bank card account and then by the 16 digit credit card number.

3) ATM You can use your ATM or debit card and pay your credit card bill. Just follow the simple process displayed on the ATM screen and you can clear your credit card bill with ease.

Payment Modes and Processing Times


Same day

Mobile banking

Same day


1 working day


1 working day

ATM Funds Transfer

Same day




3 to 5 days for other bank’s cheques Up to 2 days for the cheque from HDFC

HDFC BillDesk

2 to 3 working days


Same day

FAQs Of HDFC Credit Card Payment

1. Can you pay the HDFC Bank credit card bill through EMI?

Yes, if you are eligible, you can convert your HDFC Bank credit card bill into EMIs and pay it over the tenure that you want. The payment process is very simple and it can easily be done both online and offline.

2. When a customer makes a payment towards an HDFC Bank credit card, how long will it take for the money to be credited?

The payment done by a customer will be credited to the HDFC Bank credit card account in two working days.

3. Can I make my credit card bill payment through the mobile?

To make mobile banking payment, you need to download the app and make the payment in the credit card section.

4. What should a customer do in case he has entered the wrong credit card number while making payments?

Generally, customers should enter the credit card number twice for security reasons. In case the wrong number has been entered, then the customer is required to call the customer care for further support.

5. How can I make offline payment towards my Credit Card Bill?

You can make the payment in cash at your nearest HDFC Bank branch.

6. Can I make the payment via another bank credit card?

Yes, you can make the payment from another bank credit card for HDFC Credit card bill

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