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(Erstwhile HDFC Corporate Debt Opportunities Fund)

What is HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund?

HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund is a moderate risk debt fund with an annualized return of 7.81 % for the last 3 years. For time periods less than or equal to 1 year, returns are absolute whereas, for periods greater than 1 year, returns are annualized. This is ideal for investors who are looking to invest money for a longer duration. The minimum time required for holding investments in the fund to reduce its downside risk is more than three years. This ensures that the returns become more predictable.

Some of the main features and benefits of HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund are as follows:

  • This an open-ended scheme having a moderate risk with an annualized return of 7.81 % for the last 3 years.
  • Fund has 96.33% investment in debt of which 0.35% in Government securities, 75.41% in funds invested in very low-risk securities.
  • This type of investment is suitable for those looking to invest money for a longer duration of time but prefer less risky assets compared to equity funds.

Fund details

Fund HouseHDFC Mutual Fund
Launch DateMar 25, 2014
BenchmarkCRISIL Short-Term Bond
Risk GradeAbove Average
Return GradeAbove Average
Return since Launch:8.76%
Minimum Investment (R)5,000
Minimum Addl Investment (R)1,000
Minimum Withdrawal (R)500
Minimum SWP Withdrawal (R)500
Minimum Balance (R)1
Exit Load (%)

For units in excess of 15% of the investment,1% will be charged for redemption within 365 days

For units in excess of 15% of the investment,0.5% will be charged for redemption between 366 - 540 days


CCIL T Bill Liquidity Weight3.170.351.144.624.244.63-
Rank within Category486251-
Number of funds in category202020201711-

It is important to note that different plans have a different expense structure. Past performance may or may not continue in the future. This needs to be tracked on a regular basis with the mutual fund team. As of 31/07/2019

Period Invested for₹1000 SIP Started onInvestmentsLatest ValueAbsolute ReturnsAnnualized Returns
1 Year04-Sep-181200012673.575.61 %10.52 %
2 Year04-Sep-172400026111.948.8 %8.32 %
3 Year02-Sep-163600040291.2411.92 %7.44 %
5 Year04-Sep-146000072938.8121.56 %7.74 %
10 Year04-Sep-09120000183179.6752.65 %8.19 %

Portfolio Aggregates

 Fund1Y High1Y LowCategory
Number of Securities20826720764
Modified Duration (yrs)1.802.071.801.51
Average Maturity (yrs)2.332.622.332.01
Yield to Maturity (%)9.699.999.309.85

Top holdings

CompanyInstrumentCredit Rating1Y Range% of Assets
9.3% Tata InternationalBondsA+3.89 - 4.684.68
2% Tata Steel 2022DebentureAA1.80 - 2.282.28
8.95% Jamnagar Utilities and Power 2023DebentureAAA1.82 - 2.272.27
8.45% Sikka Ports and Terminals 2023DebentureAAA1.91 - 2.222.22
8.85% HDFC Bank 2099BondsAA+2.21 - 2.732.21
7.85% Talwandi Sabo Power 2020Structured ObligationAA1.80 - 2.202.20
8.75% Muthoot Finance 2021Bonds/NCDsAA1.76 - 2.162.16
Tata Sky 2020Zero Coupon BondsAA1.52 - 2.032.03
8.98% Punjab National BankZero Coupon BondsA0.00 - 1.951.95
4% HPCL Mittal Energy 2020DebentureAA+0.00 - 1.941.94

Most Recent Dividends

PlanRecord DateDividend (R / Unit)
Dividend QuarterlyJun 25, 20190.1426

The returns (NAV as on 04th September 2019) is as follows:

Period Invested for₹10000 Invested onLatest ValueAbsolute ReturnsAnnualized ReturnsCategory AvgRank within Category
1 Week28-Aug-1910015.100.15%-0.14%11/20
1 Month02-Aug-1910062.000.62%-0.18%10/20
3 Month04-Jun-1910214.702.15%--0.98%7/20
6 Month01-Mar-1910502.705.03%--1.23%2/20
1 Year04-Sep-1810845.208.45%8.45%0.86%2/20
2 Year04-Sep-1711225.8012.26%5.95%2.48%5/19
3 Year02-Sep-1612253.0022.53%6.99%4.38%5/18
5 Year04-Sep-1415067.9050.68%8.54%7.16%1/14
Since Inception25-Mar-1415785.6057.86%8.74%6.62%2/18

Investing in HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund is straightforward. There are several ways of doing this:


  • You can simply click on the “Invest Now” option on their official website, where after you will be prompted for your basic information, like name, mobile number, and PAN number. You will need to fill up the one-time registration form to complete the process.

Request for a callback:

  • You can request for a call back by entering your contact details (name and phone number) on their contact form whereupon an expert will get in touch with you to further discuss your investment options.


  • You can email their customer service on the email address listed on their website for more information.

Tollfree number:

  • You can call their toll-free number listed on their official website and talk to an expert.


  • You can also chat with an online assistant using the chat option on their website and have your questions addressed.

1. How do I apply for HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund offline?

You may approach any of the Investor Service Centers of HDFC Mutual Fund and submit the relevant forms and documents to proceed with the application process. Alternatively, you may also use third party dealers for applying to this scheme. However, make sure that the dealer is genuine.

2. What is Return of Investment?

The Rate of investment which is also known as the Return of return is the basic fundamental ratio of calculating returns for any gains or yearly income.

3. What is HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund suitable for?

This type of investment is suitable for generating long term income. This an open-ended scheme having a moderate risk with an annualized return of 7.81 % for the last 3 years.

4. What is the minimum amount of investment?

The minimum amount you must invest is Rs. 5,000. The additional amount should be a minimum of Rs. 1,000.

5. What are the documents required for investing in HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund?

Some of the documents required for investing in HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund are listed as follows:

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • ID proof such as a copy of PAN card, Aadhaar, Passport or voter ID or driving license
  • Proof of address passport or driving license or ration card or registered lease/sale of residence or latest bank A/C statement or passbook or latest telephone bill (only landline) or latest electricity bill or latest gas bill, not more than three months old
  • Duly filled KYC Application
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