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Canara Bank is a public sector bank that has its headquarters in Karnataka, India. The bank has a long history of providing financial services to not only Indian citizens but also overseas residents. Canara Bank has come a long way from traditional banking to the online banking services where customers can get almost all of the banking services at the tap of their fingers. One of the most crucial facilities or advantages of online banking is the transfer of funds at any time to any account within the country or outside.

For this purpose, customers require the IFSC Code of the transferring branch as well as the transferor branch to identify and authenticate the transaction. While IFSC code is required for funds transfers within the country, for international transfers, customers will have to provide SWIFT Code. Customers can find details of the IFSC code of Canara Bank here.

Interpreting Canara Bank IFSC Codes

IFSC Code is the unique alpha-numeric code that is needed for transfer of funds through online banking. It is an 11 digit code developed by RBI in the combination of alphabets and numbers. Customers can get details of IFSC Code through many mediums like cheque books, passbooks, mobile banking, internet banking or online search. RBI website and CreditMantri is another source of getting information about IFSC codes of Canara Bank through its website.

IFSC code is the unique code that has been allotted to all the Indian banks and their branches. IFSC Code refers to the Indian Financial System Code. It was developed by the Reserve bank of India. IFSC code is used to identify the participating banks and their respective branches in the transaction of online funds transfer.

IFSC code is made up of 11 digits that are in the combination of alpha-numeric. All the characters of the IFSC code refer to the Bank name as well as the Branch name.

Canara Bank IFSC Code can be explained as under

  • The first four characters of Canara Bank IFSC Code refer to the bank name and are always ‘CNRB’
  • The next character or the fifth character is always ‘zero (0)’.
  • The last six characters of the IFSC code of Canara Bank represent the respective branch code.

Customers can use the IFSC code to transfer funds from their Canara Bank account to any other bank account within the same branch or any other branch of the bank or any other bank within India.

How to find Canara Bank IFSC Code through CreditMantri?

CreditMantri is a reliable and trusted source of getting information about the IFSC codes of any bank and their respective branches in our country. Customers can simply visit the website of CreditMantri and get the information regarding the same by clicking on the following link

Home >> Resources >> IFSC Codes

After clicking on the above link, customers are directed to a new page where they can locate the details of IFSC Code of any Bank and their branches by providing certain search parameters like the

  • Bank Name
  • State 
  • City
  • Branch Name

The search parameters will give the details of the required IFSC Code to the customers instantly.

Why should you emphasize on correct Canara Bank IFSC code for funds transfer?

IFSC code is a very important component of online funds transfer. Customers can use either of the following methods to transfer funds electronically.

NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)

NEFT transfer functions on deferred net settlement basis and will now be available for 24x7 unlike the specified hours as per the earlier schedule. Canara Bank levies a nominal charge on the NEFT transactions.

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)

RTGS transfers are the fund transfers that take place on a real time basis. Canara Bank has a specific time window for such transfers that is in line with the general practice with respect to the RTGS transfers. The charges levied by Canara Bank for such RTGS transfer are very nominal.

IMPS (Immediate Payment System)

This service is available 24x7 unlike the other two types of funds transfers within India. The charges for the same are slightly higher as compared to NEFT and RTGS facility of fund transfer.

Funds transfer through all the above mandatorily require the IFSC code to be mentioned for such transfer to be complete and valid. In case a person provides incorrect information about the IFSC code, the transfer of such funds will not be completed. In the majority of the cases, the bank routes the funds back to the transferor’s bank account as the IFSC code is incorrect.

However, in some cases, the funds get transferred to a wrong account due to such mention of incorrect IFSC Code. In such a case, customers have to immediately notify the bank about this error first. After this, the bank will initiate the procedure to reverse such erroneous transfer. The procedure for the reversal of such erroneous transfer of funds is quite lengthy and cumbersome.

To avoid it, we recommend that you double check the IFSC code before initiating transfers.

Difference between IFSC Code and MICR Code

IFSC Code, as mentioned above, is the code that is needed for the online funds transfer through any of the available modes. MICR Code on the other hand is the code that is needed to identify the participating bank and its branch in the transfer of funds through Electronic Clearing System (ECS).

IFSC code is 11 digit code in the combination of alphabets and numbers while MICR Code is the 9 digit numerical code.

IFSC Code is available through any of the following modes

MICR Code is found on the Cheque book of the account holder as well as on the other channels like,

  • Online search 
  • Passbook
  • Bank Statement
  • CreditMantri

Difference between IFSC Code and SWIFT Code

Online funds transfer is the single most important feature of mobile and net banking. IFSC code is required for online funds transfer within the country whereas SWIFT Code is needed for funds transfer to bank accounts outside India.

IFSC code stands for Indian Financial System Code and the SWIFT Code stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

IFSC code is an 11 digit alphanumeric code while the SWIFT Code is 8 digit or 11 digit code.


1. What is the customer care number of Canara Bank?

The customer care number for Canara Bank is 1800 425 0018. The customer care service on this number is available 24x7 on all days except on the National Holidays.

2. Can a person pay the credit card bill through online transfer mode?

Yes. Credit card bills can be paid through any of the online transfer modes but the IFSC Code for the Credit card will have to be mentioned for such transactions. The IFSC Code for the credit card payment can be obtained from the customer care service or website of Canara Bank or by making an online search for the same.

3. What are the first four characters of Canara Bank?

The first four characters of Canara Bank are ‘CNRB’.

4. What are the available modes of funds transfer for online banking?

The available modes of funds transfer for online banking are

  • NEFT
  • RTGS
  • IMPS

5. Can the IFSC Code of Canara Bank be similar to another branch?

No. The IFSC Code of all the Canara Bank branches are unique and cannot be similar to the code of any other branch.

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