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Axis Bank has consistently been one of the most prominent names in the Indian banking sector since its launch in the year 1993. Earlier known as UTI bank, it was one of the earliest private sector banks in the country. Axis Bank has a huge customer base not only in India but also across the globe. Customers get a variety of products and services offered by the bank that can be remotely accessed through net banking and the mobile banking facilities offered by the bank. One of the most important facilities provided by the internet and mobile banking facility is the funds transfer facility. Customers can send or receive funds through these services from anywhere and at any time as per their convenience.

The most important requirement for online fund transfers is the IFSC Code of the bank. Without the correct IFSC Code it is impossible to transfer funds to any account. Find all that you need to know about Axis Bank IFSC codes on this page.

What is Axis Bank IFSC Code?

IFSC Code of Axis Bank is the unique 11 digit code in the combination of alphanumeric. Each branch of Axis Bank has a different IFSC Code that starts with the characters ‘UTIB’ as the first four characters are the bank code. IFSC Code is a mandatory requirement that customers have to provide for any type of online funds transfer like NEFT or RTGS or IMPS funds transfer mode. Customers can get information about IFSC codes through various ways like mobile or internet banking or cheque book, passbook or by directly contacting the branch for the same.

Interpreting Axis Bank IFSC Codes

IFSC Code is the Indian Financial System Code. Axis Bank IFSC Code is the unique code that is made up of 11 characters. It is in the combination of alpha-numeric. The first four characters represent the bank name. In the case of Axis Bank, the first four characters are always ‘UTIB’. The Next character or the fifth character is ‘zero (0)’. The last six characters are the branch code and are unique for each branch across the country.

As mentioned above, IFSC Code is a mandatory requirement for transfer of funds within the same bank or to an account with any other bank in the country.

How to search the IFSC Code of a specific Axis Bank branch?

Axis Bank IFSC Codes can be easily found through various channels. Customers can locate the IFSC code of any particular branch of Axis Bank through various online and offline modes. These modes are mentioned below

Online Modes

The various online modes available for the customers to get the information about IFSC Code of Axis Bank Branches are,

Internet Banking

The internet banking account of the customer has all the basic information of the account of such customer along with the IFSC Code of the branch where the account of the customer is held. Such information can be under the tab ‘Account Information’.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is another way to get information about the IFSC Code of the branch having the account of the customer. Such information can be located under the profile of the customer or the account information


CreditMantri provides a single stop platform where customers can get all the information relating to the bank’s branch including the IFSC Code of each such bank. Such information can be located through the following link on the website of CreditMantri.

Home Resources Bank IFSC Codes

By clicking on the above link, customers will be taken to a new page where they can select the name of the bank along with the state and city to get the information of the IFSC code of such branch along with the detailed address of such branch.

Axis Bank Website

Axis Bank website has all the information about the IFSC codes of its branches. Customers can locate the information about such codes by clicking on the following link available at the website.

Home Locate Us

Customers will have to select the state and the city of the branch that they require information about from the drop down menu. After this, they will also have to select the category and service that they may require and then click on ‘Search’.

This will provide all the information about the branch of the bank in the selected city. Such information will include the detailed address of the branch as well as IFSC code, hours of operation, Branch ID, etc.

Online Search

Online search through any search engine can be one of the easiest ways to get information about the IFSC code of Axis Bank branch. Customers can locate the IFSC Code of Axis Bank by simply providing certain search parameters like name of the bank, state and city of the branch. After inputting such details, customers can choose any link displayed to get access to the IFSC codes of Axis Bank.

Offline Modes

The many offline modes of obtaining the details of the IFSC Code of Axis Bank are mentioned below.


Passbook contains all the relevant information about the account of the customer. This account information includes the IFSC Code of branches and the MICR codes as well.

Bank Statement

The bank statement downloaded for any specified period by the customer will provide the information about the IFSC Code of the branch in which the customer has his/her account with the bank.

Cheque Book

Cheque book is another source of the IFSC Code information. Every leaflet of the cheque contains the details of the IFSC Code along with the account number and the branch address where the customer has his/her account.


Customers can get in touch with the branch executives directly to get any information about the IFSC Code of the branch of the bank.

Difference between IFSC and MICR Codes

IFSC Code, as discussed above, is the unique code allotted to each branch of every bank in India. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Code is also a unique code that is printed on the cheques issued to the customers.

While IFSC code is used to transfer funds electronically through NEFT or RTGS or IMPS modes, MICR Code is the unique code that is used in identifying banks participating in the Electronic Clearing System (ECS).

IFSC Code is the 11 digit code that is unique to every branch and bank in India. The first four digits of this code is the Bank name, the next character being ‘zero’ and the final six characters being the branch code. MICR Code is the 9 digit code wherein the first three digits refer to the city code, the next three being the bank code and the final three digits refer to the branch code.


1. What are the first four characters of Axis Bank IFSC Code?

The first four characters of Axis Bank IFSC Code are ‘UTIB’.

2. Is IFSC code used to make online transfers outside India?

Customers cannot use IFSC code to make online transfers outside India. SWIFT Codes are used for making international fund transfers.

3. How can a person find the IFSC Code for credit cards?

Credit Cards of each bank have a separate IFSC code allotted to them. Customers can find such IFSC code for credit cards by visiting the official website of the bank or by contacting the bank through its customer care. The information about the IFSC Code for credit cards is provided by the Bank to its customers.

4. Can a person transfer funds through any of the three online modes without using the IFSC Code?

No. Online transfer is not possible without providing the IFSC Code of such branches of the bank. Customer has to add the details of the account where the funds have to be transferred as ‘payee’ by providing all the relevant details like the account number, account type, name of the account holder and IFSC Code of the transferee account. However, you can transfer funds to others without using IFSC codes by using digital wallets or UPI transactions.

5. What is the customer care number of Axis Bank?

The customer care number of Axis Bank is 1860 419 5555/ 1860 500 5555.

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