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Indian Overseas Bank Home Loan 24X7 Customer Care

IOB is engaged in a variety of banking operations which includes deposits, loans and advances, bancassurance, issuance of letter of credit or bank guarantee etc., Within their loans suite, they offer home loan, personal loan, education loan, loan against property etc., The home loans are customized to suit the needs of their clients. The interest rates are reasonable and competitive, further, the quantum of loan and tenor is such that the customer benefits by availing the loan from this bank.

For any queries related to home loans, the customers can call at the following toll-free number 1800 425 4445.

Indian Overseas Bank Home Loan Customer Care Number
Indian Overseas Bank 24X7 Home Loan Customer Care Number

Home loan customer care of IOB

IOB has a comprehensive customer service department which is trained to tackle all types of customer queries. The customer care desk has access to centralized database system, hence, enabling them to retrieve data based on requirement. There are dedicated teams to handle queries based on specific product suites. The department not only handles queries, it also takes requests and feedback. The customer service desk is holistically built to ensure that the customer need not approach multiple departments for resolution of their query or issue.

The customer care team at IOB can be reached by multiple means, they have established a tech enabled system which allows for resolving problems and issues in a comprehensive manner. The various means by which the customer care team can be reached are mentioned below –

Telephone – IOB like most other banks runs a 24X7 toll free number 1800 425 4445. A customer care representative will provide information as requested by the customers. There are dedicated teams to cater to specific product suites and the customer may quote the category in which his query falls. The customer will be connected to the respective representative for timely and accurate resolution.

Email – Another alternate which is popular among customers is the usage of email for query resolution. This method offers documentation of the entire interaction with the customer care team. Further, the written communication can be referenced at a later date as required. Also, the resolution offered is more elaborate and holistic in nature. For all queries related to home loans, an Email can be written to mdd(at)iobnet(dot)co(dot)in.

Visit nearest branch – Alternatively, the customer can visit the nearest branch, every branch is equipped with a help desk team who will be able to assist the customer or will direct them to the right personnel who can inturn provide satisfactory resolution to the query or issue.

IOB Grievance redressal mechanism

IOB has an established step-by-step process to resolve customer complaints and grievances. The same is stated below –

Step 1Contact Branch Manager where account is maintained over phone or Register the Complaint in the Complaint Register available with Branch Manager. Resolution will be within 7 days.
Step 2If the resolution given by the Branch does not meet requirement then the customer may write to the Regional Manager or send an email. Response will be provided within 7 days.
Step 3If the Complaint is not resolved by the Regional Manager, the customer may write or send an email to the General Manager, Customer Service Dept. being the Nodal Officer, Public grievances at Central Office. The customer will receive the resolution within 7 days.
Step 4Towards one more step to provide a better customer service and to ensure the customer gets access to one more point of reference beyond the usual customer grievance resolution channel prescribed by the Bank viz. Branch Manager, Regional Manager and General Manager, Customer Service, at Central Office.
Step 5Even after having followed the above steps, if are not satisfied, customer may approach Banking Ombudsman constituted by RBI under Banking Ombudsman Scheme-2006.

Home loans offered by IOB

Home loans offered by IOB under Subha Gruha Home loan. The loans are extended on new purchase or construction of independent house / flat, purchase of ready-to-move-in flat / independent house, transfer of existing loan to IOB, renovation or extension or repair of existing house or flat.

Eligibility criteria for availing home loan from IOB

The applicant for the home loan can be groups of individuals, members of co-operative societies, individuals not more than 55 years of age. On a case to case basis, applicants in the age of 60 years may be considered provided their co-applicant is a legal heir to their property. Loan tenor cannot exceed 70 years of the applicant, the loan has to be settled in full before the applicant attains 70 years of age.

There is a need to provide income proof for both salaried individuals, self-employed professionals and other category of applicants. Salaried individuals should have a permanent job with minimum 2 or 3 years of service, for self-employed professionals, there is a need to show an established source of income for minimum period of 3 years.

Features of home loan extended by IOB

The quantum of loan extended by IOB can be anywhere between 75% to 90% cost of the independent house / flat. This would exclude registration and documentation charges. The amount depends on the age and repayment capacity. Up to 30% of loan amount is extended in case the borrower intends to purchase a plot.

The maximum tenor allowed on home loans is 30 years. There are no prepayment charges applicable on partial or full closure of loan. IOB home loans offer a maximum holiday period of 18 months from the date of first disbursement or completion of construction of project (whichever is earlier). In case of purchase of ready-to-move-in house, the holiday period is 3 months.

The bank will claim first mortgage on the property to be constructed, bought or renovated. In case of purchase of land, the land should be registered in the applicant’s name, any co-applicant should be co-obligant. The applicant or borrower should have clear and marketable title to the property, there should be adequate insurance on the property. Additional security in the form of NSC, LIC, Units of UTI will be accepted by the bank.

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