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Andhra Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

Andhra Bank is one of the oldest banks of the country having a huge customer base. It has a variety of products and services to offer its customers like credit/debit cards, loans, corporate financing, insurance, internet banking and mobile banking as well as products and services catering specifically to Indian and NRI customers to name a few.

Toll-Free Numbers : 1800 425 1515, 1800 425 7701

Email : customerser[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in

Andhra Bank Personal Loan Customer Care Number
Andhra Bank 24X7 Personal Loan Customer Care Number

What is the Andhra Bank Personal loan Customer care number?

Andhra Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

Andhra Bank has a dedicated customer care service to handle all kinds of general or specific queries of its customers and provide them with any kind of assistance required to carry out their banking routine. Customers can contact the bank at the following Toll Free number to resolve all their issues and get any information that they may require.

Customers can also use the following channels to contact the customer care services.  Customers can call on these numbers from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday (except 2nd and 4th Saturday)

  • 040 23234313
  • 040 23252000
  • Extension – 2422, 2577
  • Email – customerser[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in
  • Postal address (Head Office) – General Manager

       Nodal Officer for Customer Service

       Andhra Bank

       Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan

       5-9-11, Saifabad

       Hyderabad – 500004


Andhra Bank also has its representative offices across the globe that the International customers can contact the bank through. The bank’s representative office in Dubai, UAE and New Jersey, USA have been closed, hence, the customers are requested to contact the NRI cell at the following contact details.

Andhra Bank,
N R I Cell,
3rd Floor,
Head Office, Saifabad,
Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan
Hyderabad – 500 004

Telephone - 040-23233004, 23252379

Email - nricell[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in

The other contact details for NRI customers are,

Contact PointTelephone NoteEmail address


040 - 23233004/23252379/







022 - 26233338



011 - 26167590



040 – 23421286


What is a Personal Loan?

Personal Loan is a type of a short term loan that the customers can get, usually without any collateral or security, to acquire consumer durables or any kind of personal credit requirements.

Details of Andhra Bank Personal Loans

The customer care service of Andhra Bank is equipped to handle all the queries related personal loans like eligibility, interest rates, repayment schedule, collateral required (if any), etc. Andhra Bank classifies personal loans into 2 categories i.e., consumer loans and clean loans.


These are loans that are typically sanctioned for the purchase of consumer durable and similar household necessities. Following are the details of such loans.

  • Eligibility – 

The eligibility criterion for such loans is fairly simple. A person (an individual) has to have a capacity to repay such loan. These categories of individuals also include pensioners having a pension account with the branch and salaried individuals among others.

  • Amount of loan to be sanctioned – 

The maximum amount of loan that can be sanctioned is calculated as the lower of the following categories:

  • For Salaried Individuals it is 10% of their Gross Salary.
  • For Non-Salaried Individuals it is 40% of their Gross Annual Income.
  • For Pensioners it is 4 months of their pension.


  • 75% of the cost of the Article.
  • Rate of Interest –

The rate of interest for the personal loans in classified on the basis of duration as well as the class of individuals seeking the loan. The details of the same are tabulated below,

Loan Period

State and Central Government Employees, Public Sector Undertakings having Salary Account with Andhra Bank and Pensioners

Private Employees, Non-Salaried Class, LIC Agents, Etc.

Loans up to 36 Months

RLLR* + 4.40%

RLLR* + 4.4%

Loans above 36 Months up to 60 Months

RLLR* + 5.40% + 0.25%

RLLR* + 5.40% + 0.25%

RLLR –Repo Linked Lending Rate

  • Repayment – The Bank allows an individual to repay the loans in a maximum of 5 years (60 Months)
  • Co-obligation – The bank accepts the co-obligation of Father/Husband or any other person or party acceptable as per the policy of the bank.
  • Collateral Security – The customers can pledge their shares or bonds or LIC policy or any such asset of adequate value or equivalent to the surrender value as per bank’s policy.
  • Security – The bank can safeguard its interest by confiscating the article in case of non-repayment of the loan or part thereof by the customer.
  • Details of documents required and other checklist for acquiring personal loan can be found at the Bank’s official website.



This class of personal loans is typically cash loans sanctioned for any personal genuine needs of the customer. The following are the details with regards to such loans.

  • Eligibility – There is no separate mention of any specific eligibility criteria for this class of personal loans. Customers can refer to the eligibility requirements in case of consumer loans as well as contact the bank for any clarifications or further details required.
  • Amount of loan to be sanctioned – 

The basis for sanctioning the loan is the take-home pay that has to be at least 40% of the Gross Salary after all the deductions which include the loan repayment instalments of the proposed loan as well.

Moreover, these are the following restrictions pertaining to the class of persons seeking such personal loans.

  • For Non-Salaried Persons the amount of loan is up to 2 times the average annual income. The annual income, in this case, is considered on the basis of the average of last 3 year’s income as per the IT records or the assessment order for the relevant years.
  • For pensioners, the limit is 8 times the monthly pension of the individual subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,00,000. The bank also imposes an age limit of a maximum of 75 years.
  • In the case of LIC Agents, the Bank further classifies the loan seekers into 2 categories i.e.,

Income tax assesses (amount of loan that can be sanctioned is up to 2 times of average renewal commission for previous 3 years)

Non income tax assesses (amount of loan that can be sanctioned id up to 50 % of the average renewal commission on the basis of the statement of income for the previous 3 years)

In both cases the maximum age limit of the customer is 55 years and the maximum amount allowed is Rs. 2,00,000.

  • Rate of Interest – 

Similar to the consumer loans, the rate of interest for clean loans is also classified on the basis of class of individuals seeking the loan as well as the duration of the loan required.

Loan Period

State and Central Government Employees, Public Sector Undertakings having Salary Account with Andhra Bank and Pensioners

For Others

Loans up to 36 Months

RLLR* +3.00%

RLLR* +3.50%

Loans above 36 Months up to 60 Months

RLLR* + 3.25%

RLLR* + 4.50%

RLLR –Repo Linked Lending Rate

  • Repayment – The loan has payment tenure of 5 years i.e., 60 Months. Also, the bank has a zero prepayment charges policy for the benefit of its customers.
  • Co-obligation – The bank has the following policy with respect to the co-obligation requirement in case of clean personal loan,
  • In case of pensioners, it can be any Nominee or Family Pensioner.
  • In case of the LIC agent, the spouse or one of the family members of the Agent as well as 1 LIC Agent is required for co-obligation
  • OR, any third acceptable as per the policy of the Bank.
  • The details of documents required are available on the website of the Bank.

The customers can also contact the customer care of the Bank for any information or clarification that they may require regarding any details or to report any issues that they may face while applying for either category of personal loans as per their needs.

Grievance Redressal/Feedback

Andhra Bank has a separate portal on its website where the customers can register their feedback or give suggestions by giving basic details like their name, address, mobile number, email id, whether they have an account with the bank or not.

Andhra Bank also has a dedicated grievance redressal system to address all the queries and issues faced by the customers in their banking needs. The various channels that the customer can use to register his/her complaint or grievance with the Bank are mentioned hereunder.

  • Contact the customer care using the Toll free numbers 1800 425 1515 / 1800 425 7701
  • SMS ‘Upset’ to 9666606060
  • Email at customerser[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in
  • Submit the complaint at the Branch directly by filing the same in the required format available for download at the website of the Bank.

The bank has introduced an SMS service as well for the customers to address their concerns with the customer care service. The customers have to message the word ‘Upset’ from their registered mobile number to 9666606060  following which the executives from the customer care service will call the customer to get all the details of the complaint so as to forward the same to the concerned branch for quick redressal.

The branch in turn will register the complaint and proceed to resolve it following the guidelines laid down by the Bank in this regard. The Branch can also escalate the complaint/grievance if required i.e., if the customer is not satisfied by the response of the Branch or if the response is not received by the customer in time.

Andhra Bank has 4 levels of escalation to address any grievance or complaint registered by a customer. Following are the details of such escalation

  • Level 1 – 

This is the primary level of escalation where the complaint or grievance is raised at the customer care or the Branch level for immediate redressal.

  • Level 2 –

This is the secondary level of escalation where the customer can escalate the grievance to the respective Zonal office as required by the policy of the Bank. The customers can escalate their complaint in the event of no response or unsatisfactory response at the primary level. The list of the 32 Zonal offices of the bank is given below. The customers can contact these offices by visiting the website of the bank and registering their grievance/feedback/suggestion at the online portal provided therein.

Sr. NoZonal Office

































































  • Level 3 –

This is the next level of escalation to the Customer Service Department under the Assistant General Manager. The customers can address their complaint at the following address,

Assistant General Manager

Andhra Bank, Customer Service Department,

Head Office,

Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan,

5-9-11, Saifabad,

Hyderabad – 500004

  • Level 4 –

This is the highest level of escalation available within the bank’s system. The customers can approach the General Manager and the Nodal Officer Customer Service in case the response received the previous level is unsatisfactory or if they do not receive a timely response. The customers can contact the General Manager or the Nodal Officer Customer Service at the following address,

General Manager

Nodal Officer Customer Service

Andhra Bank,

Head Office,

Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan,

5-9-11, Saifabad,

Hyderabad – 500004

In the event that the customers does not receive a satisfactory response even at the highest level of grievance redressal system within the Bank or if they do not receive a response in due time, they can contact the Banking Ombudsman appointed by the RBI in this regard.

Locate the Bank

Andhra Bank has several branches and ATMs all over the country. Customers can contact the branch directly to get assistance regarding any of the products and services of the Bank. Customers can visit the official website of the Bank to get a detailed list of all the regional and zonal offices of the Bank as well as locate the nearest branch and ATM for their convenience.

About the Bank

Andhra Bank is a public sector bank registered in 1923having its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana. As on the year 2019, Andhra Bank has a network of 2885 branches, 4 extension counters, 38 satellite offices and 3798 ATMs having a presence in 25 states and 3 Union Territories.


1. What is the email id for general queries?

The email id for general queries is customerser[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in.

2.What is the toll free number of the bank?

Andhra Bank customer care toll free number is

  • 1800 425 1515 (Tele Banking/ credit card related support)
  • 1800 425 7701 (Pension Related Issues)

3. Does personal loan have floating rate or fixed rate?

Andhra Bank issues personal loans on floating rates.

4. What is the address of the representative offices of the bank?

Customer can contact the head office of the bank as the representative offices of the bank at Dubai and New Jersey have been closed down. The telephone numbers and email id for the same are provided here.

  • Telephone - 040-23233004, 23252379
  • Email - nricell[at]andhrabank[dot]co[dot]in

5. What are the additional charges levied by the bank in case of personal loans?

The bank charges for personal loan include a nominal processing fee at the time of sanction of the loan as well as administrative charges which are levied at the end of every quarter.

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