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BNP Paribas is an international banking institution that is based out of Paris, France. It is one of the biggest banks in the world having a global presence across many developed and developing nations of the world. BNP Paribas has a dedicated customer base in India and caters to corporate as well as retail clientele. The banking solutions offered by BNP Paribas also include online or digitals banking among its many other products and services that are tailored specifically for the Indian customers.

One of the main features or advantages of online banking is the ability to transfer funds anytime and anywhere within minutes or seconds of initiating the request for the same. To initiate fund transfers, the most important ingredient is the IFSC code. Each branch of BNP Paribas in India is allotted a unique IFSC code as is the practice of RBI for every bank and its respective branches in India.

The relevant particulars of the IFSC code of BNP Paribas are mentioned below.

Interpreting BNP Paribas IFSC Codes

BNP Paribas is a global bank that has its headquarters in Paris, France. The bank has its presence in more than 70 countries. Among many of its products and services, online banking or digital banking is one of the most popular and widely used services. Customers can send funds through online banking either by NEFT/ RTGS or IMPS mode at zero cost (or nominal cost in case of IMPS). IFSC code is mandatory for such transfers.

IFSC Code is the abbreviation for Indian Financial System Code. It is the code that is developed and allotted by the Reserve Bank of India to all the Indian banks and their respective branches in India. It is made up of 11 digits that are distinctive and are in the mix of alphabets and numbers as well as specific to each bank and their corresponding branches.

No two IFSC codes of any branch of any bank can be the same. IFSC Codes are compulsory requirements for all the online funds transfers without which such transfers cannot be executed.

The IFSC code of BNP Paribas can be explained as under.

  • The first four characters of BNP Paribas IFSC Code refer to the bank name and are always ‘BNPA’
  • The next character or the fifth character is always ‘zero (0)’.
  • The last six characters of the IFSC code of the bank represent the respective branch code.

How to find the IFSC codes of a specific BNP Paribas bank branch?

The information about the BNP Paribas IFSC code can be located through any of the following modes.

Cheque Book

The cheque book issued by the bank to the customers contains the details of the IFSC Code of the branch where such customer has his/her account with the bank. Cheque book contains the IFSC code at the bottom of each cheque leaflet.


Passbook is another mode of locating the IFSC Code of the branch where a customer has his/her bank account. The first page of the passbook contains all the details of the bank account of the customer. These details include account number, name of the account holder(s) (in case of joint account), account type, IFSC Code, customer ID, MICR Code, etc.

At the Branch

Branch executives can help the customers in getting information on the IFSC Code of the branch by visiting such branch or contacting the branch through email or telephone.

Bank Statement

Another source of IFSC code is the bank statement of the account holder which contains the IFSC code of the branch along with other relevant details of the account.

Online search

Customers can get information about the IFSC code of any branch of BNP Paribas within India by making an online search for the same through any of the available search engines.

Net Banking 

The information about IFSC codes can also be found in the net bank account of the customer. First they will have to login to their account and then get information about the IFSC code of their home branch under the tab ’account information’.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is another option to get information about IFSC code of the customer’s home branch under the tab ‘customer profile’ or ‘account information’ after logging in to the mobile bank account.

RBI Website

IFSC codes are developed by the Reserve Bank of India. RBI’s website has the IFSC Codes of all the banks and their branches in the country. Customers can visit the website of RBI at the following link


After that the next step is to click on the link below, Home >> More Links >> IFSC / MICR Codes.

The above link will take the customers to a new page where they can search the required information by filling in the required parameters i.e.

  • Bank Name 
  • Branch Name

How to locate the IFSC code of a BNP Paribas Bank Branch using CreditMantri?

CreditMantri can also be used in getting information about the IFSC Codes of BNP Paribas. Customers have to click on the following link and then provide the relevant parameters to get the information needed :Home >> Resources >> IFSC codes

The search parameters required for the same are,

  • State
  • District
  • Bank Name
  • Branch Name

Requirements for Online Funds Transfer

Apart from the IFSC code, customers have to provide a few more details of initiating and executing an online funds transfer. First the customers will have to login to their net banking or mobile banking account using the user id and password.

These details are provided below.

  • Transferee bank account number
  • Transferee account name
  • Transferee bank account IFSC code
  • Transferee bank name
  • Transferee branch name

After providing the above details and registering the transferee or beneficiary account for NEFT/ RTGS or IMPS service, customers will have to wait for a minimum period of 30 minutes before any transfer can be initiated. Customers can transfer only limited funds up to 24 hours after registering the beneficiary. This is known as the cooling period after which transfer of funds will not be restricted in the majority of banks. The details of transfer restrictions of BNP Paribas can be obtained by contacting the bank.


1. What are the details required for registering an account for online funds transfer?

Customers have to provide the following details to register an account as beneficiary for online funds transfer.

  • Beneficiary account number
  • Beneficiary account name
  • Beneficiary Bank name
  • Beneficiary Branch name
  • Beneficiary account IFSC Code

2. What are the modes of online funds transfer?

The modes of online funds transfer are mentioned below.

  • NEFT
  • NEFT stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer. Customers can transfer funds through NEFT at any time and from anywhere. BNP Paribas does not levy any extra charge for such transfers.
  • RTGS
  • RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement where funds transferred are credited in real time i.e. immediately. This facility of the bank is also available at zero cost.
  • IMPS
  • Immediate Payments Systems is another mode of online funds transfer. This facility is available 24x7 throughout the year. The Bank charges Rs. 5 per transaction for such service. This charge is levied for the SMS sent by the Bank as notification.

3. Where is the IFSC code of BNP Paribas used?

BNP Paribas IFSC Code is to transfer funds electronically from one bank account to another via IMPS, RTGS or NEFT.

4. Can any two branches of BNP Paribas have the same IFSC code?

No. No two branches of BNP Paribas can have the same IFSC code.

5. Who develops and issues the IFSC Code?

The IFSC code is developed and issued by RBI.

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