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IndusInd bank was established back in 1994 by Mr Srichand P Hinduja. The bank’s name ‘IndusInd’ comes from the Indus Valley Civilisation and is representative of the greatest example of innovation combined with smart business practices. The bank has grown exponentially over the years and has catered to millions of customers with its banking services which are of the highest quality in the banking industry.

IndusInd Bank is an all-encompassing bank with its banking footprint spread over 2.5 crore customers. It boasts of nearly 5,000 distribution points and about 2,000 branches spread across India. The bank keeps sustainability at its core while offering a wide range of products and services to individuals and also corporates. It offers microfinance, personal loans, commercial vehicles loans, SME loans and also credit cards. It is considered as a preferred banking partner by numerous Government entities, PSUs and other multinational corporates.

While using online banking for money transfer purposes, you may have used the term IFSC code. Ever wondered what it stands for? You may have even questioned why an IFSC code is allotted to branches of all banks. Every bank branch is provided with a unique IFSC code that can be used for multiple banking purposes. Every branch is identified using this code. It is a combination of alphabets and numbers and is allotted by RBI.

IFSC Codes for IndusInd Bank

As with all banks in India, the IndusInd bank branches are also identified with the help of an IFSC code which is unique to each branch. Normally, the IFSC code for IndusInd Bank would start with INDB which is followed by 7 numbers. Thus, the IFSC code format for IndusInd Bank is INDB0123456.

An IFSC code represents each branch of banks across India. The expanded form of IFSC is Indian Financial System Code. It contains 11 characters, with a combination of English alphabets and numbers. The English alphabets represent the bank’s name. As an example, the usual format of IFSC code is ABCD1234567. The first portion consists of alphabetical characters and is known as the bank code. The second half consists of numbers and is known as branch code. Thus, with the help of the IFSC code, you can come to know the bank code as well as the specific branch code.

Uses of IndusInd Bank IFSC Code

The Reserve Bank of India assigns IFSC code to all banks and is used for many banking purposes related to money transfer, whether done online or offline. The code helps in identifying every bank which is a participant in Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) and Centralised Funds Management System (CFMS).

While transferring money to any bank account via online banking services like RTGS or NEFT, you will need to provide the bank details of the recipient or beneficiary. Details such as account number, name of the beneficiary and IFSC Code is a must. Make sure to provide the IFSC code of the specific branch where the person has a bank account. Only after verifying the IFSC code, the bank will allow you to send funds to any individual you wish to do the transaction with.

All the banks ensure to print the IFSC code on cheque leaflets which are issued to the customers. This helps in easy identification of the branch where an account is held.

If you want to know IndusInd banks IFSC code, here are the details:

  • The code is made up of 11 characters
  • First four characters are letters in the format INDB 
  • The last 6 characters are digits and these represent branch code
  • The IFSC code for IndusInd Bank’s branch at address - Ground Floor, Plot No 12, Block No 172, Jor Bagh Market, New Delhi, is INDB0001035. 001035 in this code is the branch code

IndusInd Bank Fund Transfer Timings

If you want to do any fund transfer transactions with IndusInd bank, here are the timings you must make note of:

RTGS: You can transfer money between 9.00 hours to 16.00 hours from Monday to Saturday.

NEFT: You can transfer money to any account using Internet banking or through a bank branch between 8.00 am to 6.30 pm.

IndusInd Bank’s MICR Code, SWIFT Code, and IFSC code

If you are a customer of IndusInd bank and wish to transfer money using NEFT, RTGS or IMPS, you must provide the IFSC code of the specific bank branch where you want to send the money. For IndusInd Bank, the IFSC code for any branch can be found online or offline. The IFSC codes of all branches are printed on cheque leaflets that are issued to customers by the bank.

In the absence of a cheque book, you can know the IFSC code of any branch by looking it up online. All you have to do is visit the website which provides IFSC codes, like CreditMantri. IFSC codes are also available on the official website of IndusInd bank. Normally, online information on IFSC codes will also provide MICR and Swift codes. You will have to know the exact name of the bank branch to search for these. After typing in all the required information, the page will display IFSC and MICR codes and also provide contact details of the bank branch in some cases.

IndusInd Bank IFSC Code

IndusInd Bank IFSC comprises 11 characters which are alphanumeric and the first four characters provide information on the bank’s name while the last 6 characters are representative of the bank branch. For those banks which are engaged in electronic fund transfer, IFSC code is mandatory and it is used to send or pass messages appropriately to the specific bank branches with which the transaction is taking place.

IndusInd Bank MICR Code

MICR Code is a unique 9-digit code which helps in authenticating the credibility and legal aspect of document hard copies in any banking database.

IndusInd Bank SWIFT Code

Swift codes are generally formed with 8 (or) 11 characters. These are used for identifying and distinguishing banks and financial institutions across the globe.


1. How do I search for IndusInd bank’s IFSC code online?

IndusInd Bank’s IFSC code can be easily found online. You can go to the official bank website to look up the IFSC Code and for a particular branch. You can also find the same on the official website of RBI. You will need to search for it by entering the complete bank name along with the branch name.

2. Can I find IndusInd bank’s IFSC code offline?

If you have an account with IndusInd bank, you can view the IFSC code of the branch on a cheque leaflet. Alternatively, you can visit the bank branch to seek this information.

3. What if money gets debited from my account but is not credited to the beneficiary’s account?

If funds have been debited from your account but the beneficiary has not received the same due to misstatement of IndusInd Bank IFSC Code, the amount will get reversed to your account. If the beneficiary’s bank does not have an NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS facility, the money will be credited back to you instantly. If the transaction gets timed out, the beneficiary receives the money within 2 working days or the money gets reversed to your account in 5 working days.

4. Why is IndusInd bank’s IFSC code needed?

IFSC code helps to identify a specific branch of IndusInd bank, especially if it participates in NEFT or RTGS fund transfer system.

5. Can the IFSC codes of two IndusInd branches be the same?

No, each IndusInd Bank branch is provided with its unique IFSC code. Duplicate IFSC codes are not permissible and allocation of IFSC codes is done by RBI.

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