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Election Results in India

Elections are a crucial part of a democracy. It helps citizens choose their own leader via a fair and transparent electoral process. The leaders for various constitutional posts are chosen on the basis of the mandate delivered by the majority of the voters in any election. The elected leader will then proceed to form the government or take charge of the office for a scheduled term (for example, 5 years in case of the Lok Sabha general elections).

There are many types of elections held in our country. You can check out the different types of elections held in India below:

  • Lok Sabha Elections
  • Rajya Sabha Elections
  • State Assembly Elections
  • Legislative Council Elections
  • President and Vice President Elections
  • Local Bodies Elections
  • Municipal Corporation Elections
  • Gram Panchayat Elections
  • Zila Parishad Elections
  • Block Panchayat Elections

Lok Sabha Elections

Among the above elections, the Lok Sabha Elections, or more commonly known as the general elections, are considered to be the most important elections in the country. The results of the general elections lead to electing the Prime Minister of the country for a tenure of 5 years. The Prime Minister then appoints his cabinet of ministers who are assigned specific portfolios to be in charge of based on their caliber, area of expertise and experience. The Prime Minister and the cabinet of ministers are charged with the governance of the country and are expected to carry out their duties and responsibilities with utmost regard to the Constitution of India and for the ultimate benefit of the nation and its citizens.

Exit Polls

Before the election results are announced, there are many exit polls conducted that predict the outcome of the elections. In majority cases, the exit polls are more or less quite accurate in predicting the outcome of the elections with an expected variation in the exact number of seats that may be won by any political party.

Given below is the example of exit polls that were predicted during the General Elections of 2019.

News 18-IPSOS33682124
Today’s Chanakya3509597
India Today Axis3659280
Times Now-VMR306132104

These were the examples of some exit polls by leading news channels and political analysts that had predicted the result of the 2019 General Elections.

Results of the Latest General Elections conducted in 2019

The actual election result for this particular election of 2019 was declared on 23rd May 2019. It was more or less similar to that predicted in the exit polls. NDA did gain a majority of seats in the Lok Sabha but no one had predicted that BJP alone on its own would be able to attain the majority mark to form the government.

The BJP led NDA (National Democratic Front) formed the government in the 17th Lok Sabha and currently holds 395 of the total seats of the Lower House.

Following are some of the major alliance partners of the BJP in the NDA Government.

  • Janata Dal (United)
  • All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK)
  • Lok Janshakti Party
  • Shiromani Akali Dal
  • Apna Dal (Sonelal)
  • National Democratic Progressive Party
  • National People’s Party
  • Republic Party of India
  • Sikkim Krantikari Morcha

Results of all Lok Sabha Elections held in India

The election results of the previous Lok Sabha Elections held till date are listed below.

YearElectionTotal seatsPartySeats% VotesPartySeats% VotesPartySeats% Votes
201917th Lok Sabha545BJP30337.76INC5219.698AITC224.11
201416th Lok Sabha545BJP28231.34%INC4419.52%AIADMK373.31%
200915th Lok Sabha545INC20628.55%BJP11618.80%SP233.23%
200414th Lok Sabha543INC14526.53%BJP13822.16%CPM435.66%
199913th Lok Sabha545BJP18223.75%INC11428.30%CPM335.40%
199812th Lok Sabha545BJP18225.59%INC14125.82%CPM325.16%
199611th Lok Sabha543BJP16120.29%INC14028.80%JD4623.45%
199110th Lok Sabha521INC23236.26%BJP12020.11%JD5911.84%
19899th Lok Sabha529INC19739.53%JD14317.79%BJP8511.36%
19848th Lok Sabha514INC40449.01%TDP304.31%CPM225.87%
19807th Lok Sabha529 (542*)INC(I)35142.69%JNP(S)419.39%CPM376.24%
19776th Lok Sabha542JP33041.32%INC15434.52%CPM224.29%
19715th Lok Sabha518INC35243.68%CPM255.12%CPI234.73%
19674th Lok Sabha520INC28340.78%SWA448.67%BJS359.31%
19623rd Lok Sabha494INC36144.72%CPI299.94%SWA187.89%
19572nd Lok Sabha494INC37147.78%CPI278.92%PSP1910.41%
1951-521st Lok Sabha489INC36444.99%CPI163.29%SOC1210.59%

FAQs – Election Results

1. What are exit polls?

Exit polls are predictions of the election results that are conducted by various news agencies along with political analysts and experts.

2. Who won the first Lok Sabha Elections of independent India?

The first Lok Sabha Election of independent India was won by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

3. Who declares the election results?

The elections in the country are conducted by the Election Commission of India and hence they have the authority and responsibility to count the votes and eventually declare the results of the elections.

4. What is the highest percentage of votes ever recorded in Lok Sabha Elections which led to the victory of a political party?

The highest percentage of votes recorded to register a win or victory for a political party was in the 8th Lok Sabha Elections where 49.01% of votes were registered for Indian National Congress leading to their victory.

5. Who is the current Chief Election Commissioner of India?

The current Chief election Commissioner of India is Shri Sunil Arora.

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