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Elections in a democracy are a time of great celebration. It’s one of the primary duties of a citizen. Elections help the general public to demonstrate the true power and essence of a democracy. Voters get to exercise their franchise and choose their leaders thus shaping the future of the country.

Eligibility to Cast Votes in an Election

The prerequisite for voting in any election is having a voter ID. An eligible citizen can get his/her voter ID by applying to the Election Commission of India via an online application or via an offline application i.e. by visiting the nearest Local Electoral Office.

However, just getting the voter ID is the only requirement to enable the voter to participate in any election of the country. Besides having the voter ID, the voter also has to check his/her eligibility to vote by making sure that his/her name appears in the electoral roll or the voter’s list.

How to check if a voter’s name is included in the electoral roll?

Earlier, the voters had to physically visit the local electoral office or the local corporation office to make sure if their names were included in the electoral roll in time for the elections. However now, voters can confirm that their names are included in the voter’s list from the comforts of their homes without having the need to visit the Local Electoral Office or the Corporation office. The ECI has facilitated this process by including verification of names in the electoral roll online.

Voter’s can now ensure that their names are present in the voter’s list by checking them via SMS, using the helpline number, logging into the ECI website or downloading the voter helpline mobile app.

The details of different methods to check names in the electoral roll are discussed in this article.

Methods of checking voter’s name in the Voter List

As discussed above, there are many online ways to check one’s name in the voter’s list. These methods ensure that the voter gets the required information instantly from the comforts of his/her home. The various methods are discussed below:


One of the easiest ways to check one’s name in the voter list is through SMS. The voter will only require the EPIC number or the Election Photo Identity card Number, more commonly known and the Voter ID Number. The voter is required to send an SMS containing this EPIC number in the required format to the number 1950. The format for sending the SMS is given below.

SPACE to 1950.

The voter will get the required information like confirmation or absence of the name from the voter list and the polling booth information, immediately on his mobile number and can thus verify his/her name in the voter list.

B. Using the Helpline Number

Another easy way to confirm one’s name in the voter list is by contacting the ECI on the helpline number available 24x7 to assist the voters with any difficulty they may be facing with respect to their voter card. The helpline number of the ECI is 1950.

The voter can call on this number and can check or verify the presence of his/her name in the voter’s list via name, address, EPIC number, information about the polling booth, etc.

*Note that calls/SMS to 1950 will be charged as per your existing tariff plans.

C. Voter Helpline App

Voter Helpline mobile app is a newly developed application of the Election Commission of India. The app helps the ECI establish a better connect with the digitally literate population of the country. It enables the voters to check their names in the voter’s list among many other functions.

The voter has to simply download the application from Google Play Store and register by providing the following details - mobile number, EPIC. Once the voter creates the account, he/she can easily verify his/her name in the electoral roll. Besides checking your name, you can also use the app to access other services like download a digital photo voter slip, etc.

D. ECI Website

The voters can also check their name in the voter list by visiting the official website of the ECI or National Voters’ Service Portal at or at The search can be conducted by entering the required details like the name of the voter, father’s/husband’s name, date of birth or age, state, district,assembly constituency. After this the next step is to enter the unique code displayed on the screen to authenticate the search. The details of the voter, if included in the voter list will be displayed to the voter on the next screen.

These are some of the easiest methods to check one’s name in the voter list. If a person does not get any information or is not satisfied by the information received, they can contact the nearest local electoral office for more information or to physically verify their names in the electoral rolls by making an application for the same.

Reasons for a voter’s name missing in the Electoral Roll

There have been many cases where in spite of having a valid voter ID, a person is not eligible to cast his/her vote as their name does not appear in the electoral roll. In majority cases, the reason is that the voter has registered right before the election dates and therefore their names cannot be updated in the voter list on time. Also, sometimes the voters may have changed constituencies or may have updated their information on the voter ID which may not have been updated in the voter list on time.

The last date for applying for a new voter ID or any changes in the voter is 3 weeks prior to the polling date. In order to avoid such scenarios or last minute hassles that will lead to a person not being able to cast his/her vote, voters are advised to check with the ECI to make sure that their name is included in the voter list or the electoral roll.

FAQs on How to Check Name in the Voter List

Q1. What is the helpline number to check names in the voter list?

A. The helpline number to check one’s name in the voter list is 1950.

Q2. What is the format of the SMS to be sent to check one’s name in the voter’s list?

A. The format required to be followed to send an SMS for checking one’s name on the voter’s list is SPACE

Q3. What is the EPIC number?

A. EPIC number is the unique 10 digit number displayed on the Election Photo Identity Card or the Voter Identity card.

Q4. What is the last date to apply for a new voter ID or apply for any changes in an existing voter ID?

A. The last date to apply for a new voter ID or any changes in the existing one is 3 weeks prior to the polling date to be qualified to vote in the upcoming elections.

Q5. Is having a voter ID sufficient to vote in any election?

A. No. Having a voter’s ID is not sufficient to vote in any election. The name of the voter should also appear in the voter’s list or the electoral roll of his/her polling booth.

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