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IDBI Credit Card Offers

It can be hard to make ends meet and still maintain your lifestyle when prices of almost every commodity are on an upward trajectory. In such a scenario, your IDBI bank credit card can be a saviour with its expanded credit limits and a host of offers and rewards. Using credit cards is no longer a mere convenience or an alternative to carrying cash. It is a tool to maintain your lifestyle while paying for your daily needs out of your income. Here is all you can do with your IDBI credit card.

IDBI Credit Card Offers by Categories

Idbi Bank Credit Card Offers

IDBI offers rewards under different brands and categories. Here is a list – though not comprehensive, it will give you a good idea about what’s in store.

Automotive Accessories

ProductReward Points Required Product Amount
Involve Organic One Car Perfume1408Rs. 352
Involve Music Car Perfume1556Rs. 389
Neck Rest Pillow – Plain1984Rs. 496
Car Charger3056Rs. 764
Huntkey X-Man Notebook Car Charger - Adp Car Charger9212Rs. 2303
Car Vacuum Cleaner9436Rs. 2359

Books and E books

Available BooksReward Points Required Book Amount
Skill With People - Les Giblin – Tamil460Rs. 115
English - The Art Of Dealing With People - Les Giblin524Rs. 131
Hindi - The Art Of Dealing With People - Les Giblin572Rs. 143
2 Minutes With Reality - Bejon N. Desai-ENGLISH744Rs. 186
The Lamp - Jim Stovall-ENGLISH764Rs. 191
The Ant & The Elephant - Vince Poscente-ENGLISH840Rs. 210
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - Dr. Joseph Murphy880Rs. 220


FoundationReward Points Amount
Disha1100Rs. 275
Isha1100Rs. 275
Maitri India1100Rs. 275
Foundation of Mother and Child Health1100Rs. 275


Product Reward Points Amount
24Kt 0.500 Gram Laxmi Gold Coin8800Rs. 2200
22Kt 1 Gram Laxmi Gold Coin14840Rs. 3710
24Kt 1 Gram Laxmi Gold Coin16960Rs. 4240
24Kt 2 Gram Laxmi Gold Coin34000Rs. 8500
5 grams 99.9% GSl Oval silver coin1384Rs. 346
5 grams 99.9% Ganesh Oval silver coin1532Rs. 383
5 Grams Saraswathi Ganesh And Lakshmi Silver Coin1440Rs. 360
5 Grams Lakshmi Silver Coin With 99.9 % Purity1440Rs. 360
Grams Ganesh Silver Coin 99.9 % Purity1440Rs. 360
5 grams 99.9% Laxmi Oval silver coin1532Rs. 383
5 grams 99.9% Laxmi Kalash silver coin1532Rs. 383
10 Grams Saraswathi Ganesh And Lakshmi Silver Coin2688Rs. 672
10 Grams Ganesh Silver Coin 99.9 % Purity2688Rs. 672
10 Grams Lakshmi Silver Coin 99.9 % Purity2688Rs. 672
10 grams 99.9% Laxmi Kalash silver coin3064Rs. 766
20 grams 99.9% Ganesh Oval silver coin6128Rs. 1532
Small Decorative Indian Wooden Temple5624Rs. 1406


ProductReward Points Product Price
Multi Card Reader-Sdhc Support596Rs. 149
Tab Pouch680Rs. 170
4 In 1 USB Port Hub808Rs. 202
International Adaptor1104Rs. 276
USB Light For Notebook & Pc1212Rs. 303
Awei Es-Q3 In-Ear Super Sound Mp3 Earphone1484Rs. 371
Rapoo Wired USB Mice - N11301512Rs. 378
Dell Mouse1624Rs. 406
Portable Hard Disk Case1648Rs. 412
Yashi 3D Wheel Optical Mouse1880Rs. 470
USB Digital Pc Camera2672Rs. 668
Rapoo Wireless Mouse Model 16202904Rs. 762
Rapoo M10 Wireless Mouse2980Rs. 745
Sony USB Ac Adaptor Cp-Ad23660Rs. 915
Rapoo N1820 Wired Combo Kit3716Rs. 929
Mini Bluetooth Speaker4824Rs. 1206
I have Tank Outdoor Charger5340Rs. 1335
Rapoo X1800 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo5456Rs. 1364
Panasonic High Speed HDMI Cable 1.5M5904Rs. 1476
Panasonic High Speed HDMI Cable 3M6056Rs. 1514
Presenter Pp1000 (Transmitter & Receiver6612Rs. 1653
Huntkey 10W USB Power Adapter Charger6720Rs. 1680
Logitech Webcam - C3106884Rs. 1712
Rapoo Bluetooth Headset With Mic H60207972Rs. 1993
Canon Pixma E560 Multifunction Inkjet Printer33980Rs. 8495
Sandisk - 16Gb Pendrive2042.60Rs. 510.65
Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 16 Gb Pen Drive2296Rs. 574
SAMSUNG METRO XL SM-B355E13600Rs. 3400
SONY POWER BANK 10000 MAH11716Rs. 2929
Wireless Mobile Phone Monopad7068Rs. 1767


ProductReward PointsAmount
Q Fashion Duffle Bag With Wheels6224Rs. 1556

IDBI also offers products under the following categories -

  • Gifts
  • Handbags & Accessories
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Jewellery
  • Personal Care
  • Sport, games and toys
  • Stationery
  • Travel Accessories

Benefits of IDBI Credit cards

IDBI brings you a bouquet of benefits and features which will help enhance your lifestyle at a relatively low cost.

  • Global Acceptance: You can use your IDBI credit card across the globe for making all your purchases. The bank partners with more than 25 million merchants around the globe so shopping, making travel & hotel bookings, dining, and much more is possible without having to worry about carrying cash or exchanging currency.
  • Free Credit Period: You get 48 days of entirely free credit as a welcome offer once your credit card is active. In case you happen to fall back on payments, you will get a welcome back offer once your dues are all paid up and your card reinstated.
  • Reward Programs: Every credit card – and most debit cards too – issued by IDBI Bank participates in a reward point program that allows you to earn reward point each time you swipe your card. You can then redeem these points against a horde of gifts, services, and products. Call the customer care number for more information.
  • Withdrawal Facility from ATM: As a norm, your credit card is as good as cash, but in the event you do need to withdraw cash you can always step into an IDBI ATM kiosk and use your credit card to withdraw the money you need. The withdrawal is subject to the same limits as your ATM card.
  • Access to Airport Lounge: The IDBI Royale Signature Card will gain access to all airport lounges in India – useful when you have to wait around at airports for your flight or pickup. The offer is irrespective of the airlines or class of booking.
  • Zero Liability on Lost Card: If you happen to misplace your card or it gets stolen, make sure to report it immediately. Once you report it to the bank, any transaction after the report is covered by the bank and you will not be liable for any payment until the matter is resolved.
  • Air Travel Accident Insurance Coverage: If you make your airline bookings using your IDBI credit card, the bank offers you a free travel accident insurance for an amount of up to 25 lac. This means that your travel is not only hassle free – no need to carry cash – but also secure.
  • Add-on Card: This is a unique opportunity to share the benefits on your credit card with another family member. IDBI add-on credit card is an additional card issued with your primary card, which you can give to a family member affording him or her the same ease of shopping and more that you have for yourself. Any rewards earned on the add-on card will automatically revert to the primary card – yours – and you can club the points for redemption.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: IDBI credit cards automatically earn you a waiver of surcharge on fuel so if you drive around a lot, gets an IDBI credit card to save on fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply to increase my credit card limit?

Yes, you can apply to increase the credit limit on the card at any point of time. For this you need to write to the bank asking for increase in the credit limit. You also need to provide documentary proof of credit worthiness such as bank statements and IT returns. The decision – which is based on your credit history and capacity to pay – is at the sole discretion of the bank and is final.

2. How safe it is to share card PIN details with the shopping merchants if they ask for it?

It is the combination of the credit card – physical proof – and your PIN – digital proof – which identifies you to the bank when making a transaction with your credit – or other – card. In the event your card is lost or misplaced, any unscrupulous person who knows your PIN number can misuse the card. Therefore you should never under any circumstances share your PIN with any other person.

3. What is Revolving Credit?

If ever you find yourself in a position where you are only able to pay off part of your credit card dues, you can carry forward the balance to the next billing cycle. This is known as Revolving Credit. There are some terms and conditions applicable and IDBI bank will charge interest on the carry-forward amount as per the schedule of fees and charges – available on their official website.

4. I am migrating abroad for business reasons; can I retain my card?

No. In the event you decide to migrate to another country, you must surrender your card. IDBI – like other banks – issues credit cards only to Indian Residents. You must also settle all your dues before you surrender your card.

5. Can I use my card immediately I receive it?

IDBI dispatches credit cards via Blue Dart courier service. This is a trusted service and if you receive your credit card via this channel you can begin using it immediately. However in places where Blue Dart does not provide service, credit cards are dispatched via registered post. If this happens, you must call the customer care number to have your card activated.

About IDBI

IDBI Bank has its headquarters in Mumbai. It is one of the largest commercial banks in India. With its strong business strategy and committed workforce, the bank sells a multitude of financial products such as mutual funds, term deposits, credit and debit cards, and so forth in addition to providing traditional banking services. They use state-of-the-art technology to provide customized service to both individual as well as corporate customers. Established in 1964, the bank received the Banking Technology award for best use of Business Intelligence and the best Risk Management from Indian Banks Association in 2011.

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