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RBL Bank Credit Card Payment

The RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment can be made both online and offline. Apart from modes of online payment such as netbanking and mobile banking, there are also ways to do it offline through cheque or cash. Let us now see each of these modes of payment in detail.

RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Online

1) RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Through Netbanking

Step 1: Login to your RBL Netbanking account using your username and password

Step 2: Choose the ‘Add Biller’ option under the ‘Bill Payment’ section.

Step 3: Here, add your RBL credit card as your biller.

Step 4: Post the addition, the payment can be made directly by entering the details such as the amount and the bank account from which the payment has to be made

Step 5: When you click on the ‘Instant Pay’ option, your payment will be processed, and a receipt will be displayed automatically.

2) RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Via BillDesk

Step 1: Go to the BillDesk portal of RBL Bank

Step 2: Read the information attentively and click on the ‘Proceed’ button

Step 3: Now, provide your credit card details, such as email ID and mobile number

Step 4: Authenticate the payment and submit the request

Step 5: The payment will be done instantly and a confirmation will be sent to the mobile number and email ID.

3) RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Through Debit Cards

Step 1: Visit RBL Bank’s official website

Step 2: Click on the ‘Make Payments’ tab

Step 3: Select the ‘Credit Card Payments’ option

Step 4: Payment via debit card can be done through 2 payment gateways - Pay U, Razorpay, or Bill Desk

Step 5: Click on your preferred payment gateway

Step 6: Fill in the card details, contact details, and debit card details

Step 7: Proceed to complete the payment.

4) RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through UPI

You can also make the RBL credit card bill payment through UPI.

Step 1: Pick either netbanking or the RBL Bank MyCard app for paying through UPI

Step 2: Choose the ‘Bill Payment’ option in the ‘Credit Cards’ section

Step 3: Enter the amount you have to pay and click on the ‘Submit’ option

Step 4: Here, select option ‘UPI’

Step 5: Enter your VPA (Virtual Payment Address) and click on ‘Request’ to proceed

Step 6: Open the UPI app on your phone and make the payment

Step 7: The payment will be credited to the card account instantly

5) RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Through NEFT Using IFSC Code

You can use any bank’s account to pay the RBL Credit Card Bill through NEFT. It allows instant payment within the same day and you will receive the payment acknowledgement within the same day.

Step 1: Log into your net banking portal through your username and password

Step 2: Choose the NEFT payment method

Step 3: Register the RBL Bank as a beneficiary by entering the following details: The payee name - Your name as given on your RBL credit card, the payee account number - your 16 digit card number, the bank name - RBL Bank, The branch location - NOC Goregaon, Mumbai, and IFSC code - RATN0CRCARD

6) RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment through Other Bank Netbanking

Step 1: You can add your RBL Bank credit card as a biller in the netbanking account of any bank

Step 2: The payment can be done directly from the savings account

Step 3: Once paid, the credit card payment gets released on the next day but the limit is released within the same day

Step 4: A confirmation message is sent to you on the registered email ID and mobile number

7) RBL Credit Card Payment Through NACH Using Other Bank’s Account

You can pay the RBL credit card dues using other bank’s account through NACH. Here are the steps to be followed

Step 1: Download the NACH mandate form

Step 2: Send a form to RBL Bank to register for the service

Step 3: The credit card amount due will be auto debited from the account post registration.

Note: This facility can be disabled at any time.

8) RBL Credit Card Payment through MyCard Mobile Banking

Step 1: Login to your RBL Bank MyCard app

Step 2: Under the option ‘Credit Cards’, your card details will be displayed on the dashboard

3: Navigate to the ‘Make Payment’ option and ‘Click’

Step 4: Choose the amount you wish to pay and the mode of payment that you want to use

Step 5: Make the payment immediately and the limit will be released on the same day

9)RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Through RTGS Using IFSC Code

Credit card bills over Rs. 2.00 lakhs can be paid through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). You will have to add your credit card to the list of beneficiaries before you pay using it. The RBL credit card payment IFSC Code will be RATN0CRCARD. For making the payment, follow the steps ensuing

Step 1: Login to your net banking account in which the RBL credit card is added to the list of beneficiaries.

Step 2: Head over to the funds transfer section and choose the option, RTGS

Step 3: Choose the card from the list of beneficiaries and review the details

Step 4: Enter the amount and make the RBL Bank credit card payment

RBL Credit Card Bill Payment - Offline

1) Cash

  • Go to any RBL Bank Branch near you and pay in person
  • A charge of Rs. 250 plus GST will be levied on payment made through cash.
  • Your payment will be processed on the same day but you will receive the acknowledgement the forthcoming day

2) Cheque

You can pay the RBL credit card bill through cheque as well. The cheque can be deposited in the bank directly. But it is recommended that the cheque should be submitted days before the due date. This is because the payment will be completed only if the cheque is cleared. Additional fee is levied on cheque transactions.

Processing Time For Various RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Methods

Mode of payment for the RBL credit card bill

Credit Card Payment Time

Release Time

RBL Bank Netbanking

Next day

Next day

NACH using Any Bank Account

Same day

Next day

Debit cards

Next day

Same day

Other Bank Netbanking

Next day

Same day


Up to 2 working days

Next day


Next day

Same day

RTGS using IFSC Code



Cash Deposit at RBL Bank Branches

Same day

Next day

Cheque Deposit at branches of RBL Bank/Courier

Subject to clearing

Subject to clearing

RBL MyCard Mobile App

Same day

Same day

Neft using IFSC code

Same day

Same day

FAQs Of RBL Bank Credit Card Payment

1. Can I make my RBL credit card bill payment at an ATM?

The option of paying the RBL credit card bill at an ATM is not available.

2. What are the 3 stages of RBL credit card bill payment?

There are three stages of RBL credit card bill payment, and they are processing, validation, reservation, and finalization.

3. What operations can I do via RBL Cards Online Portal?

Customers can use Cards Online Portal to view their credit card account from anywhere in the world. You can operate on a variety of things like account balance, account history, available credit limit, statement balance and payment due dates. This portal can also be used to make RBL credit card bill payments in an instant without any hassles.

4. Is the online transaction that I make towards bill payment secure?

Yes, RBL Bank uses state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to guarantee a very safe online transaction experience. All payments that you make towards credit card bills on RBL Bank interface have a Verisign certification and a 128-bit SSL encryption. Also, after three unsuccessful attempts of trying to log in with the wrong user ID or password, the account will be blocked which guarantees more security.

5. My e-mail ID has changed. How do I update my contact information to get bill statements and make credit card payments?

Contact the nearest RBL bank branch to update your contact information. ID proof or address proof might be required if you are updating your address.

6. Should I have an account with RBL bank to make a credit card payment for RBL card using NEFT?

No, you can use the NEFT facility from your other bank accounts also to make RBL credit card bill payments.

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