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State Bank of India is the largest public sector bank in India. They offer various banking facilities to their millions of customers. SBI UPI is one such feature that allows SBI customers to make seamless online transactions directly from their bank accounts.

SBI PAY, the UPI app of State Bank of India is a payment solution that enables account holders participating to send and receive money from their smartphones with a virtual payment address that is an identifier. No additional details other than the Virtual payment address are needed to carry out transactions on this app. Find all that you need to know about SBI UPI on this page.

What is UPI? How does it work?

Sbi Upi

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a portal developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to facilitate interoperability between banks. This is a one-stop solution for using separate bank accounts to carry out transfers from a single app.

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface (UPI). It enables money to be immediately transferred via a mobile phone from one bank account to another. Payments can only be rendered via supporting mobile phone apps. The cash transactions through UPI are available 24x7.

UPI allows the transfer of money using both the Push & Pull process, where both the Sender and the Recipient may initiate the transaction. Multiple bank accounts can be connected to a single APP for money transfer. A secure two-factor authentication with a single click ensures that your transaction is safe and secure. IMPS allows the transfer of money from the sender to the recipient and the exchange is initiated by the sender.

SBI has launched its UPI app called 'BHIM SBI Pay.' You can use this app to transfer funds and make bill payments immediately. 'BHIM SBI Pay' is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This app can also be used by non-SBI account holders. The only prerequisite is that you need to have at least one bank account and that the phone number has to be linked to that bank. The debit card must also be connected to the bank account.

'BHIM SBI Pay' is a most revolutionary payment app which allows any bank customer to send or receive money to/from any user using one app to send or receive the money from other banks and can also pay for services such as recharging, food orders, payment of bills and local transactions. You don't need to bother about which bank you have your account with.

Salient Features of BHIM SBI PAY App

  • Lauded as India’s best UPI App due to its ease of access
  • The app can be used by both SBI and non-SBI Bank account holders. You simply need a bank account registered with your mobile number in an activated UPI bank.
  • Transfer and receive funds from a single application from various banking accounts
  • Perennial access to all the features; 24*7 and 365 days of fund transfers at no cost
  • Money transfers using VPA, IFSC account number and +MMID mobile number
  • Check the balances on all your linked accounts for free
  • Use UPI payment option as a retailer or a consumer, from the same app
  • Recharge mobile, DTH & many more bill payments from a single app
  • Access bill payments for electricity, gas, water, gated communities and more at one place
  • Order food from more than 30000+ restaurants
  • Get access to more than 1000+ local offers on food, spa, sports and more

How to register on SBI Pay UPI app?

Step 1: Download the SBI UPI on your Google Play Store smartphone

Step 2: Verify the registered mobile number by SMS after download. You should record the same number with your bank

Step 3: The app automatically verifies the mobile number after the text message is received

Step 4: Type in your preferred Virtual Address, First Name, Last Name, and Email to start your registration process. Set a secret question and answer for enhanced security

Step 5: Accept all terms of service and pick 'Next'

Step 6: Pick a bank account and press 'Register.' Select a password of 6 digits.

Step 7: Set an m-PIN and confirm the m-PIN by submitting the OTP and debit card details

How to register as a merchant on the SBI Pay UPI app?

  • One can register as a merchant to receive payments at their merchant establishment.
  • After registration, just click on "I am a Merchant" option on the main screen
  • Fill in all the requested details and hit Submit.
  • Your User profile is now set as a Merchant which will allow you to accept payments from consumers.

What is VPA ID? How do I get my VPA ID for SBI Pay App?

"Virtual Payment Address" is a special virtual ID. For example, the name, number or a combination of numbers and characters you select, such as suresh@sbi or 9558742587@sbi, with @sbi called the UPI handle specific to SBI Bank. The VPA is connected with your account. Instead of exchanging bank account information, you can pay/receive money using just your VPA ID.

Follow these steps to generate your VPA ID: 

  • When the app launches, a message of confirmation to send SMS will be shown.
  • The registration page will be shown when you select YES. Provide details that are requested on the page e.g. first name, last name, email, security query, security answer, etc.
  • Set the desired VPA or select from the list of suggested VPAs and confirm.

How to transfer money using SBI Pay UPI?

Follow these simple steps to transfer money to another person: 

  • Login to your BHIM SBI App
  • Choose 'Pay' option
  • Choose either of the payment options; VPA or Account and IFSC or QR code options.
  • Enter any additional information needed
  • Choose the account you want to debit the amount from and click on the ‘Tick’ mark.
  • Enter the UPI PIN to authorize the transaction
  • To complete payment, click on the 'Tick’ mark

How can I receive money using a Virtual Payment Address?

  • Login to your BHIM SBI Pay App
  • Select the 'Collect' option.
  • Enter the Payer/Sender Virtual Address
  • Enter the additional information needed
  • Pick the Credit Account from the linked accounts and press the 'Tick' button to start the Collection process. Collect request will be sent as an SMS and notification to the payer.
  • Once the Payer accepts your Collect request, the money will be credited to your preferred account.

What is ‘Collect Request’?

Request collection is to collect money from you as a bill payment or fund transfer. Keep in mind that money is charged / debited from your account if you accept a collect request. Never approve/authorize an unknown person's application for 'collection.'

How do I respond to a Collect Request that has been sent to me? 

  • You'll get a message when someone sends a request to you to collect money.
  • Click on the BHIM SBI Pay App notification or login page.
  • Click the 'Bell Button' notification on the Right Hand Top
  • Pick the requested Collect request from pending items.
  • Click the Approve/Reject/SPAM button as per your wish.
  • Enter the UPI PIN to accept the submission. Money will be debited from your account and sent to the beneficiary's account immediately.

How to make bill payments/mobile recharge through the SBI Pay UPI App? 

  • Login to the SBI Pay UPI app using your login PIN
  • Once you have logged in, you will see various options at the lower portion of the home screen like Recharge, Food, Bill Payment, Local Offers, DTH, etc.
  • Click on the required service, enter your bill details and proceed to do the shopping or payments directly from your bank account.

Are there any charges for using the SBI Pay UPI App?

No, there are no charges to use the SBI Pay UPI App. Currently, no fees are charged for BHIM SBI Pay transactions. Charges shall be subject to revision from time to time. Any update in this matter will be reported on the Bank's website. Available Discounts and deals from different merchant partners will be shown on screen after login.

How to link a bank account to my SBI Pay UPI?

You must pick the bank of your choice, where you have your account, from the list of banks shown. Upon completion of the above data, click the Next" tab. Select the appropriate account from the list of accounts shown for the link and press the Register button. A maximum of 5 bank accounts can be linked to the same virtual address (VPA) on your SBI Pay UPI App.

What is the app PIN and how do I create it?

An App PIN would be required to open the app. You will be asked to create an App PIN on the registration screen after creating a VPA, which is needed to open the BHIM SBI Pay App every time.

At the bottom of the screen, pick the security question and answer it, which can be used to retrieve the App PIN if you forget.

By clicking on the tick symbol, acknowledge the terms and conditions.


1. Can I use more than one UPI application on the same mobile device?

Yes, you can use more than one UPI app on the same mobile and connect the same as separate accounts in both UPI apps.

2. How do I change my default account on the SBI UPI App?

Login to your BHIM SBI Pay App Pick the My Accounts option in the main menu. Pick Account from the available related accounts. Click the Set 'As Default Account' button to set the selected account to the default account. This account will be referred to as the "Primary Account"

3. I plan to connect several accounts to the SBI UPI app from other banks. Do I need a separate virtual payment address (VPA) for each of those accounts?

You don’t have to. You can create a single VPA and connect it to multiple accounts. The default account will be one of the accounts. You can change the default account at any time. The money will be paid/received from/to the default account. The VPA can be configured between the different accounts by setting the chosen account under "My Accounts." You also have the option of creating a separate VPA for each account.

4. What happens if the transfer transaction fails or is transferred to an incorrect account?

You need to carefully check all the details of the beneficiary before making any transactions. In the event that such an error occurs, you can file a complaint from the application itself via the complaint section. In the event of a failed transaction, the balance will be refunded directly to the account within 7 working days.

5. What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

If you lose your phone, the UPI PIN needed to approve all transactions would not be known to a third party and will therefore not be able to use the Bharat Interface for Money. In addition, you have to contact the customer service department at your bank to make sure that your account is not misused.

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