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Bank of Maharashtra is a public sector bank of the country having its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. The bank has a huge network of branches across the country with the maximum presence in Maharashtra.

The bank has a huge range of loan products that the customers can avail in order to satisfy their needs like personal expenses (medical, travel, emergency), purchase of loan, educational expenses, purchase or vehicle (two wheeler or four wheeler whether new or old).

The loans given for purchase of new or old cars by the bank are known as the Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme. The details of the scheme are provided here.

Eligibility for Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme

Bank Of Maharashtra Used Car Loan

Mahabank Vehicle Loan scheme is available to all the residents of the country above the age of 18 years. The scheme is open to all categories of individuals whether salaried or not. The list of eligible applicants along with the minimum income requirement for each category is highlighted hereunder.

CategoryEligible PersonsMinimum Income Requirement


Permanent employees of,

  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • Corporate Salary Account Holders
  • Employees of PSUs
  • Employees of reputed Companies

Other requirements

  • Minimum employment of 2 years with 1 year employment with current organization
  • Having minimum 1 year standing relationship with the bank
  • Minimum salary – Rs. 3,00,000 (as per previous year records)
  • Mandatory requirement of at least 2 years IT returns/ Form 16.


  • Businessmen
  • Self-employed Persons
  • Independent Entrepreneurs

Having a regular source of income since based on the IT returns of past 2 years

  • Minimum income Rs. 3,00,000 (as per previous year records)
  • At least 2 years IT returns and supporting documents is another mandatory requirement of the Bank

Agricultural sector

  • Farmers having at least 5 acres of land holding and engaged in agricultural activities
  • Farmers having at least 5 acres of irrigated land holding and sufficient disposable income and engaged in agriculture allied activities

Minimum ascertainable income Rs. 3,00,000

Documents required for Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme

The bank has a comprehensive list of documents that are required to be submitted at the branch office as part of the loan application process. Customers can contact the bank or the customer care service of the bank for any information regarding the documents required. The list of documents as per the bank’s guidelines is given below.

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • PAN card
  • Proof of Income

Apart from the above general KYC documents, the bank has a list of documents specific to the category of eligible applicants

For the salaried class – 

  • Form 16
  • Last 2 years IT returns
  • Last 3 months salary slips
  • Last 6 months bank statements

For the non-salaried class – 

  • Audited balance sheet
  • Last 2 years IT returns
  • Last 12 months bank statements 

For persons engaged in agriculture and allied activities – 

  • For persons not filing income tax returns, an income certificate from the Tahsildar/ Mandal Revenue Officer/ Revenue Department officer having State Level Gazetted rank is to be submitted.

The bank will also require certain documents relating to the vehicle so purchased out of the loan. The list of the same is provided here.

  • Quotation of the vehicle to be purchased
  • Receipt of payment if already made to the dealer
  • The authenticity of the dealer or supplier of the vehicle
  • Valuation certificate from an Insurer in case of loan taken for old vehicle assure that such vehicle is not older than 3 years
  • Insurance with bank clause at the time of delivery of money to the dealer

After submission of all the above documents by the applicant, the bank will sanction the loan for the purchase of a used car if all the conditions and guidelines set by the bank in this regard are met sufficiently.

Features of Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme (Used Cars)

The used car loans offered by the bank come with many attractive features that make it very appealing to the customers and make the product a very lucrative deal. The key highlights of the bank’s used car loans are given here.

Tenure – 

The bank offers a period of 60 months (5 years) for repayment of the bank’s used car loan. The repayment period given by the bank is among the highest in this category in the market.

Rate of Interest – 

The rate of interest is calculated based on the various factors like credit score of the applicant, his/her relationship with the bank, tenure of the loan, amount of loan to be sanctioned, etc. The current interest in Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme starts from approximately 9.40%. The bank may offer a concessional rate of interest for existing customers and customers that have a long-standing good relationship with the bank. Bank of Maharashtra also has concessional interest rates for women and senior citizens.

Amount of loan to be sanctioned – 

The maximum amount that can be sanctioned as a loan for the purchase of a used car under the Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme is Rs. 5,00,000. The maximum amount to be sanctioned is further calculated based on the restrictions on each category of eligible applicants.


Salaried Persons

Lower of,

  • Rs. 5,00,000, or
  • 20 times of the net monthly salary based on last salary drawn,

provided the deduction does not exceed 60% of the Gross income including the proposed EMI

Other Individuals

Lower of,

  • Rs. 5,00,000, or
  • 2 times of the average annual income based on 2 years ITR, or,
  • Gross taxable income as per latest ITR,

provided the deduction does not exceed 60% of the Gross income including the proposed EMI

(total income in this case would mean cash accruals)

Margin –

The margin requirement for used car loans of the scheme is a minimum of 50% of the value of the car. The value of the car for this purpose is determined as per the valuation report of the Insurance Valuer. The margin requirement of the bank is on the steeper side as compared to others in the market.

Processing charges - 

The bank charges 0.25% of the loan amount as processing charges. This amount is subject to a minimum charge of Rs. 500 per application.

Security – 

The vehicle purchased from the loan sanctioned acts as primary security against the loan. Bank requires a hypothecation charge, vehicle as well as insurance to be transferred in the name of the purchaser with the bank clause as well as registered with the RTO.

Guarantee – 

Bank of Maharashtra does not require any third party guarantee for loans under the Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme.

How to apply for Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme

Bank of Maharashtra offers an easy application process for used car loans. The bank currently offers a physical mode of application for such loans. This means that the customers/ applicants have to physically visit the bank for an application form and get the details of the documents as well as any other related requirements in order to apply for this loan.

Upon duly filling the application form and signing it, the customer has to submit the same at the nearest branch office along with the required documents and application fees (if applicable).

The customers can, however, check the status of their loan application on the bank’s website by submitting the details like,

  • Application number
  • Mobile number registered with the bank
  • Loan category
  • Entering the captcha code displayed on the screen

The bank will review the documents and the application form based on its set parameters like a person and income eligibility, repayment capacity, credit score, relationship with the bank, etc. If the bank finds the application suitable for granting a loan, it may do so after due diligence that the loan granted shall be repaid in full. The bank may also ask for post-dated cheques as a safeguard against the loan given.

Bank of Maharashtra Customer Care

Bank of Maharashtra customer care service is available 24x7. Customers can contact the bank for any queries and issues that they may have as well as give their valuable feedback regarding the bank, branch, branch personnel, or any products and service offered by the bank. The contact channels available to the customers are mentioned below.

  • Email – mahaconnect[at]mahabank[dot]co[dot]in

The customer care email id for the customers to report any issues/ complaints/ grievances is,

  •  hocomplaints[at]mahabank[dot]co[dot]in
  • cmcustomerservice[at]mahabank[dot]co[dot]in

The customers can also contact the bank at its Head Office at the following address and telephone numbers.

  • Address – Bank of Maharashtra

    Central Office, ‘Lokmangal’

        1501, Shivajinagar

        Pune – 411005

 020 – 25532728

020 – 25514501-12

020 – 25513781

Besides the above channels, the bank hosts a ‘Customer day’ on the 15th of every month at all its offices across the country (branches, Zonal offices and Head Office). In case of a holiday on the 15th of a month, this day is observed on the previous working day.

FAQs: Bank of Maharashtra Used Car Loan

1. What is the margin requirement for Bank of Maharashtra used car loans?

The bank requires a margin of minimum 50% of the value of the car as valued by the Insurance Valuer.

2. Does the bank require any additional security/guarantee?

The vehicle purchased from the loan acts as a primary security against the loan. The bank does not require any additional guarantee or security or collateral.

3. Does the bank provide used car loans to NRIs?

The bank provides loans for purchase of new or old cars under its loan scheme only to eligible residents of the country.

4. Can a person apply jointly for the used car loan?

The bank allows joint application of loans for used cars provided such person is a close relative or family member of the applicant. The income of such co-applicant will be considered for determining the income eligibility for loan application.

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