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We are all brought up with the notion of landing a good job once we finish our studies. We do study hard and perform well in that campus interview to draw a 5 figure salary. But, many of us turn out to be entrepreneurs locked up in a day job! The business acumen in us is just looking for the right opportunity and the encouragement to become a job creator rather than job seeker.

India is an ocean of opportunity! There is huge potential and the necessary resources to start a business and make a name of yourself. But, where do we start? What business is good for me? How do I get the necessary funding? What are the permissions I need to get before starting? These are some important questions that need to be answered before you launch your business. 

Let us have a look at some of the Business Ideas Ideal for Men!

Coaching or Training Institutes

There is no dearth for people seeking professional training or coaching for their studies or any kind of art or skill set. All you need is a set of professional trainers and the infrastructure for a training institute. Carefully plan your marketing strategy. You can include a Unique Selling Point for your institute like flexible timings, personal coaching, home-based training and many more to improve your potential customer base. Increase your visibility through advertisements in local papers and online social media apps. This business would require a substantial capital for the infrastructure, but it will be a one-time investment.

Snacks / Chaat / Juice Joint

Who doesn’t love a snack break? And a snack joint that offers snacks, chats and juices is always in demand. Location is important for these joints. Choose a well crowded area. You will need to invest in rent, furniture, cooking equipment and raw materials. Make sure to start with simple items that do not require much cooking or preparation. Foods that can be dished out quicker are suitable. Juices can be presented as healthy substitutes for fizzy drinks to attract consumers.

Online Blogging

This is a work from home based enterprise. This needs very low investment and can get you started immediately. All you need is a good computer (Laptop/PC), a reliable internet connection and a creative mind. You will be writing about various topics that interest you. You need to make them SEO friendly to increase traffic. You get paid via AdSense, promotions and collaborations. This would need a lot of your time and energy in the beginning. Once you have settled into it, it is just a piece of cake.


Freelancing has become the most sought after profession for many youngsters in India. Similar to blogging, it is a low investment enterprise depending totally on your skills. Once you find your talent or skill that you can market, you are all set. You need to be a real go-getter with excellent time management skills. Network with the right people to acquire clients and make sure that you are talked about. Word of mouth is everything in freelancing. However, these days, there are a number of freelancing job sites where you can take up projects that suit you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming a hit with the social media generations. It allows you to earn a commission by marketing or selling others products on your website or blog. You can even use your YouTube channel to promote a brand or service. For every item or service purchased through the link from your website or channel, you earn a percentage as commission.

Courier Service

Courier service is simply picking and dropping off an item from one place to another. A good app or website to advertise your service will get you new business. You need to have a vehicle that will help you travel from Point A to Point B allows you to operate like a courier service. You can charge according to the distance travelled.


The craze to photograph any and all events of one’s life has served as a boon to photographers. There is an unprecedented demand for professional photographers who can take high quality, creative and artistic pictures are paid handsomely. You can even get professional training to spruce up your skills before you launch yourself as the local community photographer. Social media, friends, relatives and networking serves as your business lead generators.

Event Planning

If you are good at organizing events and procuring things for a party, you can try your hands at event planning. You need to have a good eye for decorations and party arrangements. Understanding customer needs and planning an event within a budget are necessary. Once you start providing best events, word spread to bring in more clients. Knowing places to buy quality products at best prices, contacts of various vendors for a party and good people management are all the key points to make you a good event planner.


Yes, we have not forgotten this golden egg laying goose. YouTuber seems to be the magic word for everyone these days. Starting from game plays to gadgets, from make up to saree draping, from baking to flower decoration, there are millions and millions of videos uploaded to YouTube. All you need is creativity, a good camera and relevant content. Perseverance in getting your videos viewed by maximum audiences helps you earn a steady income.

Resume Builder

This needs a different skill set and a lot of information. You should be on top of the job market game. Knowing to use the right words in the resume helps you in creating killer resumes for your clients. You need to be constantly updated with the current trends in the job market. The Internet is your buddy in this job. This business too requires zero or very low investment to get started. You need to know how to sell yourself on various social media sites to acquire new customers.

A successful business depends on various factors like your skillset, marketing strategy, business location and the consumer behaviour. Apart from these, your perseverance, determination and hard work also play a role in making your business enterprise a grand success.

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