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Universal Account Number is allotted by EPFO as a blanket number for multiple Member (Employee) accounts given to individuals by various establishments. The objective is to link all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) of a single member to one Universal Account Number (UAN). This allows a member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) that are linked. Once a member is allotted Universal Account Number (UAN), he/she must provide it while joining a new establishment. This allows the employer to tag the newly allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the existing Universal Identification Number (UAN).

Now, EPFO members can update their EPF KYC information online by using the UAN EPFO website. To update or change KYC (Know your customer) details on the UAN EPFO portal, members will require a UAN (Universal Account Number) credential. Members will need to login to the EPFO UAN portal for updating KYC information by uploading the required documents on the website.

The KYC details that are essential to be updated include PAN card number, Aadhar card, and bank account details. If not done so already, members must update this information on the portal at the earliest. Updating KYC information on the EPF portal has many benefits.

If the account is up to date (i.e. KYC document updated account) then the individual will not experience any delay during transfer or withdrawal of funds. In case the bank account details have been not updated then there are higher chances of the claim getting rejected. In some cases, the EPF account holder may not have the privilege of receiving SMS alerts in case KYC documents have not been submitted.

List of Documents Required for EPF KYC update

  • NPR (National Population Register)
  • AADHAR card
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • Valid Bank Account details
  • Valid Passport Number
  • Valid Driving License
  • Valid Election Card
  • Valid Ration Card

Steps to Update KYC Details

EPFO has started offering the facility to all account holders for updating their KYC details online without any hassle. Some of the benefits of timely updation of KYC details include low TDS on withdrawals, ease of account-related operations and transactions, etc. Recently, the government has mandated employees to link their EPF account with an Aadhaar card. This will help in bringing efficiency throughout the whole process.

For updating KYC details in the EPF account, members need to follow a very simple and easy process. The members can go through below mentioned steps for updating their details on the EPF portal:

  • User needs to first login to the EPF account with the help of UAN (Universal Account Number) and password. Link to be used for this step is -
  • In the “Manage” tab, the user can then click on the “KYC” option available in the drop-down list.
  • After successfully logging in, the form for updating KYC details will appear. The user must fill respective details such as Aadhaar, passport, PAN, driving license, ration card, National Population Register (NPR) election card, and bank details.
  • The user then needs to click on the box available next to the document that he or she wishes to update. User will need to provide the document number, name of the account holder as per the document and additional details including IFSC code in case of bank account details and validity (expiry) date for driving license and passport.
  • The user then needs to save the changes by clicking the save button. The data gets saved automatically under the “Pending KYC” section.
  • In case the user does not want to update the details, he/she can cancel the KYC process by clicking on the ‘X’ sign. This is available next to the document before being verified by EPFO.
  • All other information is verified by the EPFO using the data of the specific department.
  • Once all the details are approved, a verified mark appears on the front side of the document.

Procedure to Get Login Details for UAN EPF Portal

For updating KYC information, login details are essential. In case you don’t have them, you can follow the below steps:

1) Go to the UAN EPF Link.

2) Next, click on the UAN Activation link available on the right-hand side bottom section.

3) Input all required details such as city, state, Aadhaar number, PAN number, Date of Birth, Mobile number, etc., and select “Generate Pin”.

4) You will then receive your login credentials. Now you will be able to login to UAN portal and update KYC details.

How to update contact details in EPF account?

Users can update their KYC details on the EPF portal. They can also make changes or update contact details on the portal. Here is the process for updating contact details.

  • A user will need to login to his or her EPF account using your UAN (user ID) and password.
  • Next, visit the “Manage” section and then click on the “Contact Details” option in the drop-down menu.
  • The mobile number and email address of the user will be pre-fed in the EPF account. This is because the details are taken at the time of activation of a user’s EPF account.
  • Select the box with the name “Change mobile number” option or “Change email ID” option for updating the contact details. Then click on the “Get Authorization Pin'' button.
  • After providing the verification PIN using an OTP sent to the user’s registered mobile number, the user's email or phone details will be updated in the EPF account.
  • The updates could take some time to reflect on the user’s EPF account.

Benefits of Updating KYC Details

There are many benefits of updating KYC details in your EPF account. The account holder can make use of multiple benefits. Some of the key advantages are as below:

  • Any claims for withdrawal made online can be easily processed once KYC details are linked with the UAN.
  • Updating KYC details ensures smooth transfer of EPF accounts.
  • Users can also receive alerts notifying them about monthly PF post activation
  • If the user/member wants to withdraw his/her PF before completion of 5 years of service then 10% TDS is applicable on the withdrawn amount, if the PAN details are updated in the account. If PAN details have not been updated in the account, the TDS percentage applicable is 34.608%.

What if KYC details are not approved by the employer?

In case an employee is facing issues in getting approval after updating KYC information on EPF portal, here are some of the steps that he or she can follow:

RTI to the EPF department

The employee can register an RTI to the EPF authorities seeking the reason on pending KYC verification. To give more ground to the RTI application, the employee can attach hard evidence in the form of screenshots with the RTI application. It also makes sense to file for RTI through an expert so that the process is followed and right responses can be sought.

Register Complaint with EPF Authorities

The employee can register a complaint with the EPF authorities through the grievance cell. The complaint website is at this link. The site is only meant for submission of online complaints. In case an employee has not received UAN no. from his/her employer and has not activated the same, he or she cannot file an online complaint using the portal.

Reach Out to the Employer

Normally, a company’s HR department looks after all the EPF matters of employees. Hence if KYC approval is urgently required, it may not be feasible to go for RTI application or the online complaint process. In such a scenario, the employee can directly reach out to senior management of the organisation for registering a complaint and escalating the matter.

Online Claims Processing

Here are some of the important points to remember while making an online claim around EPF:

  • The member claims have to prove that the UAN is activated
  • Aadhaar number must be seeded and verified by the employer.
  • Bank details have to be updated and the same must have been verified and approved by the employer.
  • PAN card details should be updated and verified, also approved by the employer.

An employee has the right to get his/her documents approved from the employer within a month’s timeline. If not done within such a timeline, the employee can furnish a request letter to the HR department and move to the EPF authorities to complain against the employer for not cooperating during the process.


An Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) account must be KYC compliant. In case the EPF account is not KYC compliant, then the member will be unable to avail various online services on the Employees Provident Fund Organisation's (EPFO) Member e-Sewa Portal.


1. Will there be any impact if I don’t update my KYC on EPFO Portal?

The process of updating KYC on EPF is not mandatory. However, by updating KYC, the data gets stored on the EPF portal and can be used in many ways. When you change jobs or resign from an existing job and start a business, this info is helpful in easy transfer of EPF money or withdrawal of available EPF amount without any delay.

2. I uploaded my KYC documents on UAN EPF Portal, but I don’t see them approved yet?

Normally, the documents get reviewed and approved in approximately 3-5 working days. Sometimes, it may be delayed by a few days, which is normal.

3. Do I have to check the UAN Portal every day to view the latest status of documents?

This is not essential. Once the documents get reviewed and approved on EPFO KYC portal, you will receive an SMS about the status. Typically, this can take anywhere between 3-5 working days.

4. What is the process to upload KYC documents on UAN EPFO portal online?

There is no need to upload KYC documents on the portal. However, you must mention the document number and the name as stated on the document. This completes the EPFO KYC updation process.

5. Can I make updates to my EPF KYC using my mobile?

The process for updating EPF KYC is the same online or through mobile. While the process remains the same, there could be additional time consumption when it comes to mobile due to visibility.

6. How do I update EPF KYC while changing jobs?

If you wish to update KYC in EPFO portal after resigning from your job which has been for less than a week, you can choose to wait instead of getting confused between data of old and new employer. If the work period is beyond 1 week, you can update KYC since it will take about 3-5 working days for the updates to be reflected.

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