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Shifting home from one location to another can be a daunting task. There are a myriad things to sort and take care of. One of the crucial steps for a smooth shifting is transferring of your gas connection. In most cases, people have to transfer their gas connection from their current agency to another. It is ideal to initiate the transfer in advance of the shifting date. This makes it easier to approach the new agency and finish the remaining formalities at the earliest.

Most people have government-owned LPG providers and the key players include Indane, Bharat & HP. Transferring of the agency could be a painful affair especially if we don’t know the process. Thankfully, the major LPG players have arrangements in place to ensure that transfer can be done easily. The best part is that, wherever you relocate, you can take along your LPG connection by simply changing your agency.

Documents Required for Transferring Gas Connection

Following is the list of documents that need to be submitted at the time of transferring a gas connection from one agency to another:

  • Gas Book
  • Gas Connection Voucher
  • Identity Proof
  • Letter Requesting Transfer - (you must provide customer number, present address and the new gas agency’s address)
  • Gas Regulator
  • Address proof

Steps to Change Gas Agency

One week before you shift your home, you can reach out to your present gas agency and request for the transfer process. After the transfer is initiated, you must wait for 3 working days before you can approach your new gas agency for remaining transfer process completion. Here are the steps to be followed:

Step 1: Request for address details of the new gas agency to which you wish to transfer your gas connection. Make sure that the new agency is located close to your new home. You can even do an online search for the agency details nearest to your new abode. Another easier alternative is to ask your new neighbours about the nearby agency.

Step 2: Carefully remove the gas regulator from the stove. It is needed at the time of the transfer.

Step 2 b: Carry original gas connection voucher receipt and KYC documents such as id proof and address proof. Gas connection voucher is different from the gas book or receipts you are given every month. This is a two-page document which you got at the time of gas connection registration. It contains details such as the number of cylinders you have, consumer number, deposit amount paid, and also gas regulator device number. Make sure that you have the ID and address proof along with the gas book handy. This will allow you to easily prove your identification when asked.

Step 3: Take a plain A4 paper and write a transfer request addressed to your present gas agency. You must ensure to mention your consumer number, present address along with the address of the new gas agency where you wish to transfer the gas connection.

Step 4: Visit your existing gas agency and submit this letter along with the gas regulator & voucher. The person under whose name the gas connection is registered, must visit the gas agency in person and furnish these documents. While this may sound old-fashioned, there is no alternative to sending one of the family members to complete this formality.

Step 5: After submitting the documents, you will receive a gas transfer voucher which looks like the existing gas connection voucher. This process will take you halfway through the transfer process and the next half will have to be completed at the new gas agency.

Completion of Formalities at the New Gas Agency

While you may be wanting to settle down in your new house as soon as possible, you still need to complete the transfer process and make the booking of a new gas cylinder via the new agency. This will ensure completion of formalities of agency transfer.

Step 1: You will need to gather the address proof for your new home address. One of the ways is to request your employer to provide an address proof letter. You can also use a lease/rental agreement in case it is a rental house. Another alternative is to approach the nearest Post Office and request for address proof.

Step 2: Apart from having original copies of the address and id proofs, you must also ensure to keep photocopies of these since you may need to produce them at the new gas agency if requested.

Step 3: Once you have all the documents in place, you can submit all these at the new gas agency. The process generally takes very less time and in some cases as little as 15 minutes. Some of the gas agencies may request for transfer charges. This depends on the LPG provider and also the location.

Step 4: Once the transfer process is complete, the new gas agency will issue a fresh gas voucher and a fresh consumer number. This can be used for booking gas cylinders in future. Once the transfer is complete, you can immediately request for a gas refill using this consumer number.


1. Is it necessary to submit KYC documents for gas connection transfer?

Sometimes, multiple connections may reflect against your name in the distributor’s records. This is why it is important to submit KYC documents such as proof of identity, proof of address, and form to indicate that the ownership or household is different.

2. Is it necessary to purchase a stove and accessories while transferring gas connection?

No. It is not necessary. You can purchase these from any source as long as it is approved by BIS.

3. How do I come to know if I have been overcharged for a gas connection or refill?

Always insist on cash memos from the delivery person. This should have the complete charge details paid by you. Charges generally include deposits and service charges.

4. How do I trace the nearest distributor for a gas connection?

Most of the LPG gas providers list the name and details of distributors on their websites. You can find these online or you can ask around.

5. Do all LPG suppliers offer home delivery?

Yes, all LPG suppliers who are big players in the market offer home delivery free of cost.

End Note

Generally, people complete the entire process within a matter of 2 weeks. But in the absence of relevant and necessary documents, you may have to visit the agencies multiple times. While this may be cumbersome, it is best avoided by ensuring that all documents are in place and are furnished at the time of the visit. In case you are shifting homes within the same city, you may not be required to surrender the equipment such as a gas regulator.

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