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Axis Whatsapp Banking: All you need to know

Axis Bank has now introduced banking on Whatsapp. Most of the basic requirements and other simple banking requests like checking account balances, transferring and receiving money have been enabled on this application by Axis Bank.

Whatsapp is not just a personal messaging application. It has been used by a billion people for business as well. It has become indispensable because of the wide variety of uses it has today.

it is more useful a toll when it comes to the banking sector. Let us know why you should choose banking on WhatsApp by Axis Bank.

What is Axis Whatsapp Banking?

It is a simple avenue to help address all your banking queries. You just have to initiate a chat with the designated WhatsApp number and ask for your regular bank transactions, checking bank balances, account statement, mini statement, credit card details or chequebook. You can even order a new product. Thus, all your banking queries are just a click away. Axis Bank has decided to join hands with the application to make banking as easy as it can get.

If you are already an Axis Bank customer, you must be already using the website and the services available on the website. Digital banking has made it easier for customers to access their accounts. But with the advent of WhatsApp banking, the experience can be much simpler and easier. All that is required is the Whatsapp application and how to download it.

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Some of the things you can do with Axis Whatsapp Banking include: - View your account balance - Request a statement – Request a chequebook - Get help and support --- and much more!

How to Access Axis Whatsapp Banking?

Here is a step-by-step guide on getting started with Axis Whatsapp Banking

1. Registration

You can start WhatsApp banking with Axis bank by using any of the following methods

Sending ‘START’ via SMS to 7036165000.

Giving a missed call on 7036165000

Sending subscribe to WhatsApp banking to 7036165000

2. Operation

Once the subscription is done, a welcome message is received via the business account of Axis Bank. This will confirm the subscription to the WhatsApp banking service.

Please check if the message is marked with a green tick on the account title and is a verified business.

To initiate a session or a transaction save the number 7036165000 and send ‘hi’ on the same number. This confirms your subscription to the WhatsApp banking service.

Once the chat is initiated you can see the services that can be availed using WhatsApp banking with Axis Bank.

Services that can be availed using Axis WhatsApp Banking

By using WhatsApp Banking, customers can now chat with Axis Bank for their queries related to their banking transactions, information like the nearest branch, ATM or loan centre location, and can apply for various banking products as well. They can also block their Axis credit card or Axis debit card using the secure end-to-end encrypted messaging channel.

1Account balance
2Last 3 transactions
3Statement Request
4Cheque Status
5Know your Customer Relationship Number (CRN)
6New Cheque Book Request
7Nearest ATM
8Nearest Branch
9Credit card application status
10List of services
11PAN Card
12Aadhaar Number
13Mobile Number Updation
14Email ID Updation
15Activation / Deactivation of Passbook
16FATCA Declaration (Compulsory for bank account opening)
17NACH Cancellation to cancel auto debit from your bank account
18Modification of Home Branch
19Deregistration of Printed Statement
20Account Upgradation
21Set MPIN for 811
22Complete 811 Full KYC
23Fund 811 Account
24Amount Due
25Available Credit balance
26Generate / Reset PIN
27Axis Credit card Offers
28Report a Lost or stolen card
29Apply for credit Card
30Pay Credit card bills

Is It Safe to Use Whatsapp Banking?

Whatsapp banking can be used 24/7. It is safe to use Whatsapp banking as it uses the end- to -end encrypted model. No information is shared while using Whatsapp banking. Since Whatsapp does not support transactions, you need not enter any PIN number or any OTP for any request.

If your device is stolen or lost, anyone can get details about your account through Whatsapp. If any suspicious activity is seen in your account, please notify the bank immediately.


The initiative of Axis Whatspp Banking is related to the banks ‘Dil se Open’ philosophy. By this they wish to focus more on customers and there will be constant innovation. Since banking is available 24/7, it becomes easier and in addition to that there are also no safety issues since the messages are encrypted end to end. The VP of the Bank commented saying that ‘we want to change the way digital banking is done and also elevate customer engagement.’

FAQS of Axis Whatsapp Banking

1. How to start Axis Whatsapp Banking?

You can start banking just by saying hi to 7036165000.

2. Has Axis Bank started Whatsapp banking?

Yes Axis Bank has saturated Whatsapp banking and the customers can follow the following steps for getting started Sending ‘START’ via SMS to 7036165000.

Giving a missed call on 7036165000

Sending subscribe to WhatsApp banking to 7036165000

3. What are the services that can be availed by using Axis Whatsapp Banking?

You can avail almost all the basic banking facilities using Axis Whatsapp banking. Some of them are

Services related to fixed deposits

Checking your account balance

Getting a statement for your account

Services related to credit cards

Applying for baking products

4. Is Axis Whatsapp Banking safe?

Yes Axis Whatsapp banking is safe as all the messages and the conversations are encrypted from end to end on the messenger.

5. Is Axis Whatsapp banking available 24/7?

Yes, Axis Whatsapp banking is available 24/7 and even on holidays.

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