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IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement

IndusInd Bank's credit card statement is a billing report developed by IndusInd bank periodically to give a complete overview of your purchases and transactions made in the billing cycle. It contains the transaction details, the total credit card due amount, the minimum due amount, and the due date of your credit card bill. You can take a printout of your credit card statements and save it for future reference. This service arrives Free of cost. Read on to know the features and steps to obtain your Indusind credit card statement online/offline /E-statement.

Key Highlights Of IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement

1. You can get your credit card statement using different offline and online modes.

2. You can access the E-statement using all devices like smartphones, laptops, and computers with an internet connection.

3. The bank allows you to download and save e-statements anywhere at your convenience.

4. The bank uses a faster, more customer-friendly, and more convenient platform to issue credit and statements.

5. You can learn about the bank’s newly launched products, services, and offers using a statement.

6. You can get Indusind e-statements free of cost.

What Does an IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement Contain?

Credit Card Bill Due Date:

In your Induslnd Credit card statement, you can check the credit card bill payment due date. You should pay either the minimum due amount or the total due amount by this date. If you delay paying your credit card bill, you are liable to pay a late payment fee. Also, your credit score will drop, if you fail to make regular payments.

Statement Period:

A statement period means the interest-free days on your credit card. It aids to figure out the interest-free days on which you can make the payment and avoid paying additional. No interest rate is charged when you repay the total amount due within the particular period.


Under the charges section, you can see the lists of total charges imposed on your credit card. So, it is advisable to carefully read this section to find any fraudulent charges made using your credit card.

Debit & Credit Transactions:

The statement showcases all your debit and credit transactions made with your card. Here, the debit transactions mean payments made using the credit card, whereas the credit transactions display all refunds received on your credit card.

Total Due Amount & Minimum Due Amount:

Both Total due amount and Minimum due amount are placed at the top of your credit card statement. The total due amount indicates all the total outstanding amounts on your credit card, whereas the minimum due amount is the minimum amount you ought to pay before the payment due date. The minimum due amount is 5% of the total outstanding amount.

What are the steps to avail of the IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement Offline?

The following are the steps to get an IndusInd bank credit card statement using different Offline methods:

Contacting IndusInd Customer Care:

You can call the IndusInd bank credit card customer care to place a request to get your credit card statement. The bank executive will ask for some details. After verification, they will provide your statement. Also, you can select your desired time and get your credit card statement.

Through Post:

You can write a request letter asking for your credit card statement and send it through the post. You will get the hard copy to the residential address that you shared with the bank.

Visit the Nearest IndusInd Branch:

You can visit the nearest IndusInd Bank branch and request a hard copy of your credit card statement from the bank representative. Customize the statement date as per your requirement.

What are the steps to avail of the IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement Online?

Below are the different ways to avail of an IndusInd Bank credit card statement online:

Avail Using IndusNet:

1. First, you need to log in to Indusind Net Banking known as IndusNet with your username and password.

2. Under the ‘Credit Cards’ section, you need to click the ‘View Statement’ option.

3. Here you can select the previous statement or set a date range of your preference.

4. Next, you need to press the ‘Get Statement’ option to get the PDF version of your credit card statement. You can download it for free for reference in the future.

Avail Using Mobile App:

1. First, You need to download the IndusMobile app from the Play Store, App Store or Windows Store.

2. Next, log in to the mobile app with your username and password.

3. From the main menu, you must press the ‘I Owe’ option under ‘Account Overview’ and proceed

4. On the next screen, press the ‘Credit Card Details’ option to see all the details of credit cards like total credit limit, total cash limit, total outstanding, etc.

5. Next, press the ‘View Statement’ option to view the details of the last statement.

How can I calculate the Minimum Amount Due on the credit card?

The minimum amount of dues is 5% of the total outstanding amount. If you have converted any purchases into EMI, the amount is taken into your minimum amount due.

For example, if you have brought a dress worth Rs.10,000 on April 15 and the due date is May 26, then the minimum amount due is calculated as 5% of Rs. 10,000, i.e Rs.500.

How to Switch to an E-statement IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

Follow the below-listed steps to download the IndusInd credit card statement:

  • First, go to the official website of IndusInd Bank and press the get Statement’ option
  • Next, type your account number.
  • Now, choose the preferred date to get the IndusInd credit card statement.
  • Then, choose the ‘Statement Type’ & press the ‘send via Email’ option
  • You will receive the IndusInd bank credit card e-statement in an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Remember that requests will be accepted only if your mobile number and email ID are registered with the bank.

FAQs of IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement

1. Does a payment due date fall on a non-business day?

The payment due date can fall on a non-business day. But you can make payment in the succeeding business.

2. What are the effects of skipping a payment due date?

You need to pay late payment fees if you miss a payment on a payment due date.

3. How will I know whether my e-bill is ready?

Email notification is sent to your registered email address once the e-bill is ready. Also, it is possible to cancel this facility.

4. Is it possible to cancel the hard copies of credit card statements?

Login into the Indusind Net banking facility and leave a request to stop the credit card statement hard copies.

5. What Are The Different Ways To Manage Errors In IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement?

If you find errors in your statement, You can call the customer care of IndusInd Bank and ask them to resolve it. Next, ensure to record the error as evidence to support your issue. Another way is to send a letter to the bank with all the proofs attached within two months of receiving the bill.

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